Video: Dimitri Coste x Eastpak

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Not really sure what Eastpak has to do with this other than a couple of awkwardly inserted backpacks, but damn are the Velocette and Tiger Cub cool. Parisian photographer Dimitri Coste rides Paris on them in this video.

  • HammSammich

    This got me thinking that I would be so much more interested in stunt riding if it were typically performed on classic Brit bikes like these, rather than heavily customized liter-bikes.

    • pplassm

      Are trials demos OK?

    • Thom

      Might be more a case of this being ” Trials ” rather than ” Stunt ” riding .

      Trials being much more about balance and subtlety vs Stunt which from what I’ve seen is more about proving how big a testosterone addled asshole you can be on a public road .

      Damn French !!! Doing it again ! Showing the class that can and does exist in Motorcycling . Even in their commercials .

      Bastards !!! :o)

      ( maybe we should be learning a thing or two from the Damn French )

      • HammSammich

        @ Thom and Plassm: I agree that this was definitely more trials style riding, but it instigated a train of thought. After all, if you take away the obstacles from trials, it starts to look a bit like modern stunt exhibitions.

        @ Case (below): thanks for the correction. Regardless of displacement of their sport bikes, I’ve seen guys like Britton do amazing things, but it just seems like most of the bike’s performance is wasted on producing smoke…

        Oh, and I have seen these guys perform a few years back:
        As goofy as their uniforms are, they’re still pretty neat to watch.

      • T Diver

        I prefer wheelies in the middle of Olympic doing 120mph side-saddle. Why be subtle? What’s class?

    • Case

      For the record: I think Jason Britton rides a zx-6r, and many stunters prefer modified 600′s to liter bikes. Less weight to throw around.

      I don’t know that a wheelie on an old bike is necessarily better than a wheelie on a new bike. I think they’re both cool. But that’s me.

  • damien

    I remember when Eastpak’s were the shit in middle school.

    • Erok

      oh hell no! Jansport all the way,

      • dux

        JanSports are for poor kids! I bet you had a non-color Gameboy too! ;)

        • Erok

          I had the clear brick, so not totally poor.

  • Paul B

    No full face helmets or proper safety gear? Squids.

    • sean (the roommate)

      full face helmets are one of the few things squids DO wear….usually with a mohawk made out of the brush part of a broom or something.

      • Paul B

        My daughter has a helmet mohawk, but she is only 11. I’ll give her the free pass on that one, but I have never been a fan of them.

  • boxofbits

    Two great videos in one day. You’re spoiling us HFL.

    • Robert

      Watch the Guzzi Video – it will balance out…

  • robotribe

    Quoi? No machine gun-toting Policie chase down the stairs to the quai?

    C’est un “fail”.


  • gregorbean

    Haha, hilarious…I totally forgot it was an Eastpak ad until the VERY end. Pan down…and…Eastpak, got it. Great video, cool photography and vintage scramblers, thumbs up.

  • fasterfaster

    Was it supposed to be ironic in its poseurism? It was a film about making a film about looking cool next to motorcycles. I’ve never seen a film that better typified what it means to pose. Shot after shot of the cameraman taking shots, dudes standing around near bikes, dudes looking dramatically off into the distance through their beards and glasses, dudes showing bystanders their bikes, dude editing on his macbook, dude sitting with his macbook. There was about 12 seconds of riding, and it was lame.

    A few good stills of the bikes would have delivered everything positive from the film without the mess that was the rest. Unless I missed some clever meta-commentary on hipsterism, that was downright awful.

    • mike

      I’m a photographer (fulltime). I get caught up in that sh*t. I should know better but still like to see the competition. I did like that he uses the ‘laydown’ for some shots.

    • Greg

      I mean, it’s a commercial about a photographer who we’d probably all like because he takes pictures of cool old bikes in cool settings.

      The bikes are cool, so we’d probably all like those too.

      And Paris is cool too.

      I don’t know what’s not to like about this vid other than maybe the backpacks, which I guess used to be cool with the rich kids among us.

      Seems like a video of people having a hell of a lot more fun day than I did :)