MV Agusta F3 Serie Oro, minus the photobombing random dudes

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MV Agusta just released two official images of the 2012 MV Agusta F3 Serie Oro. That swingarm that Wes was hoping was magnesium? Nah, it’s just paint, silly. And those wheels that Wes also hoped were magnesium? Yeah, also paint. They’re actually forged aluminum wheels. Wait, so why is this thing expected to cost €24,900? Well, it does have a TTX shock and steering damper, radial Monobloc Brembo calipers, “Racing” discs, fully-adjustable Öhlins suspension, tig-wiedled chassis and subframe, plus fully adjustable rearsets and levers “carved from solid.” Ooh, carved from solid what? Hm, that part must’ve been left off.

Update: eight more images.

MV Agusta F3 Serie Oro

Varese, 14th July 2011 – MV Agusta can formally announce that the retail sales price in Italy of the much awaited new F3 model will be 11,990 Euros. As already announced previously, production has been brought forward by four months, meaning that the new model will be available in dealerships before the end of this year.

In keeping with the traditions of the brand, volume production of the new F3 will be preceded by a small series of limited edition “Serie Oro” versions appealing to enthusiasts of Italian engineering excellence.
These exclusive models, of which a maximum of 200 examples will be built only to special order, differ from the standard version via a multitude of details, both in terms of aesthetics and engineering.

The F3 Serie Oro is immediately recognized by the gold frame plates and single-sided swingarm, as well as the forged aluminium wheels painted the same colour. The deliberately minimalist graphics subtly emphasise the lines of the bike, as well as identifying it. The sensuous bodywork design is characterised by a special paint scheme which accentuates its shapely form. The final result is a striking reinterpretation of the traditional MV Agusta silver and red livery. Even the rear view mirrors are painted, and the seat subframe matches the colour of the F3s tubular spaceframe. The clutch cover and the frame plates are machine polished, while the alternator cover is completely milled from solid, providing these components with the hand-made feel that makes each MV unique. The attention to detail extends to the air intakes and cooling exits, which have a gold finish, as well as the DID Gold final drive chain. The completely hand made covering of both rider and passenger seats employs real leather and alcantara, giving the Serie Oro the ultimate touch of elegance. As usual with MV Agusta Serie Oro models, a gold plate mounted on the upper tripleclamp identifying each individually numbered bike, completes this picture of exclusivity.

Several mechanical parts are unique to the Serie Oro models, exemplified by the outstanding Brembo brake system, with radially-mounted Monobloc one-piece calipers gripping Racing discs. Fully adjustable Öhlins upside down forks, TTX shock and steering damper collectively represent the ultimate in suspension. The spaceframe chassis and seat subframe are TIG-welded, guaranteeing a strong, stiff structure and a highly refined aesthetic appearance. With the objective of allowing each rider to optimise the riding position, the footrests and their mounting plates are machined from solid, and are fully adjustable, as are the gearchange and rear brake levers.

The F3s carbon fibre components add a unique richness to the bike. The front and rear mudguards, dashboard cover, airbox side and intake covers, fairing inserts, both upper and lower chain guards, swingarm protector cover, sprocket cover, fairing lower, and stacked exhaust outlets are all manufactured in this lightweight, good- looking material, each one carefully manufactured and covered with a transparent protective finish.

  • Mark D

    Shiny bike is shiny

  • the_doctor

    TL;DR press release.

    Still, love it. Not $$$$$ love it, but love it.

  • Wereweazle

    I hope a lot of these wreck so I can find junked ones and use those swingarms for… something. They’re just gorgeous.

    • zelman


    • Gene

      Like any of these are actually going to be RIDDEN? (Except for Leno’s bike, of course.)

  • cookey

    So mearly twice the price of a similarly suspended/braked Daytona 675R then…

    • Coreyvwc

      More like three times the price, that’s Euros not dollars. Clearly the magnesium bits and carbon fairings make up the price gap right???

      • cookey

        yeah I realise it’s euros but in the UK the triumph is about £10000… just under half e25000…. but that aside the magnesium isn’t, the wheels are painted (forged aluminium) and so is the frame and swingarm

        anyhow, it’s a stunning bike and I doubt they’ll have any trouble at all shifting the lot of them.

      • Tony

        Typically (I don’t know how they afford it) most Italian brands price on a 1 to 1 conversion. Take Ducati, a bike that is $20K Euro (like the Multistrada) will be $20 Dollar. There has be to come sensitive to local market pricing, even for premium products.

  • zipp4


  • je

    The more I look at this bike the more I realize im not a fan. I think my love for that amazing exhaust has shielded me from seeing what it really is. This bike design wise is all over the place. A perfect example is the swing arm that everyone is dropping their pants for.. WTF wrong with you guys that thing looks like an alpinestar robotic racing boot. Just to busy and no flow.

    Do want engine though :D

  • DoctorNine

    For my money, this is the sexiest stock sport bike on the market today.
    Admittedly, taste is subjective, but wow!

  • damien

    Someone said it earlier, and I agree…looks like a fancy Suzuki front end.

    • Edward

      I think whoever called it a “butterface” was pretty on target.

  • Joe

    “carved from solid.” Ooh, carved from solid what?

    Maybe it’s magnesium!

    • Brammofan

      Carved from solid granite.

    • fasterfaster

      It’s just an awkward translation of Italian for “carved from billet.” So basically they mean it comes with Pazzos, so squids don’t have to waste $200 blinging it out themselves.

  • Gene

    So what’s that written on the pistons thingie? “chav certified USB”??

    • Scott-jay

      Pistons! I thought it was a beverage holder.

      Those three pipe at the rear wheel, that’s a good part.

  • Myles

    These photos remind me of busted lookin’ women who go to town with Photoshop for Facebook/dating sites/etc.

    I’m sure this looks great in person, but it looks so processed and shiny and shit it might as well be a render for a playstation game.

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1100]

      Yeah, looks like overuse of HDR imaging. Blech.

  • Phil

    This bike has the most beautiful tail section ever with most credits for the swingarm, for which they say the Oro will be recognized? Doesn’t the stock version get the same swingarm? I want to see a €11.990 production bike in a decent color scheme so bad! Do you think it will outperform and/ or outlook a 848EVO in real life as I was just about to order a new one???

    • Deep6Dive

      Either way with the performance, doesn’t matter. You’ll cry more when you either drop it or send it off to the shop.

      • Phil

        Neither bike would be a rational purchase.
        With no other bikes even close on terms of beauty in this class I really want to know how they compare.
        848EVO or F3, which is more beautiful to ride and/ or to look at? Forget about the numbers. How is the triple compared to the awesome twin as I only know i4s and the twin which I find 1 million times more awesome?

  • iconmotosports

    lolz@ Headline

  • oldblue

    No sir, I don’t like it.

    Probably a good thing, though, because I scooped around between the cushions of the couch and couldn’t quite come up with 25,000 euros …