What’s yellow, blue and smells like premix?

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For 2012, Husaberg is updating its enduro range with improvements both mechanical and aesthetic. While it’s the yellow frame you’ll likely notice first, new components like the billet triple clamps, translucent fuel tank and switchable engine maps (dial on the left handlebar) help distinguish the Swedish brand in more than color. These updates (along with a new reed valve for better low-rev power) apply to the TE 250 and TE 300 two-stroke models released just last year and there’s another all-new two-stroke, the TE 125.

Photos: Mitterbauer H/Schedi R


  • nymoto

    Love husabergs- had a 650 supermoto that was ridiculous. Front wheel was higher than Charlie sheen half the time. But when it broke – it broke big. Try getting a berg fixed – or started. I would love to try one of these though.

  • http://theprojectbeta.com/ Anders

    Husaberg IKEA edition.

  • Gene

    I’m digging that translucent tank, but I hope the plastic fares better than the Ducati tanks that melt at the mention of ethanol.

  • David

    Where, oh where is the direct-injected 2-stroke????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Cash in hand and waiting.