Is this the production BMW Concept C?

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Unveiled at EICMA last year, the BMW Concept C teased a new maxi scooter that’ll arrive in production form this fall. In February, BMW revealed it was planning two versions of the the scooter without detailing how’d they differ. Now, these pictures of a heavily disguised bike have been released, along with vague details of a pretty advanced sounding electric drivetrain. So BMW’s planning a highway capable electric commuter, but is this also what the gas-powered scooter will look like?

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Of the electric, BMW teases, “…acceleration figures within the important 0 – 60 km/h range, which are at the level of current maxi scooters powered by a 600 cc combustion engine.”

“…a daily driving range of over 100 kilometres.”

“…When the battery is completely flat, the charging period is less than three hours.”

“…has no hub motor with direct drive or planetary gearbox. Instead, the high-performance electric machine is mounted behind the battery casing. The secondary drive consists of a toothed belt from the electric machine to the belt pulley mounted coaxially on the swinging fork pivot with drive pinion. From here, power transmission occurs via roller chain to the rear wheel. When the E-Scooter is decelerated in trailing throttle or when braking, the energy released is recuperated, thereby increasing the vehicle’s range by between 10 and 20 per cent depending on driving profile.”

“…the electric machine and power electronics are liquid-cooled, as is the charging device during charging. An electric coolant pump ensures coolant circulation through the radiator.”

“…does not have a main frame. Instead, the aluminium battery casing — which also contains the electronic system required for battery cell monitoring —takes over the function of the frame. The steering head support is connected to it, as is the rear frame and the left-hand mounted single swing arm with directly hinged, horizontally installed shock absorber.”

Last year’s Concept C.

The design is distinctly Concept C influenced. Side panels at the front protrude past the headlight; the side-mount shock is horizontal; the floor boards are quasi-step through, with a tall protrusion in the middle bordered by large, inboard footrests. All this is obviously toned-down from the concept. The brakes are more traditional, non-6 piston radial scooter faire; the windshield will actually deflect air; shapes and forms are less severely angular.

But, that last quote is perhaps indicative that this is not the final look of the ICE scooter, which would presumably require some sort of frame and separate development process. Regardless, BMW is getting back into the scooter game and this is a first look at what at least one of those scoots will look like.

  • dux

    I’ll take the concept.
    The last thing the commuter market needs is a heavy, expensive scooter. Kinda defeats the purpose of one.

  • goodcat8


    • Ax

      Gotta love the Internet. People who aren’t interested in something will still devote time and effort into making their lack of interest public.

      As a lifelong BMW fan, a former BMW owner, and a current maxi-scooter owner (Yamaha Majesty), I’m hoping BMW pushes other manufacturers into this “practical” side of motorcycling. I ride every day, my Majesty is my only vehicle, and the integrated storage of a maxi-scooter is what makes it possible.

      • Devin

        I hate maxi scooters because they are perfect and everything I need in a bike, but man they just don’t make me feel as awesome as even a shitbag $1500 ninja 500.

        They just make me feel guilty.

        • Ax

          I hear ya. But there is something kinda fun about pushing a bike to its limits. Wallowing through a bumpy 40mph-rated curve at 60mph on a scooter kinda gets my blood pumping.

  • Denzel

    Why the energy devoted to disguising test bikes/cars? Just for attention? Or do manufacturers really care whether the physical contours of their product are known before release? Is BMW afraid Kymco is going to pirate design cues? So many questions… Maxi scooters look basically alike anyway…

    • mugget

      I am thinking of putting that pattern on race ‘glass on my Gixxer & watching everyone bug out asking what bike it is. Haha

  • Cheese302

    interested. couldnt be my only bike, but man that sounds like a good time.

  • Trev

    BMW, enough with the camo already. Either stop “leaking” spy shots of your models, or just put them publicly out there until you’re ready to produce them.

  • Mark D

    It’ll be interesting what engineering whiz-bangery BMW adds to the ICE scoot. It can’t all be styling and electronics…right?

  • robotribe

    I wonder how much of that plastic body weight works against the bike’s overall performance. If I were king of the world, I’d start with a tastefully stripped Honda Ruckus-like design to keep the weight down to a minimum and only add body pieces “as needed”.

    Electric bikes shouldn’t be crippled by ICE bike form factor just because they’re familiar.

    • Will

      This x1000

  • cadillacjack

    Love it or hate it, gotta love that single sided swingarm!

    • Ben Incarnate


  • Will

    I’ll pay attention when any maxi scooter looks one iota different than any other. It’s like a bewheeled Reebok Classic Ace.