Gasoline and caffeine bring Hammarhead west

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With 6 customers’ motorcycles headed to the west coast, it seemed like a special delivery road trip was required. Introducing the Hammarhead “Gasoline and Caffeine” tour. Hammarhead will spend the next 2 weeks traveling the west coast to visit customers, collaborators, and fellow builders. Our first stop, after a 48 hour drive from Philadelphia, will be Seattle to visit our friends at the Ace Hotel, meet with Ural Motorcycles, and throw a party with Gibson Guitars (a busy Friday).

We will then double back to Ellensburg, Washington for the Overland Rally. There we will spend a few days off-roading, camping, and testing the Hammarhead line. Next stop is Churchill Gloves, makers of our HHI VMX Gloves. Mike Churchill has invited us for a factory visit and talk with the leather workers that bring our gloves to life. Then we head south to visit Raceway Services and see their Norton Manx restoration.

We will wrap the road trip with a three day stand in San Francisco, building a customers’ Jack Pine on site at Triple Aught Design. August 6th we will fire up the completed bike and celebrate with a party in TAD’s store, open and free to the public. Then it’s time to pack up, finish the remaining customer deliveries and book it back east to our day jobs.

The first event’s in Seattle this Friday.

  • Devin

    Any more specific dates/times/locations besides Seattle? I would love to see these bikes, but Dualsport Northwest is in Stevenson 7/27-7/31, so Seattle and Ellensburg won’t work, I’ll be too busy getting dirty. Maybe Centralia or Salem?

  • Thom

    Now these guys know how to build a MOTORCYCLE !

    The Jack Pine is to die for and everything else they do as well

    I only wish they were making the trip include the Mid West .

    Feature Time for Hammerhead HFL . CW’s article has been on the stands long enough . Your turn guys (FYI ; and I EXPECT it to be better than PE’s article)

    How much longer is CW making you guys wait ? I’m chomping at the bit for this one !

    Oh and Hammerhead . When in Seattle , grab yourself a Seattle Blues Buster ( two scoops dark chocolate ice cream , double shot of espresso , topped off with milk and blended into a Shake ) If you’re lucky that’ll almost get you from noon to three without nodding off or dropping into a NW Depression . Barely .

    • Grant Ray

      Um, pretty sure we covered the Jack Pine over a year ago.

      • Grant Ray

        There’s also all these.

        • Thom

          Sorry I wasn’t here a year ago ! And i thought when you brought up the Jack Pine a few weeks ago you’d said you couldn’t go any further at the moment out of respect/agreement with CW . So what was that all about ?

          And ahhhh looking over the links here . Where’s the full story ? Specs Videos blurbs etc but no full on article about the JP.

          Thats what I’s a talkin about Mr Ray !

          • Wes Siler
          • Von Scotch

            Yeah, I thought we were getting a “fuller” review or something? I’m lost….

            • Wes Siler

              I was hoping to spend a significant amount of time on one this summer, but that’s not really viable right now unless James modifies it for one-handed controls.

              • 85gripen

                I guess you can give a detailed review of the 2012 Aprilia Mana then? ;-)

                • Wes Siler

                  Are you a mind reader?!