Photos: Aaron Colton, Downtown LA

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If streetbike freestyle has a Justin Bieber, it’s the 19-year old Aaron Colton. At the age of 13, he began breaking hearts and winning stunt competitions, going on to study under BMW’s Chris Pfeiffer and become sponsored by Red Bull. Here, legendary action sports photographer Garth Milan shoots Aaron and his Honda CBR600RR in an abandoned parking lot in Downtown Los Angeles.

  • Denzel

    Nice clouds, I’ll give him that…

  • JonB

    Beyond that, he races flattrack and roadrace. Good guy, and talented with a bike regardless of form.

  • the_doctor

    I saw Chris Pfeiffer at Miller this year doing neat tricks. In the rain and cold. It was awesome. They even stunted on a BMW GS. That was also awesome. Anyway, this kid has had good mentors.

  • Myles

    Every time I see a stunt bike I immediately:

    Am shocked at the giant rear sprocket
    Get the song “numbah one stunnah” in my head, except it’s “numbah one stuntah”

  • bluemoco

    I met Aaron Colton at the Indianapolis Dealer Show a couple years ago. Very nice, well-grounded young man.

  • tice

    The photos turned out great and huge thanks to RedBull and Garth Milan for making the photo shoot come together. You can check out Aaron’s site at for upcoming events and news.