An in-depth video look at the Moto Guzzi Griso

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A couple weeks back, I fell in love with the Moto Guzzi Griso. Now, here’s a closer look at its spec and function courtesy of Moto Guzzi USA. It’s difficult to know what to make of the long-low, air-cooled muscle bike; think of it as all the character you love about classic bikes wrapped up in a thoroughly modern performance package.

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  • Beale

    Ewww, I just got infomercial all over my clothes.

  • Thom

    The motorcycle ? Hey , its Italian and its a Moto Guzzi . What’s not to like ? ( other than the lack of reliability )

    The script ? Lame .

    The video ? Likewise .

    The announcer ? He’s obviously been taking Hyperbole lessons back in Italia and …….. hmmn ………. also … sucks at his job !

    Come on Moto Guzzi ( or your ad agency ) Certainly you could of afforded someone a hell of a lot better than this Stronzetto .

    Or maybe its just that Moto Guzzi needs a whole new Ad Agency as well as a new video production crew .

    I’ll be labeled a Heretic for saying this : but maybe M-G needs to pay a bit more attention to all the M/C videos popping out of …….. urp ……… France of late . Damn French !

    ( I can just hear the family rolling in their graves for my suggesting this )

    • Adam

      This guy is a stunt rider for movies and television. I’ve hired him before. He’s a nice guy and a sick rider.
      The agency obviously wanted someone who could really talk about the bike and know what they were saying, the problem was, they still gave him a script and he’s not an actor.
      He can however duck a Ducati through the wheels of a flaming tractor trailer if you ask him to.

      • Thom

        @ Adam

        OK its the script writer and the video production companies ( as well as M-G’s ad agency ) fault then !

        I’ll give the talking head a by …… this time .

        • Devin

          Normally, Thom is just a negative Nelly. This time though, I concur.

          • Thom

            @ Devin ; I resemble that remark ! Thppppppt ! :o)

            Though thats a bit overstated . I’ve tossed up more than a few positives as well re; My ” Damn French ” ( meant as a compliment ) posts etc. .

            Wait’ll HFL finally sticks up their article on the ” Desert Sled ” and see me gush with praise . If Wes ever does a ” Shop ” on Big Sids set up or another article on Shinya Kimura I’ll be over the top .

            Nope ……… thinking about it , I’m about 50/50 positive vs negative .

  • JonB

    I’m using buzz words, and speaking like a robot. Yay!

  • Case

    Gorgeous motorcycle. Video, not so much. Whoever wrote the copy needs to start over. Exclusive, reserved for the most discerning, passionate enthusiast? Authentic riding pleasure? :: wanking motion ::

    Umm, it’s a motorcycle. I want to hear engine noise and a narration from someone that actually loves the bike. Making these videos is hard, but they can do better.

    • Brendan

      Yeah, I pretty much think all these types of videos should be narrated by an enthusiastic Steve Irwin type dude who sums up the bike’s features like it is an exotic animal and revs the engine and goes “Crikey! Listen to that roar!” and then proceeds to stick his thumb in its butthole (which I guess in this case would be the exhaust)

      • Devin

        Anyone seen American Trucker? I want bike videos from that guy!

  • Lou

    This guy is a non-union actor, so they could pay a cheap buyout fee. He’s clearly not a rider. Piaggio USA is based in the New York! They could walk outside their office and find ten guys who could’ve made that clumsy text sound good!

    • Wereweazle

      Someone mentioned above that he’s actually a stuntman, and a pretty damn good one. I think that just “being a rider” isn’t enough to make you comfortable or convincing behind a camera.

      • Thom

        Absolutely . They should of hired an Actor , not a Stunt Rider to stand in front of the camera , or at the very least written a better script and given this guy some acting lessons beforehand .

        The more I think about this ( and the explanation ” Adam ” gave) the more I’m feeling kind of sorry for the poor guy ( stunt rider/talking head )

        His first ” Talkie ” role and they feed him this load of crap to do ! Hope he at least got his SAG card out of this .

  • Myles

    Damn, you guys have been watching too much Mad Men. Everyone’s an advercritic these days.

    • Thom

      @ Myles

      You gotta admit , this one was pretty damn bad any way you look at it .

    • Mark D

      Hey, if we’re going to be inundated with ads 24/7, I want them to at least be a bit artistic :)

  • Mark D

    I think this is all a ploy.

    Step 1: HFL agrees to run “awesome Guzzi video”

    Step 2: HFL commenters immediately rip into it for being just plain godawful.

    Step 3: HFL shows Guzzi the kickass videos they did for Aprilia

    Step 4: ???

    Step 5: Guzzi gives HFL money to make kickass video.

    (Step 6: Profit)

    • jpenney

      Let’s hope! Crap like this needs to stop.

    • JonB

      Step 7: We all receive free stickers.

      • holdingfast

        ^this – the one i got is on the mc i m hoping to sell soon

      • slowestGSXRever

        Step 7: Free messenger bags

  • snowejob

    Any interest I had in that bike was killed by this video. Did he say comradery at the end?

    • paul

      WTF you’d let other peoples opinion of a 3 minute video (that hardly anyone will see) stop you buying a f**ing great bike?????

    • Thom

      Stupid Ad . Great M/C .

      Shoot the video production company, not the motorcycle .

  • carcanal

    Its a motorcycle promotional video, not apocaplyse now!! get the stick out of your colective asses and enjoy the pretty motorcycle. Sheesh

    • Steve

      Italian chick with long black hair and big curves jammed in a tight dress could have said it much more convincingly. Or red lipstick and tight leathers…you get my drift.
      P.S. John, how did this guy learn about your stick fetish?

  • Robert

    Ack. Not great. But given their budgets these days, (wonder if he got to keep the shirt) not unexpected.

    That bike is pure italian sex appeal. Big jugs hanging out and a nice wiggle when you twist it. And yes – I rode one. And yes, I will own one.

    • Thom

      Those damn French do it better for less , so no excuses here for Moto Guzzi .

      ( the family really is going to have my ass for this now )

    • Stacey


  • Robert

    I wonder what would hav been the reaction of the same exact style of video done to a QA50 redux or something…

  • fasterfaster

    This is going to come back to haunt me, but can someone remind me what the definition of a blowjob is?

    • Steve

      You guys will print ANY fucking thing, won’t you!

  • dnos

    A geriatric crotch rocket for people who love classic and modern lines. This’ll be a fun bike to pick up used in 20 years.

  • NickK

    I feel dirty.

  • Knife

    I’m not feeling it, though I’d really like to love this bike. I think I’d have to ride one to get me off the fence.

  • combat77

    He’s a witch! Burn ‘im!

    Muscle bikes are the cure for Cruiseritis. A sporting upright un-faired motorcycle. A real proper ride in my book. Glad they ditched the silver frame. I do like classic lines. I also like women…hmmnn.

  • AHA

    Crap video. MG should assemble a bunch of journos like Wes and Kevin Ash and whoever – people that know bikes and ‘get’ the Griso (which is a pretty unique proposition after all.) Get them to ride it & then discuss it with each other so their no doubt interesting comments (warts and all)replace any cheesy ad script. That would be a good film.

  • Jason

    It looks like a Diavel.

  • Greg

    There was a time when I didn’t really “get” the Moto Guzzi thing. Then, an 04 Cafe Sport showed up in my garage for short term storage. That was three years ago and my father in law still hasn’t grabbed the thing. I however, have put more that a few miles on it and frankly, that damned weird thing is making more sense to me every day. It’s like a laid back version of my Tuono and some days, it’s nice to ride something more relaxing.
    On the other hand, try as I might, I don’t get the need for stupid promotional videos. I am almost certain that I have never purchased a bike because of video taped hyperbole. It seems way more offensive than the garden variety written hyperbole….

  • mugget

    I am all for some slick promo videos, but I just wish they’d used more original footage of the Griso on the road instead of repeating the same shots.

    Also it’s funny how different accent’s come across… now whenever I see or hear “Griso” I am going to hear it in my head like this guy was saying it. (Sounded like “Grease-oh” to me. Haha.)

  • errorick

    Turn off the sound and make ‘Vroooooom’ noises? It’s actually got some very nice footage of the bike.

  • Marlon


    “Old-world bloodlines with modern technology.”

    Got it the first time. Really shouldn’t have had anyone talking in it.

  • Speedo007

    Nice video, would have been nice to hear the soulful sound…