Video: Aprilia RSV4 vs Nissan GT-R, on the street

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There was quite a bit of skepticism when we lapped the new APRC-equipped Aprilia RSV4 around Monticello quite a bit faster than a Nissan GT-R. One of the people who had doubts was Adey. So, when Godzilla turned up at The Snake last weekend while he just happened to be riding the new RSV4 R, a comparison was inevitable. Luckily, he also had new onboard cameras from Replay.

Update: new angle added.

Thanks to West Coast GP Cycles for the suspension setup help.

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That skepticism of the original lap times was only natural. Aprilia paid for the video and the final result was assembled from multiple takes and multiple laps, in the same way any professionally produced video is. I can tell you the lap times were the honest best each vehicle was capable of all day long, but the Internet loves it some conspiracy theories.

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Do these videos do anything to establish which vehicle is faster? Not really. This takes place on the road, albeit on a section of Mulholland Highway which was originally designed as a race track. Both drivers are obviously operating within a high margin of safety and are subject to limitations from vision, other vehicles, safety and leaving a margin for the unknown. But, like our original video, these are fun to watch. Don’t try this at home, Adey’s a moron.

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  • Mark D

    So are those Replay cameras the solution to dodgy GoPros? Seems like they’re the same price, and they’re way smaller.

    • Wes Siler

      That’s what we’re trying to find out. We’ll be playing with them all summer and’ll do a review at some point. Signs are positive.

      • KP

        Looks like you can order a line-in microphone along with it. If you guys got that too, I’d love to know how that worked out.

        I got the gopro last year and it’s served me well so far on the FZ6, at paintball and for other random shit. Audio is weak though, so if a better option comes along it might be worth the upgrade.

      • Ben Incarnate

        That’s more interesting to me than the video itself in this case. Every time I look at the GoPro I just don’t like it, though I do want a camera. I’d been considering a Contour, but the Replay has some promise.

        • Ted

          Avoid the Contour products like the plague, more specifically the GPS model. The video is terrible, the case rattles at 40mph, the audio is unusable, and 90+ mph will cause the lens to rotate. OH, and the bluetooth feature doesn’t work for more than a few seconds, the battery gets stuck in the device, and the battery door squeaks. OH, one last thing, when the light changes you get pink lines in your video.

          Other than that it’s great….

          • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1100]

            There’s a pretty good comparison of a half-dozen or so action-sport video cameras in the previous month’s BIKE magazine (the US mountain-biking magazine, not the UK motorcycling mag).

  • Coreyvwc

    How tall is the rider on the Aprilia? All I see are knees and elbows all over the place haha. Looks like Marco simoncelli back in the 250 days.

  • JaySD

    It seems obvious that the driver did not know the snake by memory like Adey does, not that he should go balls out around blind corners but he is following Adey who knows the road amazingly well and also would act as an early warning system

    • adeysworld

      Driver knows the road just as well as I do. Probably better, he lives 2 mins away.

      • Sean Smith

        Max (“Stuntman”) is a maniac and easily the fastest person up there either on a bike or in a car. Seriously. The guy can knows what he’s doing.

        • adeysworld

          You mean Joe not Max. And Joe no longer considers himself to be fastest on two wheels up there. In his Mini, I don’t think anyone can touch him…two or four wheels.

    • Sam

      Rider seems much more skilled at riding than driver does at driving….

  • Groomez

    I think Adey mentioned he’s around 6’3

    • adeysworld


  • Scott Pargett

    What do you mean by “Mulholland was originally designed as a race track”?

    • Sean Smith

      That’s mostly just rumor, but there is a very small inkling of truth to it. It was designed as a ‘pleasure road’ and was used since day one for street racing.

  • RocketSled

    Beyond the ‘good thing ya didn’t run over a road biker’, I’d say picking the faster vehicle still relies too much on the drivers and which machine is faster that day.

    The Aprilla has a better power to weight ratio, Godzilla has the benefit of being able to slide.

    It’s great armchair quarterbacking fodder, and there’s absolutely no doubt what’s the better value (and which one is safer), but beyond that, I don’t think you’ll ever convince the internets which one is better.

    • DoctorNine

      Yeah. It’s Mustang vs. Camaro to an old guy.
      But it makes great articles.

  • Steve

    Looks like you did this on a weekend too. Adey’s not the only moron!

  • adeysworld

    Gotta say thanks to Andy @WestCoast GP cycles for setting the bike up for me.

  • T Diver

    I am home now so I can give you my stupid comments to ignore. Granted, I ride in a crew that speeds and does wheelies and all kinds of other unsafe shit. I just don’t know how I feel about Aprilla paying for this video. Yeah, I know I’m a whiney bitch but having had to friends killed within the last year has had an affect on me. I’m not judging you Aprilla; I just don’t know how I feel about it. Maybe I’m just being a pussy. Be safe and have fun. I go fast but the only racing I do with other people is in neutral with the bikes turned off down the other side of stunt road into the valley. Happy Carmageddon!

    • Sean Smith

      Aprilia supplied a motorcycle and Adey didn’t really tell us or them exactly what he was going to do with it. They paid for the Monticello video and Adey did this one all one his own. Replay supplied him with cameras, but the rest is on him.

      • T Diver

        Word. I’m really in no position to say anything. The streets are empty. Good time to smash.

  • oldblue

    Initially I thought perhaps the car driver didn’t know the road … but I see from above that’s not the case.

    Fun to watch … but definitely one of those ‘do it quickly, go home, close the garage door and hide for the rest of the day’ scenarios.


  • T Diver

    And please tell me where you heard that Mulholland was designed as a race track. I’m not doubting you, i just think it’s odd and want more details.

  • dnos

    Im still waiting for the bike v car comparo of 1981 CB900C vs a 94 Acura Legend. When’s that blood feud being settled?

    • Liquidogged

      I hear 1991 Seca II versus 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme is also in the works.

    • Liquidogged

      And the vintage edition is going to be an ’74 RD350 versus a ’73 Mustang II.

      • Gene

        With Kenny Roberts on the RD? THAT’D be vintage!

      • rohorn

        Or you can find a copy of “King Of The Mountain” (1981) – one cheesy movie. Can’t remember if there were any bikes in it – haven’t seen it since it was in the theatre that one week…

  • Ducky

    Can someone please get that fat kid off the road? He’s slow and blocking my view (that and Adey’s limbs).

  • mugget

    Cool stuff.

    Alot of haters saying the driver wasn’t up to the challenge, that’s really unfair. Anyone who has gone for a ride with some car-loving mates will know that just about any bike (especially a litre sportsbike) will power out of a corner better than any car (at least that I have seen).

    It is what it is. Driving on a public road, staying within their own lane and leaving a bit of a safety margin – the results are plain to see…

    • Sam

      Agreed, but with more rubber on the road wouldn’t a more skilled driver make up some time on the brakes and mid corner?

      • aristurtle

        In a Radical SR8, sure. Any road-legal car will have too much of a weight disadvantage.

  • motoguru

    Why am I so confused?

  • Skank NYCF

    Good job homie.

    • adeysworld

      Thanks buddy

  • NickK

    I would have crapped my pants around 2:26 (first vid). Okay, probably much sooner… and then gone off.

  • fasterfaster

    Glad to see everyone was staying on their side of the double yellow, though it looked like the second rider (ZX10R?) was having trouble holding his line.

  • pplassm
  • damien

    Enjoyable first video, but the second one we were watching the brake-fluid-pee-cup the whole time. Is it that the Aprilia doesn’t have a good spot to mount a cam on the tank?

    • Sam

      Ha, that was my favorite part. I was geeking out watching the throttle control.

      • adeysworld

        Yeh it’s not the most popular view, but I knew some people would dig it;)

        I just gave Wes the On-board cam video from the Aprilia, so that’ll be up in a few for those that don’t like the tank view.

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  • Bruce Steever

    Things i find interesting:
    How little the RSV4 has to work
    How bloody fast the GT-R is
    How crazy quick the Adey/RSV4 combination can steer

    Crazy stuff