Husqvarna Nuda 900R: how do you say ‘KTM’ in Italian?

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These are the first images of the Husqvarna Nuda 900R, a new high-end, quasi-dirt-style, naked roadster from BMW’s Italian brand. The Nuda adds 100cc, a steel-trellis frame, fully-adjustable suspension and edgy, angular styling to the basic premise of the BMW F800R. Think parallel-twin KTM SuperDuke and you won’t be far off.

On Wednesday, we learned that the Nuda would make “more than 100bhp” and weigh “below 386lbs,” giving it a power-to-weight ratio a little ahead of the Ducati Hypermotard 1100 and a little behind the KTM. Like those European competitors, this dirtbike-influenced streetbike also comes with high-end running gear — a Brembo Monobloc caliper, fully-adjutable, remote-reservoir Ohlins shock and Sachs USD forks.

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And those two bikes remain a good point of comparison as we move into the styling, which combines the dirt-style ergonomics of the Hypermotard — look how long and narrow the seat is — with the kind of creases and bold surfaces that have come to define KTM.

Curiously, the fuel cap is offset to the left, the same side of the bike the sidestand is on. Looks like you’ll be sitting on this one at the pumps.

One concern we have with this new Husqy is price. That F800R donor bike is already a tad pricey at $9,950 and, with premium suspension, a labor-intensive frame, relatively low volume production and that punched-out motor, the Nuda should add at least $1,500 or $2,000 to that, if not more. Are buyers prepared to spend liter-bike money on a parallel-twin?

  • tomwito

    Robotic sex on wheels! That bike is incredible looking. Seriously, love at first sight.



  • motomoto

    It’s looks great. I like that you can see a bit of the SMQ concept in the headlights. I know alot of people didn’t like the front on the SMQ but I like them a bit freaky.

  • Tony

    Headlight/visor reminds me of the “Scream” mask.

  • the_doctor

    Sure, liter-bike price, but that doesn’t both me. I love it, it makes good power, and isn’t hefty, so probably $12k is about right.

    • sean (the roommate)

      There are two super duke’s at irvine motherboard for 10k right now, go pick up one of those (and then let wes and i play with it)

      • Joe

        This is probably a dumb question, but are super dukes even available here? I can’t see them on the U.S. side of the KTM website, and no KTM dealer has them in their stores.


        • Sean Smith

          Yep, almost all of KTM’s street line (no 125) is available here. The dealers just suck and never have anything in stock.

          • sean (the roommate)

            Yes. You absolutely should.

      • the_doctor

        There is a used one on Craigslist in Austin for $7.5k with pretty low miles. I should just get that.

      • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1100]

        I still think the KTM 990 SM R is closer in spirit (and looks) to the new Husky.

        417 lbs wet w/o gas, and max figures of 114 HP, 72 ft lb torque. Within 2% of the Super Duke all around.

        The 990 SM R is available in the US as a 2011 model.

  • tomwito

    Red cam cover is also cool! I just noticed it after looking at the photos a second time.

  • gkanai

    If the Nuda’s suspension is better than the F800′s (stiffer, fully adjustable, etc.) then it’s worth the extra cash.

    I’d like the ability to put on a tail rack or some kind of luggage.

  • Ben

    and the license plate goes where again?

    • Ben Incarnate

      No one wants to see the mandated super fender of doom.

      • Grant Ray

        Or those other unconsidered regulation gnats of thoughtful industrial design like “turn signals” and “mirrors.”

        • Ben Incarnate

          Next, you’re going to demand reflectors. It’s a slippery slope.

          • Grant Ray

            Were I an executive manager of an OEM that is offering a product for transportation, I’d expect my design team to creatively respond to all the elements that must be considered on a vehicle created for public transportation.

            If certain elements have been left off because the design team considers such elements ugly and detracting, then I’d tell them to get the fuck back to work.

            • Ben Incarnate

              That’s a good point, Grant, though I can think of very few bikes that I’ve seen get those elements right – as opposed to an afterthought.

              I can only speculate why, outside of sloth. Perhaps it’s because of different regulations around the world. In that case, do you carefully design and include all of the parts that might be needed anywhere? How do you balance that out over the cost savings of only taking on what’s required and using mostly generic pieces? Seems tough.

              Though I do agree.

              • Peter

                06-07 GSXR 600/750s? Probably the neatest most organic DOT rubbish.

              • Joe

                It can work if they try. BMW K series, for example.

            • nick2ny


            • Bronson

              “If certain elements have been left off because the design team considers such elements ugly and detracting, then I’d tell them to get the fuck back to work.”

              AWESOME :)

            • tomwito

              And blow the budget on pieces of the bike that will be thrown in the garbage by 95% of buyers? How long did Honda use those same ugly square turn signals? 20+ years, on every bike? Probably one of the reasons they are still in business.

              • Grant Ray

                Or one of the reasons most bikers refer to those 20+ years of machines by Honda as soulless UJMs.

                Take your pick.

      • Case

        @ Ben: Amen to that.

    • Gene

      Very start of the video, actually…

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1100]

    Looks like a hi-tech mushroom.

  • Anders

    The designers obviously didn’t know until late that the engine was liquid cooled. The radiator looks like an afterthought.

    • wwalkersd

      +1 to that. “Oh, crap! Hey, Gianni, you got a radiator I can stick on here? I forgot all about it.”

      Love the bike otherwise. You can see it with mirrors, turn signals and plate in the video, sorta, and it’s not bad.

  • Ben Incarnate

    The Super Duke is definitely a better looking bike. This takes the whole “angular” concept and shoots for the moon.

  • Denzel

    In all fairness the styling of this bike is pure modern Husqvarna. I think the coverage implies it’s derivitive of KTM, in concept and design, but look at this against prior dirt and SM Huskies. Husqvarna has its own, coherent and unique thing going on.

    The view from the seat (the bars, clocks, tank) looks great. It’s below that I’m not big fan of. The rear looks like a duck’s butt. …and as a name goes, “Nuda” … Nude…Naked…”Nude” is a word librarians use. Contrast “Monster”.

  • Ricardo

    Nuda is a short form of DES-NUDA (literally naked).
    Is a good name, I believe. Sounds good in english as well as spanish…

    But regarding the bike, since the Bimota DB6, nothing over the sports-naked-world attracts me as this Bike. perfectly balanced among power, design, components and performance… You should keep in mind this model also….

  • Coreyvwc

    Looks outstanding as a stand alone, but somewhat awkward with a rider onboard. Then again, that’s how I feel about most upright bikes…

  • Cheese302

    love it, looks good, and seems to fix all the issues of the f800R, i think it will be more than 2k more though which is rough because the price of the f800 is what i would want to spend on this one.

  • Jonah

    Another bike to lust after. When I look at what is available in the car world there are very few ‘affordable’ vehicles that make me weak in the knees.

    The motorcycle world on the other hand keeps turning out bike after bike that make my heart skip a beat.

    Hopefully this is the bike that brings Husky into the American consciousness. Currently it seems to be a brand that gets overlooked by those who aren’t in the know.

    • Thom

      Amen to that !!! ( reasonably priced desirable cars ) You either spend a fair amount of $$$$ to get what you want , or you settle for something you’ll probably wind up hating .

      M/C’s though ? New or used , there’s plenty to catch your attention , especially if you’re handy with the tool kit .

      Boy…….. the Husky name . That hasn’t been on my radar since I was in HS ( 70′s ) and Husky was THE bike to own if you were serious about M/X .

  • robotribe

    Finally. Something new to jaded motorcycle eyes that doesn’t look over-baked and over-plasticized.

    • Cheese302

      true, love the idea of an acutal true naked bike, first in a while, seems like not much that doesn’t NEED to be there. i love the emphasis on the engine, i looks like the entire bike is motor.

  • Filipe

    holy shit… i’m in love.

  • jeremy

    I like it but wtf front fender?

  • Gene

    The duck ass, the silver triple clamp in combo with the stupid headlight, and the dumb looking front fender kill it dead.

    How about a bike that wasn’t designed by a art fag on drugs?

    I’d take a 1st gen SV-650 over this, any day.

    • nick2ny

      I don’t like over-styled bikes either. square dirt-bike light, circle road-bike light, just don’t look self-conscious!

      • Grant Ray

        Don’t pretend to anyone, yourself included, that riding motorcycles isn’t a self-conscious act. Your statement itself demanding to look otherwise clearly indicates your acceptance that the act is, in fact, in some part one of self-consciousness. It’s okay. As bikers, we all are extremely conscious of projecting an image. That doesn’t mean you’re less manly.

        As for the old round/square headlamps argument, that kind of monotony gets incredibly boring and stunts growth. Maybe the problem is that the design fails to be successfully cohesive.

        Then again, maybe they just need a better photographer.

      • Joe

        Anything new is looked on with a sceptic eye, but what we need to remember is that the only true constant in the universe is that everything is always changing. In a few years this design will look boring.

    • Sean Smith

      “art fag on drugs”

      Well, looks like you’ve managed to insult 80% of designers.

      • Mule

        What are they gonna do about it? A drive by slapping?

        • dux

          …and celebrate their victory with an Orange Mocha Frappuccino and a harmless gasoline fight?

          • Denzel

            Nice reference to an INSPIRED scene…

      • 1

        80% of design is insulting. Probably 99% in reality.

  • jason

    What was it I said on the story about this the other day? oh yeah, “barf”.

  • Mule

    I’ll never warm up to cardboard bodywork. But since Husky is no longer Swedish and has made it’s home in Italy, its only natural that it would look exactly like everything else coming out of Italy.

    • Anders

      This is what Craig Vetter called CAD, as in Cardboard Aided Design.

      • michael uhlarik

        That is fantastic. I will have to remember that one


  • edub

    I really like it. The styling is more comparable to the CB1000RR than the KTM. Speaking of KTM, all of the Duke models (single or twin) are rather expensive, if the Nuda can be under $12K it’ll be worth it to me.

  • fasterfaster

    The surfacing looks like it was carved with an ice cream scoop – it also has a few to many random polygons fighting each other in profile. They did nail the massing – very nice proportions and stance. It badly needs a headlight as meaty as the body work.

    Verdict? Superduke is still a better looking bike, but only by virtue of the plastics (and a better name). The actual frame structure is aesthetically superior on the Nuda.

    • BMW11GS

      This frame appears to be the same used in the F800GS bikes. Could be a common part to save costs?

  • Taco

    That beak over the front tire reminds me of those boomerang antennas limousines had back in the Eighties. What kind of reception will this bike get?

  • rohorn

    If this was orange and said “Laverda” on it…

  • Johndo

    Looks WAY better then previous sketches and mules. I’d like to have that as a second bike, as you need something else more practical 75% of the time.

  • Chris F

    Love it. I’ll buy one.

  • John

    That looks like THE perfect fun machine. It looks like the modern, functional, fast, equivalent of my 1997 Ducati Monster.

    I love the trellis frame, the red head, the bobbed rear end, the hydroplane wing front fender….it all speaks to me.

    This is where so many others have failed, a light weight, naked, fun bike. This is the first true alternative to the Hypermotard that really has me ready to open my wallet and pull the trigger on the line that is dotted.


    • Lacubrious


  • Devin

    This is not the kind of bike I’d buy, but man is it ever dead f’ing sexy. I also really like nakeds.

  • Dan

    Any idea if the superduke is in line for a cosmetic update soon?

  • Greg

    An old Swedish bike company owned by Germans and produced in Italy. Interesting…

    • Scott-jay

      Even older weapons company.
      This is when I start to marvel at ‘brand’ value.

  • Ken D

    I’d lost track of who the hell owns Husqvarna these days. I knew it was one of the Axis powers.

  • Will

    The fender looks like a paper airplane mounted on a commorative stand. Love it. Whole thing really.

  • AHA

    Nice looking bike but all the KTMs mentioned above are just as cool and much more serious ownership propositions. After them you got the Hypermotard, the Dorsodouro and a couple of Triumphs to consider too. And the donor BMW. So it’s not going to really shake things up but still a nice looking bike. 90 mile fuel range?