This is why bike control is important

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Ever struggled to push a bike around in your garage or perform a u-turn on a tight street? Now imagine that precariousness if you’re on top of a 150-foot razorback ridge in Moab and a wrong turn takes you to a dead end. A five-foot wide dead end. I puckered a little in sympathy for this guy.

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  • Scott Pargett

    Jesus christ, way to stay cool. I’ll take my chances with the minivans.

    • Andrew

      Agreed. Pretty sure my best option would have been to just kicke the bike off and walk it.



  • Bronson

    I like riding gnarly stuff… but at the 1:45 mark I was like “FCUK THAT!!!!”

  • DoctorNine

    This is why, no matter how fancy that they get, heavy dual-purpose bikes just can’t match light bikes with 600cc or less. When you have to finesse the bike around, the lighter the better.

  • Devin

    My adrenaline started pumping just watching that situation.

    • Chris Davis

      At 4:02 I realized that at some point I had stopped breathing.

  • mugget

    Damn… I think I had a sympathy pucker from right near the start of that vid…

  • Andrew

    My palms got sweaty and i puckered a little watching this.

    • Justyn


  • 1

    No doubt the wide angle lens made that look even more insane, but holly crap. Big balls to that guy, I’ll stick to the black top myself!

  • R.Sallee

    The world is so much better now that everyone’s got GoPro cameras. Now if only these things had decent microphones…

  • Lacubrious

    Pucker. I just felt that needed to be said.

  • Jason


  • Core

    That helmet cam is throwing off my sense of balance.. like the angle we get to see things from..

  • Chris

    That def made my palms a little sweaty. Glad that dude was calm & collected. I have to say, I would never find myself in that situation because frankly, I have no interest in finding the end of a ledge like that. That dude has some stones.

  • Tim

    He would have been screwed for real if he had to kick start that stroker up there. Magic button, calm nerves, and good traction saved his ass.

  • Bill

    Watching that, I developed a fear of heights. Or maybe a fear of Utah. I will now do my best to avoid both.

  • FiveG

    Mongo Love Pavement.

    • Kirill


      My ass is staying on the street. You’re supposed to HIKE on those things, not ride dirt bikes on em.

    • Jesse

      Another +1. I’ll take my chances with the wandering SUV drivers texting on the Mass Pike. Shudder.

  • brutus

    ive ridden an xr 650 that i rented pretty extensively through the petrified sanddunes in moab, and even that was too big. too much weight and height for me. some of that stuff you really want to be able to plant your feet for haha