Motorcycle safety in Australia, circa 1959

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Produced by the Australian Commonwealth Film Unit in 1959, this film shows a fictional motorcycle gang receiving motorcycle safety lessons from a pro racer. Worth it for the style alone, there’s still some pretty good tips on maintenance and riding that apply 52 years later. If only racers and cruiser riders still had this much in common.

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  • Brammofan

    Just saw the most elegant bump start I’ve ever seen. Poetry in motion.

  • carter

    I was hoping Johnny would end up with a somewhat less mannish lady-friend in the end.

    I’m going to start using the word “scrutineer.”

    • Alex

      shes cute in her own homely way.

    • Gene

      “Grandma Winehouse, izzat you?”

  • Brad

    Amazing quality for a 50+ year old film. Those helmets are quaint. Great hair !!

    • Devin

      The hair looks sturdier than the helmets.

  • Jeff

    Love the exhaust note from the race bike.

  • Alex

    Ahh, the proto-squid. We need cool videos like this to get their attention. Maybe Jason Britton lecturing on safety gear?

  • dux

    So, safety turns cool guys into soul-less pricks? That’s what I learned about Johnny.

  • john

    Come on Johnny’s lady friend is better looking than 75% of the Daytona bike week crowed

  • oldblue

    That video is probably of similar vintage to some of the ones we used to use when I taught Ridersafe here in Oz a few years ago ….


  • John

    with the exception of a couple of things this still hold s up pretty well, in a boring educational video kind of way.

    few things I took away

    1. Even to this day, early lids look super awesome, were the opposite of that in an accident. from the looks of it, that one still had cork liner. (It was only 2 years after this video that OZ adopted mandatory helmet laws)
    2. I miss bump starting old timey bikes…that, having others push YOU or rolling a bike down a steep hill is still the most fun you can have just starting the bike (what buttons?)
    3. pedestrians have to power to stop all traffic, waiting is for pussies!
    2. ” mightn’t”—-I sometimes say that
    3. street toughs are to be feared if you know what’s good for ya!
    4. even in OZ, a true gentleman always wears a suit 24/7, regardless of the heat.

  • Dain

    Stone is the best Aussie biker film, check it out if you like the above one..

  • Steven

    I wish bikers still hung out in ice cream shops.

    Is there an Aussie Safety tag? This goes great with Mick Doohan.