‘The baddest American sportbike that’s ever been made’

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Erik Buell Racing is putting together a series of short videos covering the process that created the EBR 1190RS. Here’s the first episode.

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  • george_fla

    So what has to be made or what percentage of the bike has to be made in the USA in order to be able to be labeled “Made in the USA”?
    Also do think it would be to much to ask of EBR to atleast make the wheels match? lol

    • noone1569

      Why make the wheels match? Form over function? bleh, get out of here.

    • robotribe

      Not sure, but per HD’s example, I guess the answer is 40%: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110406181942AAbB1GM

    • NickP

      Rubber is tapped here, turned into a hose there, attached to a fuel-regulating whatever in east blah blah blah…
      Short answer is final assembly makes it American. Where a big box of parts becomes a rolling fire-breathing motorcycle.

      Either way I don’t really care, because the “foreign” rotax motor (which is completely rebuilt in the USA) is miles ahead of the Amurrican twin in my (otherwise excellent, fantastic and wonderful) XB12. Actually the carbureted mess in my friends’ 25 year old Kawasaki is miles ahead of the 1200 in some aspects.

      and yeah they really should go back to the 6 spoke rims from the 1125s and XBs, at least they match slightly.

  • Beewill

    Saw one this weekend for the first time in person at the Elkhart Lake Concours d’Elegance. What an amazing bike in person, the pictures to date do not do it justice. Some lucky bastard got a test ride also.

  • John

    Thank God I’m not epileptic. That video hurt my brain flashing about like a strobe light and all. Was that really necessary?

  • noone1569

    I’ve got some pics of it naked that I shot at Mid-Ohio.

    So sexy. Anyone want to see this bitch nakey?

    • 85gripen

      Yes, please. Do you have a link to a set at Flickr or something you can share?

  • jeremy

    “video cannot be played on mobil”

    HFL loves to cocktease me with videos I can’t watch on my iPad/iPhone

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Yeah, it’s not us. Depends on the person uploading the video.

  • Chris

    Just going to say that I love this bike, and wish that I could afford even a test ride. Way outta my pay bracket, but I’ll keep dreaming.

  • Audun

    Well, the term “baddest sportsbike made in USA” doesent say very much as US are not exactly famous for it`s sportsbikes! I kind of like it and think it is about time someone in the US starts to make motorcycles. How about a EBR 1190RS VS RSV4 APRC!! That would be interesting!

    • 85gripen

      Good point. I think EBR is the only “sportsbike” manufacturer left in the U.S. Well, if you don’t count electrics (MotoCzysz, etc).

  • jason

    That is one ugly muffler. Looks like someone made it with a Pringles can and wiring conduit. Even the Char-Broil under the engine would look better than that.

    • 85gripen

      HFL reported last year EBR has taken out a patent on a swingarm that integrates the exhaust, so I’m expecting to see that on an EBR bike sometime in the future.

      • jason

        Really? Huh. Well anything is better than that 125 GP looking thing.

        • muckluck

          I think the reason the way it looks the way it does is to meet EPA standards only, and able to remove it when your “at the track” for more HP and also shedding weight.

  • DoctorNine

    Can’t wait to see one in the flesh… mmmmmhmmm…

  • BuellDoc

    Erik still knows how to sell the sizzle! But not the Steak. I along with many others were sucked into to the “Different in every sense” But not better than any other. Now just searching for parts and Service and holding onto an “American SportBike” not worth much.

    • Tom

      yeah you ridden the new one have you?

  • BuellDoc

    Can’t afford it and don’t need to. Look at the track records.and street performance. lets see a show of hands of those who have WON on a Buell Product.

  • BuellDoc

    No rohorn. Been working on Buells since 1995. realized with the 1190 Erik builds Street Bikes not Race Bikes! and very few of these will see the street so he has nothing to prove.

    • rohorn

      Worked on them long before that – could drop a few names, but won’t. And name one superbike NOT based on a streetbike – or are you even more stupid than you imply?

  • Jens

    Pegasusraceteam and also Wes (-Hej Wes! get okay soon you have an track appointment!) can vitness the capacity of the 1190 concept (-: No it is not an out of the box WSBK winner, but it is a wonderful fast racer and a fair offer for clubsportracing and friends of unique V-Twins.

    • je

      Stop messing with this new toy and get to finishing up the typhoon kit.. BTW im still willing to demo it for you :D

      • Jens

        Je, (-:, Wes apointment is connected with what you are waiting for. The first solution with the taylormade radiators coming out too expensive. So we are back on the bench for an economical kit solution. We have a deadline for that in 8 weeks, thanks for your reminder (-:

        • Ian

          I’m glad to see you are looking at an economical solution because I REALLY want those radiators! 8 weeks seems like forever but its better than never. Are you guys going to switch to the 1190RS or keep on winning with the RR?

          • Jens

            Well our Erik Buell Racing 1190 RR´s are in a way grandmother and grandmfather of the 1190 RS, but the main components are the same. We will proof to upgrade the wheels, suspensionwise we go further with AST but we have also own stuff in the pipeline. But for now is nothing clear where and what we race in 2012. First of all we have in September at the german Bikeoberfest the finals in BEARS and SBKopen, there we hope to bring home both Championships. It´s a nice event: http://www.pegasusraceteam.com/html/pbe_2011.html

  • BuellDoc

    rohorn,thanks for putting me in my place. Glad to hear you still believe in EB.

    • rohorn

      I AM looking forwards to what Erik produces.

      Let me guess – you wanted something from them, weren’t taken as seriously as you think you deserved, and now you’re bridge burnin’ bitter about it…

  • moshaholic2

    BuellDoc, the limits put on EB were from the parent company, not by EB. This is the bike he would have made in the first place if he wasn’t forced to use the HD engine and forced to make naked bikes too (although i do like naked bikes)
    The 1190 has already been winning alot of races in Europe and had gotten “5 star” reviews from the mags that have riden it.
    If AMA didn’t hadicap the shit out of V-twins it would probably be winning here too

    • moshaholic2

      also as of 7/19 the 1190rs was named “dream bike of the year” and EB himself was awarded “motorcyclist of the year”

      They keep showing the carbon version I guess because it’s all “tricked” out. But, I think the “standard” version in color(s) looks alot better