Everyone loves police gymkhana

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Am I right?

  • nick2ny

    Something tells me they’re not going to be able to make good riderless motorcycles anytime soon.

  • Adam

    To quote EB White in Charlotte’s Web.

    “That’s some pig”

  • http://www.ninja250blog.com R.Sallee

    How much easier/harder would this be on motorcycles considered to be superior to Harleys? Something still capable of holding all the crap they need to carry on their bikes (radio, handcuffs, whips), ignoring other companies’ near-identical cruisers. Would this kind of gymnastics be easier/harder on a BMW GS? A Honda ST?

    • Kirill

      I think the Harley’s low ride height and center of gravity make it a lot easier. The touring bikes are definitely more top-heavy – and the cops would never use a GS, that’d be silly, they use BMW RTs instead.

  • Taco

    Those are the most orange cones I’ve ever seen in one place, at one time in my life!

  • http://rider49er.blogspot.com Mark D

    Note to self; don’t run from police in tightly packed parking lots.

    • Greg

      Now that made me laugh!

    • http://themotolady.com MotoLady


  • dan

    pretty good driving to me.

  • Audun

    Just think of what he could achieve on a real bike!Anyway I am impressed but you can see that the track is made for this bike and rider by the constant distance to the cones. I bet they have ridden that track a few hundered times!

  • robotribe

    Dude has some serious skills. Notice how his eyes constantly target the exit and not the path in front of his wheel.

    Mad skills, Officer. You bad.

  • Daniel

    “You take this training course and you can ride a motorcycle just like that!”

    Riiiiiiigggghht LOL

  • Bronson

    Nice boots and spandex. Not.

    I’d like to see a competition between this cop and the Japanese dude on the Honda 600RR — http://hellforleathermagazine.com/2011/03/watch-this-cbr600rr-defy-physics/

    • Vladimir

      Japanese’ track isn’t near as tight as this orange one.

  • Ken D

    That’s some serious clutch and throttle control. The big weight being thrown about puts a huge premium on smoothness. I love the way you can hear it touch down all the way around. Well done sir.

  • Derek

    Idk, it looks impressive but the fact that he’s just bottoming out the foot skids and cranking the bars really doesn’t make it seem that challenging. Seems more comparable to auto-xing something with greater than two contact patches rather than a motorcycle.

    • Kirill

      Give it a shot on your bike and let us know how it goes

      • Derek

        That’s my point; I don’t have foot skids acting like training wheels keeping me from falling over when I lean in. I’m not saying he doesn’t have talent but I don’t think him doing it on that particular bike is really showing anything off.

        • rvfrules

          Fyi the floorboards are hinged just like a footpeg, they’re not holding up the bike.

        • zato1414

          Find an H-D Dealer and take a test ride, you will then understand what this man is really doing. Hope you make it out of the parking lot.

    • Paul B

      Because auto-x takes no skill.

      Haters gonna hate.

  • NickP

    a witch! he’s a witch!

    • Ted

      A Harley weighs far more than a duck, and it doesn’t seem to be made of wood…

      • James

        But it did turn me into a douche. I got better.

  • http://lightsoutknivesout.tumblr.com/ Scott Pargett


    I hear most bike cop’s high speed maneuvering leaves quite a bit to be desired. But I guess it’s all straight freeways and city intersections for them anyway.

    Reminds me of my MSF instructors from a long time ago. They were all about ridiculous low speed maneuvers with huge bikes. Anything resembling sport riding and they were completely lost beyond counter-steering.

    • mike

      + that. My MSF was a cool guy but he HATED sport bikers and could really cut a rug on his Goldwing dresser in the cones..

    • Scott-jay

      Police riding like this could chase folks down in crowded areas & apprehend by steam-rolling, never leaving the saddle!

  • matt

    I will never understand why motopolice don’t wear any damn armor – open face? ok. but short sleeve buttonup and no gloves? not setting a good example osifer friendly. And I’m very impressionable.

  • Coreyvwc

    Cool and all, but it’s a side show at best. It’s fair to say that I’m completely fucked if I ever end up in low speed chase inside a (grocery store?) but that’s about where the practicality ends. You couldn’t even white line that big pos motorcycle if you wanted to. “Oh I’m sorry officer I wasn’t aware that your 60hp 900lbs motorcycle tops out at 110mph and takes a mile long strait away to get there” “Maybe next time I’ll be in my similarly proportioned VW beetle so you can catch up with me!”

  • Lawrences

    I’m not going to become a motorcycle cop until they are issued something practical and comfortable for the work like a 15000 rpm 600 super sport…

  • Erok

    Oh so that’s why harleys are so loud, they just wear off the muffler.

  • Patrick

    Yepppp… Not much for coppers, but this guy’s got it goin on!

  • pplassm

    Yes, Officer, aren’t those pipes a little LOUD?!

  • KeithTurk

    Brillant…. Love it or hate it…this dude can ride a scooter…