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In this 2nd EBR 1190RS promotional video, Geoff May, Erik Buell and Tony Stefanelli talk handling, suggesting the 175bhp v-twin handles like a bike with “half the capacity.” Having been out on track at the same time as one, we believe them. This thing turns, stops and steers as fast as it goes.

  • moshaholic2

    I’m a self admited “EBR Fan Boy” and and want the company and the race team to succeed.

    EBR has new race cams that they arent running yet (for some reason) on the race bike where there still seem to be down on HP to the $100k+ Yamaha’s they are running against.

    Still, a 40k bike w/ nothing but an exhuast and tune are doing well against the “big boys”

    As soon as they get sorted w/ some more HP…. this bike will be running up front in the AMA’s

    • Adrian

      It is going to take a top tier rider too. I like Geoff and think he is a great guy. However, I don’t believe he has the talent to hang with the Haydens, Young and Hayes up front. He is improving, but I see him running more like 5-8 place, competing with Bostrom, Pegram, and Rapp.

      For EBR to really shine, it’s going to take a fearless, balls to the wall rider. Something like Buell did when they had Eslick running the 1125r in Daytona Sportbike.

      • GenX

        When he first came up I thought maybe he was at best a “2nd tier” rider. After watching him on Jordan Suzuki, I realized that he can run with the best of the AMA *if* given the right equipment.

        I hope the EBR proves to be the right machine.

    • je

      Its good to know im not the only self admitted EBR fan boy.. Its a disease I want no cure for.

  • Joe

    Sweet Bike! Glad to see Erik Buell recover from what HD did to him. Also, nice to see an American bike that is actually a good bike!

  • Rob

    It certainly looked good going down the corkscrew at Laguna. Even more impressive was the wail it emitted. It sounded smooth like a V4 in comparison to the agricultural drumming of the KTM v-twin.

    • noone1569

      Yeah, that’s one of the standouts for me from Mid-Ohio.

      You knew when the EBR was coming around the corner because you heard, no, felt the sound it emitted more so than anything else.

  • noone1569

    The pictures of this thing don’t do it justice. You need to see it in person. :drool:

    I’ve got some awesome pics of this bitch naked too!

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Want to share? Email me.

      • noone1569

        Will do.

      • zipp4


  • Tom

    love it

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1100]

    Nice video, except for all the fake distressed film effects. Did someone just discover After Effects for the first time and couldn’t hold back?

    • cadillacjack


  • ike6116

    “The whole thing with sport motorcycles and what I wanted to do with them”

    Am I reading too much into this or does this seem to be further evidence that EBR will have MORE than just a Sport bike? (RX, SX, AX)

  • moshaholic2

    @Adrian , I agree. Geoff is good but maybe not the right guy. From the races I have gone to thus year, I can see he doesn’t take the same lines as the “fast” guys. He doesn’t open up his corner exiting enough and likes to hug tighter to the curb past the apex.

  • je

    Wes please get the 1190RS as a Lagniappe benefit.

  • Johndo


  • mario a

    One thing is for sure,, this EBR 1190 is not really USA made since its parts but EBR did a good job putting it together… and trust me Rotax motor was a good choice.
    EBR will sell as long as it will run on Rotax design,,, the price needs to be lower though…

  • mario a

    As we all motor guys know Rotax makes tons of racing motors in all categories….The EBR needs a top end Rotax race motor and lighter curb EBR bike weight and it will beat the world…

  • mario a

    One more thing,,, ( EBR is not smart thing they have done on the bike)
    EBR forgot one thing. They use the bike frame as gasoline tank but if you look at it it will widen up the bike to almost to inline 4 wideness.
    EBR should have focused on make the bike narrow to front suspension size… or at least close to it…
    That narrowness will make the bike faster and agile.

  • mario a

    Today, again I was thinking about EBR. It is a nice bike don’t take me wrong on that
    But,,,EBR needs to narrow the frame down to as narrow as possible and put two radiators on the side in a angle just like Honda SP2 did.
    That way the cooling surface will be bigger and more sufficiant wind flow will be achived and the bike will be narrower with less drag.
    If you put a flat radiator ( I call it board) in front of the motor straigth againt the wind trust me the motor loses at least 10%-20% power just over come the radiator’s drag.

  • mario a

    NOTE TO EBR: Don’t push the wind forward with radiator…. use the wind as cooling agent.
    A (>) ratiator position will help the wind the to slide through the radiator with ease vs. fight wind with motor power.