The world’s first competition front-flip

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Competing in the X Games motocross best trick contest yesterday, Jackson Strong landed the first-ever front flip successfully completed in a formal competition. The first-ever non-competition front flip was only performed in 2009, highlighting how fast the sport of freestyle motocross is advancing. The flip was enough to give Strong victory in the contest. Here’s video.

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In contrast to backflips, which can be controlled mid-air by modulating how fast the rear wheel spins using the throttle and brake, front flips are incredibly difficult. To perform them, the rider must initiate a stoppie with the front brake just as they launch or violently shift their weight forward once they’re airborne. Once they’re going, there’s really no way to control the speed of the flip, requiring very fine judgement if they’re to be landed properly. Jim DeChamp was the first rider to ever successfully do one two years ago.

The incredible pace of FMX and its progression into ever more difficult tricks scares even fearless riders like Strong. “One day somebody is probably going to be doing a double front flip on a dirt bike,” he told the LA Times. “I hope I’m not around when that happens.”

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    the BMX guys are doing double front flips and landing with no suspension. those guys are just as gnarly as the FMX guys.

    • Tom

      bmx us a great deal lighter

  • the_doctor

    Amazing. I give it 5 years, and everyone will be doing them, while sipping a latte.

  • Brendan

    Is he the same dude that landed on his head two years straight trying that?

    That’s perseverance.

    • Wes Siler

      Yes, he is.

  • Thom

    Hopefully its the last .

    Hasn’t anyone else here finally gotten tired and a bit bored with all the Ultimate Hyper X Games BS Stunts and Cool Dudes Crap yet , or am I alone on this one ? Probably alone .

    Oh well . Growing up and maturing is a difficult process that takes time , energy and thought . You’ll get there . Eventually . Hopefully . Maybe .

    Alternatively you can just remain one of the Terminally Hip still thinking you’re 12 years old in a 30 plus body making an ass of yourself while looking back , regretfully , wondering what IMPORTANT things you really missed out on while playing Stunt Man X Games dude . Of course enough drugs an alcohol might numb your brain enough not to notice , but then again that much D&A will have you in a suite next to Amy Winehouse .

    Worth thinking about assuming the Mutant Dude Cells haven’t already overrun your brain .

    • Vincent


    • todd

      poor Thom,

      you feelin’ a little old there buddy?


    • ike6116


      X-Games are awesome.

    • Kirill

      I don’t think this is quite the motorcycle blog you’re looking for

    • Joel

      Sure, I’m with you – but I’m also probably the only guy here who’s going to buy a Road King (when I get 20 large) and go riding for the sake of enjoying the ride and the scenery – not to get a knee down (though I will be in full gear and a full-face helmet). To each his own.

    • Myles

      “…while looking back , regretfully , wondering what IMPORTANT things you really missed out on while playing Stunt Man X Games dude .”

      This argument could be used for anything besides caring for AIDs babies or teaching blind kids how to read braille. “Think about all those nights you had beers with your buddies!” “Think about all those wasted afternoons fishing!” “You could have been doing something IMPORTANT!”.

      It’s a bullshit perspective to have, especially on a site dedicated to fucking motorcycles.

      These guys have a ton of fun on two wheels, and (even more importantly) they have some of the most healthy competition possible. Everyone was excited when he landed, not frustrated that they were going to lose.

      • doublet

        That is true! About how everyone was excited; good point!

  • HammSammich

    He needs a 2013 Aprilia MXV 4.5 w/ APFFC (Aprilia Performance Front Flip Control).

    • Terry

      I hope HFL does the promo videos for that system…

  • todd

    THAT was unbelievable!


  • Chris Davis

    Good stuff, but he might want to be careful what he wishes for.

  • Will

    Most unbelievable is how clean he executed that shit.