Video: Relentless Isle of Man

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This video released by Relentless as a part of its “Short Stories” film competition is not what I expected from an energy drink company. Instead, it is quietly gorgeous, not so much a portrait of Relentless Suzuki’s team or its famous tea-sipping racer Guy Martin as it is an loving portrait about an island that occasionally hosts an infamously batshit crazy series of races known as the TT. The sound of screaming machines will only mildly rattle your desk, you will not have a melted brain from onboard cameras witnessing speeds going plaid. You will also not be in agony from a production company piling on the overtly dramatic soundtrack and emotionally agonizing closeups, desperately seeking to pluck your heart strings. However, you will be tempted to skip work and go riding for the rest of the day.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1100]

    Simple but to the point: “What we’re trying to do is give them the fastest bike but also the safest bike”

  • John


    Subtle, no stupid head banger music, just like your intro said, a great bit o’ vid!


    Of course, now I have to go through the rest of the day reminded that I’m a pussy.

  • Archer

    You have to love Guy Martin for his sheer incomprehensibility… one is really forced to listen. Carefully.

    • Ben Incarnate

      Absolutely. Reminds me of the Voice Activated Lift sketch:

    • Noah

      Guy Martin and Keith Richards should have a radio talk show.

      • Thom

        Seriously ? I had nary a problem understanding a single word , in fact I though it was quite comprehensible .

        Hmmn . Must be all those Brit Coms we watch as well as all the Brits we spend time with . Oh well .

        • Archer

          Your casual use of ‘nary’ in your response gives your origins away.

          • Thom

            @ Archer

            Errrr ….. Nope ! Anything but in fact ( British that is ) Start with a good portion of Italian , toss in a healthy handful of Slavic and you’d have the right mix . But ahhhh do have an inordinate amount of friends from the UK for some reason and it does tend to blend in if you get my drift .

      • Scott-jay

        OK, Guy’ll be Johnny & Keith can be Ed (no, that’s a television talk show).

        Guy seems like a sharp minded fellow, worth listening to.

  • damien

    That’s quality right there. Nice.

  • Mark D

    I like how the camera lingers after the bikes go by, and the quiet of the island seems to creep back in. Nicely done.

    And yes, now I want to skip out of work and go riding! Even more than usual.

  • Christine

    beautiful beautiful beautiful. Thank you HfL for sharing.

  • Thom

    The Film – Exquisite cinematography

    The Script – Tasteful , informative , letting the reality of the TT speak for itself .

    The Music – For once , background music that accompanies rather than dominates the film ( can you tell what I do for a living and what type I compose/ perform ? )

    More of this HFL please ! Damn ! There is a modicum of good taste still out there .


    But…….. Isle of Man peaceful when the TT’s not in town ?

    Errrr …… Not so much . No speed limits , tons of well heeled folks living there as a Tax shelter from the UK , that’ll drive/ride their Exotics wild as ” batshit ” when ever they please . How do I know this ? I’m well acquainted with three of those folks . A drive in the ” country ” with any of them will get you jump started in a hurry .

  • Ted

    Can I get some subtitles?

  • Trevor

    Are these videos not watchable on the iPhone?

    • Grant Ray

      I’m not familiar with the player they’re using, but a quick right-click tells me that it is Flash-based.

      • Thom

        One of these days Adobe will pull their heads out and make nice with Steve Jobs .

        • mugget

          One of these days people who make websites will pull their heads out and stop using outdated, incompatible technologies.

          • Gene

            Ha, only outdated & incompatible for Apple fanbois! (Granted, Jobs does have a point that Adobe products are poorly written shit)

            • Grant Ray

              I may work with strictly Apple OS tools, but I despise the company. Regardless, Flash is a RAM-eating monster that needs to die.

              • Ben Incarnate

                Slow clap for Grant.

  • Xenophya

    I want to go back there now!!

  • wascostreet

    This year was my first visit to the TT. As a Yank I can say the locals were more than welcoming, the island is beautiful and the atmosphere was as mad as everyone says it is.

    The strongest impression I had was my last day watching from the mountain road, beautiful clear skies with Ireland in the distance and racers screaming past at mind-melting speeds. After their visceral punch had passed, I could hear sheep bleating and the birds start up singing again. Sigh. I was sad to leave.

    • Beale

      The Pikes Peak Hillclimb is similar that way. After the bikes or cars go screaming by, it’s just you, the wind and hawks circling above the pines. It’s a fantastic experience.

      • Edward

        I went to the Mt. Washington Hill Climb this past weekend and had a similar experience. Between cars it was just hanging out in the tundra above the treeline, with the mist rolling around. Beautiful.

  • adeysworld

    Great piece. Made sure I watched it right before I head out to lunch. Gonna go rip up Topanga Canyon right now! Thanks Grant!

    • Grant Ray

      I hate you.

  • paul

    lovely stuff, I really like guy martins understated but to the point manner, he comes across at the sort of bloke who would be good to have a pint with.

    Great piece of film making, classy, well composed , nice score and no death metal.

  • Gene

    I waited all day to come home to a PC I could watch that on. It was certainly worth it. Never heard of Relentless, but now I’m going to see if I can find some.

    • Tony


      • Gene

        Hey, they make good things like that to watch, I’m going to try to reward it so they make more, buckwheat.

        • Tony

          Considering they’re owned by Coca-Cola, there are few beverages you can enjoy without supporting them in some small way.
          Regardless of my snark, I agree that the video is quite good.

    • Mark D

      It has the electrolytes plants crave.

      • Ben Incarnate

        Enjoy your EXTRA BIG ASS FRIES!

  • Erok

    put your helmet on and get crackin.

  • Emmet

    It was compelling to see a motorcycle fly past a roadside memorial at speed

  • Mr.Paynter

    So so good!

    If anyone is even remotely interested in wave-riding or Ireland you should check out Dark Side of the Lens which is another Relentless short story about Mickey Smith, surf photographer.

  • mugget

    I think the correct way to describe this video is to say – “it’s just mega”.

  • Skank NYCF

    Thats the place. Loving watching it. Wish I could ride it.