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Don’t get me wrong. I dig the smooth pavement, tight corners and virtually-legal hooning The Snake offers, but with stuff like this happening on a regular basis, why would you ride there? Surely the LA area offers plenty of alternatives where a lowsiding squid isn’t hiding around every corner. In this video, Snake regular and GSX-R pilot Johnny5 is wiped out head-on by a fellow motorcyclist. He’ll live, but we hear the Suzi is toast.

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  • luxlamf

    I love the Santa Monica Mountains and Malibu Canyons but the Snake and its surrounding area is full of every kind of jerk off on every brand and style of bike now. Add the Photographer in the mix and the asshole level goes even higher. Best time to ride the snake? Tuesdays mid morning or late afternoon. We ride Mullholland from Topanaga make our way up Stunt and Piuma (To stay away from the bagger and land boat crowd) and back down to Mullholland and stop by the Rockstore. But now we venture Out onto Kanan and take it to pick up Mullholland again After the Snake t avid these jerk offs.

    • contender

      I like Las Flores to Stunt to Tuna Canyon best. Fairly light traffic, even on weekends. Most days I avoid the jackassery at the Rock Store altogether.

    • Sasha Pave

      Squid on Squid violence!

      25 years ago my brother and I used to rip up those canyons on our RZ’s and Interceptors. Even back then everyone stayed the ‘eff away from that section of Mulholland on the weekends.

  • JaySD

    But how else can I be famous and get my picture taken!!

    I agree however it’s the same down in San Diego. Palomar is not the place to go riding really it comes with too much baggage and there are plenty of other spots

  • Groomez

    I’d track down that bastard and hire a gorilla to rape his face. Fuck I hate squids

    • stefano

    • dux

      My sentiments exactly

    • nymoto

      This. Is. Awesome.

  • Justin

    That other rider must have done something really dumb, looks like he lost it pre apex and was sliding the whole way through. He’s also wearing NO GEAR. Unfortunately, this kind of risk is on nearly every public road, so this is a possibility every where you go. Some roads are worse, but that’s why you gotta leave some in the tank. That, and wear good gear and carry good insurance.

    • Sean Smith

      “Unfortunately, this kind of risk is on nearly every public road”

      No way. The Snake in infinitely worse. Not every public road has hundreds of vest wearing squids and harley guys street racing up and down a 4 mile stretch. The insurance thing is another big one. All it takes is a few friendly traffic cops asking you to sign on the dotted line and any hope of insurance you had evaporates. At first, you think that the de-humanizing court process and huge fines are it, but when you go to buy insurance months later, you realize that you’re fucked for the next three years.

  • Edward

    I believe I hear a long wail immediately after the crash. Was that Johnny crying at the idiocy of the other guy or someone crying from pain? Messed up though. The other guy had on sneakers and a hoodie with no gloves it looks like.

  • BenP

    Shit, that looked painful.

  • luxlamf

    Of all the Gear discussions I will never understand the “No Gloves” policy so many have. Yes there are MAny other items to discuss too but the No Glove thing has always been a headscratcher.

    • holdingfast

      agreed. same here.

  • markbvt

    Substitute “The Dragon” for “The Snake” and this post applies equally well to the Great Smokies. So many better, much less crowded roads in that area. Including, ironically, The Snake (the East Coast one).

    • Paul B

      Amen brother. I started riding the dragon back in 1985 and have pretty much avoided it for the last 5 years. Too many people and too many cops have ruined it for me.

    • Roman

      I’ve ridden my fair share of roads and despite the hype, I’ve yet to ride anything that comes close to the Dragon. I get that it can be crowded, squiddy, etc…but there’s really nothing like it imho.

  • Coreyvwc

    At some point or another every one of us has been or will be that asshole helplessly sliding across the road. That particular asshole was just unlucky enough to hurt someone else. It’s the price you pay to play motoGP on public roads. Been there done that, and it sucked. Autoclub, CVR, and Willow, your “other squid free roads”

    • Kirill

      You could just not play MotoGP on public roads.

      Just sayin.

      • stefano

        yea i mean seriously. its shit like this….

  • Beale

    I don’t why you guys promote GMR as a safer alternative to Mullholland and ACH. It’s full of just as much asshattery as those two.

  • Trevor

    hahahahahaha Bunch of stupids.

    This clearly shows that no matter how good you are, no matter how good you really are, there will always be the unknown variable out there. You are only as good as the dumb fucks out there. The term “save it for the track” has merit. The good riders are those that come home at the end of the day on a complete bike.

  • Brad

    …you mean the same road you guys have used for a test track? Shocking!

    • Sean Smith

      The same road Adey has been using as a test track.

  • mathew

    save it for the track

  • Steve

    That is just fricking scary and always my worst nightmare.

    My riding buddies and I have found plenty of other roads around LA. Just not telling anyone where…

    • Sean Smith

      It’s just a matter of time until I write a “blowing up your spot bro” story for every last one of them ;)

      Then you’ll have to ride all the way to G16 to have a good time.

      • pinkyracer

        do that and you’ll experience pain unlike any you’ve ever known. ;-P

        c’mon, we need to keep the squids and cops in one place. where we’re NOT. Guess I’ll only be riding Malibu on weekdays till the squids all put their bikes up for the “winter” come October.

  • tomwito

    I guess Rossi, Lorenzo, Stoner and every other rider are squids too because the lowside all the time? It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Would it have made it any better if the guy was wearing full leathers?

    • aristurtle

      It would have made it better for him, certainly. I don’t even want to know what his hands look like now.

      • Coreyvwc

        Actually the guy was completely injury free and his CBR only had a few scratches on it afterwards. Funny how that works huh?

        • stickfigure

          That guy is incredibly lucky… but that’s just it, luck. It’s hard to comment on his skill (he screwed up, sure, but even the pros screw up now and then) but his choice of apparel shows very poor judgement. It’s hard not to extrapolate and assume that poor judgement was somehow involved in this accident.

          BTW here are pics of the aftermath:

    • stickfigure

      Would it have made it any better if the guy was wearing full leathers?


    • Trevor

      You are cresting a left hander over a hill, do you make sure you hit the apex perfectly or do you allow for some room not knowing what is coming on the other side. Both riders were very close to the yellow line on a blind corner. Not so cool now.
      It’s the first thing you learn in the hand book, allow room on blind corners for on coming (fucktards) motorists.
      It’s clear that the gear isn’t an issue. It’s riding without skill and brains, not bravado and balls, that’s the issue.

    • Dylan

      @tomwito He’s not a squid cause he lowsided. He’s a squid cause he rode over his limit into oncoming traffic. When Rossi, Lorenzo, or Stoner lowside its just part of pushing a bike to the limits and beyond. This guy just showed little regard for anything but his own fun

      • tomwito

        Look I’m just saying it happens to the best riders so I try not to pass judgement on people I dont know. It’s real easy for me to sit at my computer 3,000 miles away and rag on someone but I try not to. Karma is a bitch and one day I’ll be that squid even though I’ve been riding for years.

        • Richard

          I’ll pass judgement no problem. The guy who lowsided is a complete fuck. The fact that a professional racer lowsides on the track is completely irelevant here. If you lowside on the street youre a squid, end of story. If you want to ride the twisties at a spirited pace great, but if youre gonna push it to the point of lowsiding, you’re an idiot. Push it at the track. Have fun on the street.

  • Skank NYCF

    At least it wasn’t a soccer mom in her mini van. Sucks to to be a victim. The price we pay to play.

    • tomwito


  • Dan

    With reflexes fast enough to draw his knee out of the way of the sliding bike, unless the rider in yellow fights crime at night, his talents are being misapplied.

    How badly was everyone hurt?

    • Sean Smith

      The fast guys on the snake really are that good.

  • Scott Pargett

    If you guys can, please provide an update, or even an interview would be great.

    Almost looks like the squid was spooked by the rider in front wearing yellow, target fixated, and reacted, by prob hitting the brakes. That’s just my best guess.

    • adeysworld

      He wasn’t spooked at all, just rode above his head. That turn is one of the trickiest on that road. Blind long sweeper that is extremely tight in the beginning of turn. You can’t commit at turn-in or get on the throttle early…strictly maintenance throttle until the exit.

  • Johndo

    If only squids had the judgment to push their limits when there on the outside of a curve..and ride well within their limits when riding inside the curve that way if they lose it, they won’t kill other people…

  • jason

    “Almost looks like the squid was spooked by the rider in front wearing yellow, target fixated, and reacted, by prob hitting the brakes. That’s just my best guess.”
    That;s what it looked like to me too. I noticed the first rider (coming at us) kinda flinch as he went by the safety yellow guy and the other guy is coming at you ready to go down as soon as yellow man passes. But I don’t doubt yellow man had nothing to do with it if that’s what guys on scene say.
    I’ve been the guy laying there moaning a couple of times and no matter what happened or who’s fault it is, noting you ever do on a motorcycle will stick in your mind more than crashing. The best thing to do is learn from it. I have gone back to roads to just walk them and see what I did wrong after a near miss or something.

  • Mark D

    Looks like Johnny’s ride was short circuited by a squid.


    This is the kind of crash that keeps me up at night; the guy on the GSXR was riding within his capabilities, but still pushing a bit. One stroke of bad luck and BAM

  • 1

    I’m sure I have seen that squid before… yeah here

    • adeysworld

      good one

  • Dan

    I want to say unlucky, “wrong place and the wrong time,” but it’s more than that. This road gets constant mention for its use as a sortof anti-track (“real track” denotes at least a situation where a simple fall will not result in you falling off a cliff). Implied freedom from rules brings in all new crowds, including many who also dont have the ability or sense to use the road safely. This might otherwise be okay, because these guys could dissipate into the vast network of good roads in Malibu, but no! Put a cameraman (or 3) up top and, like
    Moths to a flame, the most aggressive and least skilled riders are now spending the bulk of their day riding laps on a single 2mi road over and over again (at top speed, of course, for the camera). Not that there aren’t good riders there, but rather that this place has an irresistible allure to the bad ones.

    I think that collapsing so much shitty riding into a single bounded area results in what I’ll call a critical mass of squidlyness. One sad by product is that getting taken out (like here) by a flying squid particle is almost an inevitability if you spend enough time on the road.

  • John

    I am really feeling old. I’m 43, and I really wish we could return to a pre-Internet, pre-GoPro camera world.

    Now that the entire world can be informed about the best riding roads, the entire world now rides the best riding roads. With the population explosion, the use of GPS, the need to document everything you do and share it, a la “Jackass”, every squid on the planet can buy a crotch rocket and kill us on our favorite roads.


    All the best roads are getting ruined by these morons.

    I’m with the above post about proper lane position while street riding. Yes, you WANT to apex correctly, but you just HAVE to leave room for this kind of crap on the street. Leave the REALLY fast riding, and the apex clipping that goes with it, for the track days.

    Why does everybody feel the need to video their rides and share them with the world? Can’t people just ride and enjoy the ride for the sake of the ride itself? Are people so fucking lonely that they have to share EVERYTHING they do with everybody else?

    I’m never telling people about my secret riding roads.

    You fuckers stay away. Go play a video game in your mom’s basement and stay off my roads.

    • Roman

      Yet here you are, paying $1.99 membership to a site that does more than its share promoting these roads. Look, I definitely get where you’re coming from, but this is the brave new world we live in, whether we like it or not.

      Was I grateful for the internet resources when I had 1 day to ride in SoCal? Absolutely. Do I get annoyed by the squids ruining some of my local spots on weekends….yup. This is the hand we’ve been dealt, gotta play it the best we can.

  • Erik

    Get your ride in early, squids and cops sleep late.

    • cynic

      +1, not too early though… the deer don’t.

    • Case

      What Erik said. And it’s not so hot out.

      Best time to pass a squid is when you wave at them in a straight section as they head up the mountain and you’re already on your way home.

    • Sean Smith

      The fog is still active though and the sun is rarely out. Early rides in the Malibu canyon system are either slow or traction challenged.

  • ruger

    Seems many of these squidly crashes involve a rider who is trying to keep up with the guy in front of him; a buddy or just another rider. He’s riding beyond his skills but tries to keep up to save face, ignorant of apexes etc., basically out there driving a car on his bike.

    These guys, oncoming, have gone wide into my lane more than once and have caused me a total loss of one bike avoiding them. And here in California when they don’t hit you – (no bike-to-bike contact, just you crashing out) the insurance doesn’t pay for your broken bones. Truth be told I’d rather deal with the cagers.

  • zato1414

    WOW, another second into the turn and he would have been clear!

  • Scot

    Too many cops out that way anyhow. Best to ride the snake on weeknights like really late at night. Never seen any squids on it then. Cold weather keeps them off it too.

  • John


    I subscribe for the articles.


    I know, adapt or die, that’s why I’m a subscriber. I’m just amazed at how much time people spend to document their rides and post them up for the world to see.

    I liked it better when only the “true enthusiasts” were out and about on the best roads.

    Still, thanks for the cool video. (I know, I’m a hypocrite)


  • Sean Smith

    I was ten feet away from being Johnny5 about 18 months ago. Since then, I’ve stayed the hell away from the snake whenever possible (at least on weekends).

    I was setting up for a tight left hander when I heard a strange noise so I stayed on the brakes until I was just barely moving. R6 goes sliding by in front of me with a squid in tow.

    T-shirt and jeans guy gets up, throws his helmet at the bike and screams “THAT FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT MADE ME CRASH.” After confirming that he didn’t have any serious injuries, I politely informed him that he’d nearly hit me and that he should work to improve his riding skills and maybe look into buying some riding gear.

    I rode off while he attempted to deal with his growing pool of oil and oozing wounds and swore to never put myself in that kind of situation again.

  • Jason

    If I see the pictures right, the guy falling down looks totally fine, other than a hole in his jeans, his bike needs some work but the suzuki is wrecked, the suzuki rider is wrecked
    Where is the justice??