Romania is tough on dirt bikes

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Like Eastern Europe’s version of The Dakar, Red Bull Romaniacs sees the Carpathian Mountains stand in for sand dunes on a five-day route specifically designed to be the the ultimate challenge for enduro motorcycles. There’s smaller budgets and fewer arial shots, but the race presents riders with unique obstacles like manmade gauntlets and a courses which remain secret till the morning of, requiring excellent navigation skills. Here’s photos and videos from this year’s race, happening as we speak.

Photos: Mihai Stetcu/Predrag Vuckovic/Red Bull

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  • Groomez

    Ninja warrior + motorcycles. Fcking awesome

  • RT Moto


  • Andre

    ..Great stuff!! well shot..
    he reminds me a bit of Steve McQueen..

  • dux

    Good pics! But did they need to put RedBull signs in every goddamn photo?

    • george_fla

      You pay for the event, you get signs in every picture.

    • mugget

      LOL – yes.

  • Corey

    Thanks for sharing these videos guys, makes me miss my xr650r. I need to get another dirtbike without my fiance killing me.

    • Groomez

      Leave your fiance, XR650R’s are more reliable and robust. ;)

      • Paul B

        and cheaper in the long run.

  • Denzel

    Awesome series of vids… NEED MORE!

  • mugget

    Awesome stuff… a real quirky, different type of event – that’s my kind of thing. I am staying glued to the RedBull YouTube account…

    • george_fla

      Check these:
      Hells Gate,
      Roof of Africa,
      The Tuff One,
      Last Man Standing (RIP)
      We are having one here in the USA on August 28 in Tn. called The Tennessee Knockout( that is being sponsored by Kenda and that “Green” energy drink company.

  • Roman

    Ha, I actually skied in the Carpathians as a little kid. This is pretty awesome though!

  • Jeff

    This is awesome. Between this, the redbull rookie cup, and F1; I love this company!

  • occam

    Enduro is very popular here in Europe. Once you try woods riding, the street (or track) loses a lot of its luster… The feeling of freedom is just tenfold. There are no cars, no pedestrians, no traffic lights, no police, almost everything around you is a place to ride. You crash or drop your bike all the time and it’s ok because they’re built for it. There’s a spirit of camaraderie that’s also completely different. You take turns with your buddies at having a go at an insanely steep hillside. When someone gets stuck you get off and help out. It’s great.

    • Mattro

      every redneck 16-year-old in america benefits from the same experience. : )

  • Phong

    I want to go out and ride my bike!