Rossi and Ducati on canvas

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Limited to a run of 46 prints a piece (see what they did there?) these artworks commemorate the as-yet unsuccessful union of Ducati and Valentino Rossi. Polish artist Patryk Kuleta starts with photographs of his subjects, blurring the shapes and colors to create, “an illusive view of passing time.” The effect has been described as “electric.”

Here’s a look at Patryk’s process. Beginning with the first photo, he recreates it while gradually applying distortion in the form of blocks of vibrant color. To our minds, the effect recaptures the visceral excitement of motorcycle racing that’s so often lost between DSLR and computer monitor.


  • jwinter

    Yyyyyyeah, I dig Rossi plenty but might suggest not trumpeting the Ducati move just yet.

  • Ricardo

    horror, awful….

  • 80-wattHamster

    Attending a gallery exhibition of this guy’s work could probably induce a seizure.

    • doublet

      LOL that’s about where I was at with this (saying it, not having one!) The first is the best, the last three are horrible. Was it a conscious arrangement to put them in a seemingly ‘best to worst’ order?

  • Phil

    Looks like his inspiration is cornerworking while high on DMT.

    Pic 2 is pretty interesting, race livery without sponsors really cleans up the look of even Rossi’s new technicolor getup.

  • Joe

    I suppose I could see Rossi as a cartoon character. Not sure what the point of that would be though.

  • Thom

    Good Lord …….. isn’t there anyone on this site with a sense of Artistic aesthetic ?

    Me thinks too many here are in dire need of some ” Stop Taking Yourself and Your Hobby So Damn Seriously ” therapy

    Its just Motorcycles gentlemen . And the above is just one mans interpretation of the hobby .

    And Sean ( the roommate ) had the cojones to accuse me of not having any taste . HAH !

    • 1

      No mate, it’s crap art. That’s what everyone has the problem with.

  • JRl

    2 and 4 look pretty good, but the others look terrible…maybe it’s pixelated, I dunno.

  • raphmay

    Always wondered what a moto gp race would like after taking acid. I wonder no more.

  • Scott Pargett

    I dig.

  • damien

    The first few steps of the process look too much like a simple Photoshop filter…Last one ends up looking pretty sweet though.

  • Dani Peral

    My eyes are bleeding :D

    • MotoLady


  • Peter88

    I like it! That last picture above made me think of a Japanimation short about oval racing in the future called “Running Man”. Cool!

  • Scott-jay

    “… as-yet unsuccessful union of Ducati and Valentino Rossi.”
    Other than championship contention, what’s missing from union? Can’t be media coverage. And, rightfully so.