This is your arm on motorcycles

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This is what my arm looks like as I type this one handed. This x-ray was taken this morning to confirm that the set remains lined up a week after my arm was stretched back to its original length and my wrist was snapped back in place. That metal? That’s from a Galeazzi fracture a couple years back. This makes a total of four separate breaks on this wrist alone. Has it slowed me down? More than I expected, mostly because it’s created a logistical nightmare in a city where any car journey takes half a day. Will it slow me down in the future? Not one bit. Live to ride.

  • Brammofan

    If you want to make yourself feel luckier, just check out Guy Procter’s twitpic feed from today. Still trying to recover (and save his arm) from a motorcycle wreck he was in last September.

  • Frosty_spl

    Good thing it’s not your right wrist. heh heh.

    • 85gripen

      With those skinny jeans he wears and motorcycle crash scars attracting the ladies his right wrist isn’t as important to him as it is to we mere mortals. ;-)

  • Edward

    any chance that middle screw is where it’s supposed to be?

    hope you heal up quickly.

    • Wes Siler

      They just stuck it in there to hold on a shard.

  • Andrew

    The hell? Did one of your screws FALL OUT? Also, get better. Being held off the bike is a terribly limited feeling, but the first time back up is about the happiest one can be.

    • NickK

      That was my reaction.

      Whoops, missed a screw!

  • protomech

    Four separate breaks? All from riding? Do they share a root cause?

    Hope you recover quickly. HFL suffers in your downtime :]

    • R.Sallee

      Root cause: Falling off of motorcycle. Not sure what the cure is.

      My dad always says, “If you’re not getting hurt you’re not trying hard enough.” So far I haven’t been trying real hard.

  • BenP

    Heal up quick, at this rate some other motorcycle site is going to have to do real work soon.

  • Barry

    And by “lined up”, I take it they mean “+/i a quarter inch”. I guess I’d like my wrist to be a little more lined up with the bones there. IANAD and all, but that alignment looks iffy to me given my own xrays I’ve seen. Hopefully it’s just “supposed to be that way”.

    • Wes Siler

      Close enough for government work.

    • 85gripen

      Aw hell, if history’s any indication he’s just going to break it again anyway. Why waste the time getting it perfect?

      • Wes Siler

        My feelings exactly.

        • Scott-jay

          Wes, would your motorcycle have its triple clamp aligned like your wrist, then welded-up?

          • Wes Siler

            I’m not a triple clamp.

  • WhoDey

    had to google “Galeazzi fracture”; ouch!

    • Steven

      I just thought it was some Italian motorcycle that squares like me haven’t heard of.

  • DoctorNine

    Nice to see you are healing well, and still have your sense of humor.
    You’ll be back on two wheels before you know it.

  • nymoto

    Man you broke your arm on the wrong coast! Last time I spent half a day in the car I drove to VA, not into downtown. Excuse me while I grab cab to Dino BBQ.

  • mugget

    “This is your arm.
    This is your arm on motorcycles.
    Motorcycles – not even once.”

    Haha – couldn’t help but think that given the title.

    But that really sucks. Hope you don’t crash anymore… that’s gotta knock your confidence on a bike back down a rung or two.

    • Wes Siler

      Nah, I’m not smart enough to lose confidence.

  • stempere

    That pink one just hurts to look at.
    Heal up quick.

  • oldblue

    Heal up Wes.

    I learned this lesson too late. “Chicks dig scars? Oh….chicks dig CARS. Damn …”


  • randry

    Can you still make it through an airport ?
    Is this a good enough reason for medical weed in Cali ?
    Hope your feeling a little better Dude.

  • the_doctor

    Gnarly, bro.

    Seriously, thanks for blogging about falling down. I would think that most publications would gloss it over, putting their rider on paid leave while other staffers cover the slack. Not at HFL, though, because your broke.

    • Wes Siler

      It’s not about being broke, we do things differently from all those ’70s Show mags. Things like honesty.

  • PCPaul

    Wes, dude, we love ya’, but you’re Nucking Futs! Be safer my friend.