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Racing motocross at Millville, Minnesota on Saturday, Chad Reed had…a bit of an off. Did he let it stop him? What do you think?

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  • tony starr

    i don’t think chad is lactose intolerant.

  • Roman

    Man, that was one fortunate landing, that’s all I got to say about that….

  • Case

    I watched this sort of live on speed and couldn’t believe it. He was very, very lucky. The best part is Villopoto looking back at him on the way past.

    @tony, did you see Stoner’s high side from Friday practice? The one where his motorcycle bucked him onto his windscreen at 140 mph, then tried to run him over? I didn’t see any lactose intolerance when Stoner got on a new bike and rode to pole position, but that’s me.

    Should also add that the decision not to race in Japan is ignorant horseshit. Risk assessment is something moto riders should be good at.

    • tony starr

      case, yes. my comment was a little tongue-in-cheek. it does take large ball to do what they do in motogp and motocross.

      • Case

        To be fair: Stoner can be (is?) a prissy bitch. But he can also be bad ass.

    • Myles

      I saw the LI when he let ‘zo by at the end of the race again. He needs a real strong showing this weekend, we all remember the spaceman routine from last year.

      Ridiculously good racing, tho. Repsol is so stacked this year.

      • Case

        Yeah what the hell happened there? Stoner only has to finish ahead of one guy and he sharted. Lorenzo wore him out. I’m not a fan of Lorenzo but that was some tough racing.

        • tony starr

          is it a mental thing? when you’re leading the world championship, the last thing you want to do is drop the bike. better to finish 2nd or 3rd and get some points. but if you’re behind in the WC, it’s all or nothing?

        • 1

          Yeah, not a fan of Lorenzo, even more so after seeing him play golf. He sure nailed Stoner though, nice pass.

          Stoner should have had Mr Golfballs and kept him in 3rd. Stonzy had the pace and Lorenzo went too deep a few corners before and dropped off. Stoner was riding too tight and defensive, he should have just blitzed the lap.

  • skadamo

    man, he had a lot of time to think about how much the landing was going to hurt.

    • Mark D

      He knew he lost it halfway up that jump, too.

      “Ohhhh shiiii….iiii…iii…am I still going up?….shiiiiit!!!”

  • Denzel

    “Living the dream”… that dream where you’re 20 feet in the air, looking down on your bike ten feet below you and the ground 10 feet below that… yeesh…

  • dux

    Great clip!

  • Edward

    reminds me of the skate guy who went off the super ramp quarter pipe, lost his board like 40 feet in the air, and landed on his ankles on the transfer. I’m pretty sure he hit so hard his shoes literally got blown off. Ended up with a broken ankle and a concussion or something. Ridiculous.

    edit- his name is Jake Brown.

    • damien

      Saw that live…thought he was dead for sure.

  • DoctorNine

    Interesting that he hit on the down-slope of the side of the berm. That gave him lots of time to transfer kinetic energy. Oh, and before he tells anyone that he planned it that way while 30ft up… No. He didn’t. He was lucky. That, or he has a magical black cat as an ancestor somewhere in his family tree.

  • nymoto


  • ak

    Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

    Oui! Oui! Oui!

  • John

    Any one of those riders would have done the same. He was lucky, he’s not a super hero. Check out his maneuvers in the final laps of 2009 super cross race in Las Vegas. He’s fast but he’s a piece of shit really

  • Core

    He’s lucky he landed the way he did on the edge of that hill, so he was able to keep moving to some degree when he hit… because if he had just hit “flat” he would have more than likely went “splat”..

  • Turf

    Chad skeleton > Wes skeleton