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The term “squid” was derived from the typical riding behavior of new, unskilled sportbike riders: an inexplicable squirt of speed followed by an equally inexplicable bout of slowness. But, it’s become a catch all term for bad riding behavior or more testosterone than sense. A such, we feel this video really sums things up.

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Apparently shot in Poland, this video’s uploaders are claiming he did this on purpose. Does it look like he did to you?

  • slowestGSXRever

    Is that speed up for a Benny Hill comedy affect? His feet seem to be moving a bit too fast. Either way, AWESOME!

    • Scott-jay

      His feet move in-time to the I4′s music. : )

  • Knife

    Can you spell “MORON”?

  • Knife

    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so critical. I meant “DOUCHE BAG”.

  • desmoworks

    That’s a fantastic video! Release throttle next time.

  • ike6116

    Thats too much gear for a squid. (also I thought squid was from squirelly + kid)

    Also wtf is he trying to do?

    • sean (the roommate)

      I always thought this was the definition of a squid:!/seanslides

      • Sean Smith

        There’s good reason for my official title.

      • MotoLady

        In the urban dictionary for SQUID… Does your face show up? LOL

    • BenP

      I always thought squid was Stupid, Quick, Underdressed, and Imminently Dead.

      • MotoLady

        OOH, good one

    • Barry

      Notice the plate. He’s not an American squid, hence he actually wears protective gear. My guess, given the donut mark on the paving bricks is that he’s trying to walk the thing in a circle while standing in front. He just hiccupped on the throttle and it caught, and then physics took him to wear he belonged.

  • Adam

    His wife says ” you are so fuc*** great” LOL

    “Zajebisty jestes”

  • T Diver

    It makes me embarassed to own a Ninja.

    • Mark D

      Yeah, it WOULD be a Ninja, wouldn’t it…

    • Barry

      Can’t blame you really. :D At least it’s not a Gixxer… *runs and hides*

  • boxofbits

    Excellent! I can’t stop laughing. Thank you so much.

    Can anyone translate what the woman says at the end? She sounds very calm, as if he gets up to this sort of mischief all the time.

  • Brammofan

    “Oznaczało to zrobić!”

    I thought they were called squids because their lack of gear and intelligence, coupled with their need to overcompensate, tended to splat them against hard surfaces at high speeds which resulted in an effect not dissimilar from launching a squid into a brick wall at high speed.

    • Edward

      My assumption as well, though the definition above also makes sense.

  • Archer

    People in my office saw this yesterday- naturally, as the only sportbike rider in the company, I have been hearing about it all day. Ugh.

  • je

    I always find that when I mount from the front I get a the full force to the nuts as well. I suggest mounting from the rear.

    • Brammofan

      Good advice for a number of different life scenarios.

  • damien

    wait, he can’t be a squid…his outfit says, “probiker”!

    • jwinter

      Are they going to rescind his pro biker status now? I doubt they hand those pantaloons out to just anyone.

  • RocketSled

    But his pants say he’s a Pro Biker!

  • Plotts

    Oh that’s good. Thanks.

  • Robin

    I always thought it stood for Stupid, QUick, and Imminently Dead.

  • Mark D

    You guys hear the one about the Polish motorcycle?


    • Brammofan

      I was going to say, “What do you get when you cross a parking lot with a Pole riding backwards on a Kawasaki?” (insert punchline here)

  • Ola

    I always though it was a reference to Navy sailors, already known as squids, who came home from a long tour at sea with plenty of money, bought a hot bike and then died riding it.

    • Sean Smith

      Bingo. I’m fairly certain that’s actually where the term comes from.

    • KLR_Pilot

      The term squid has been applied to Sailors long before idiot sport bike riders earned the moniker. I tend to agree with Brammofan, I believe the term relates to what happens when you throw a sport bike rider sans gear into an immovable object, like a Jersey barrier.

      I am an active duty Navy Officer and have a collateral duty as the Motorcycle Safety Officer for my unit (a job I earned when my Commanding Officer busted me giving a wheelie demonstration in the parking lot) and I am pleased to say that the Navy/Marine Corps has a very robust motorcycle rider safety program partnered with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. We have several tiers; basic, advanced, sport bike, off-road and motocross that the riders need to attend, based on their preferred bike, before they are permitted to operate their bikes on any military installation. For calendar years 2009 and 2010 the number of motorcycle fatalities was actually lower than the number of car/truck fatalities for the first time since the partnering with MSF in the early ’90s (16 total motorcycle fatalities in ’09 for Navy/Marine corps and a total of 12 in ’10). Alcohol was a surprisingly small factor with the majority of the fatalities occurring due to failure to properly negotiate a corner.

      Sailors will be referred to as Squids forever, no doubt, just as Marines are affectionately referred to as Jar Heads, but I do doubt that the term “squid” has made the jump from “Sailor” to “Sailor acting stupidly with a sport bike.” We sometimes tend to do stupid things all by ourselves, no bike needed.

  • matt

    I think you guys are being to hard on this polish gentleman. He had a plan, he had a film crew, probiker pants on and everything. It all would have worked if that damn front wheel had just stayed on the ground. Think of the smoke and awesomeness.

    on third viewing, if you just look at the bike and not the guy, the ninja moves just like a bull that’s just about had it with that guy and his damn red cape.

    of course it was a ninja. what other bike would fit here?

    • Jason


      /puts on flame-proof suit

  • Brammofan

    I knew if I looked for it, I would find it:

    • zipp4

      This is amazing!

    • david folch

      love it

    • boxofbits

      It just got even better. Thanks Brammofan!

  • Sean Smith

    Who puts their gloves on before their helmet? Also, those leathers look as though the literally just came out of the box.

    This guy’s a legit squid.

    • Joseph

      What helmet?

  • holdingfast

    oh the joys!

    ..of HFL comments

  • Jeff

    I needed that laugh.

  • NickP


    On purpose?! Yeah right.

  • robotribe

    What do you suspect from someone forcing oral copulation from a poor helpless motorcycle.

    Hey, dude, it just might BITE you.

  • Andy

    I believe she’s saying “Yeah, you lose, now get back in there and do the vacuuming”

  • stephan

    i thought it was because squids go ‘splat!’ when the bang into things. i have no idea why i thought this

  • jason

    No, she is saying “SEE! I told you that you mount it like you do me, not like the dog does you!

    Either that or “Thank God we put that fence up.”

  • jonoabq

    That was awesome! Do it again!

  • Trevor

    It looks like he did it a few times first…now the, tires are good and warm. nice job knuckle head.
    i bet he cried after.

  • Dan

    Best line from the YouTube description:

    “I wish Ms. camera operator perseverance and forbearance.”

  • Isaac

    *Monkey Chime

    Ching, ching, ching, ching, ching, ching, ching, ching, ching, ching,

    (You know the little stuffed monkey doll that claps to cymbals together fast)

    or the ‘ole fav’ – TIMAAAAY!

  • Paul B

    Holy Shit Balls I just spit coffee every where!

  • runrun

    the slack in his chain in the still shot is strong evidence of squidliness.

    i’m tempted to get rid of my zx-6r after seeing this.

    • nick2ny

      ?? Chains are always slack on bottom when under power. Is there something I’m missing?

      • runrun

        yep, but it looks like the still shot is from before he lets out the clutch and the fun begins. look, he’s still smiling.

  • zato1414


  • MotoLady

    Didn’t it occur to him to… oh I donno, STOP GIVING IT GAS?!

  • James

    Aim away from face.

  • ktaisa

    she said “you’re fucking awesome” in polish