Video: Stellan Egeland’s Slugger

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Equipped with a turbocharger that takes power up to 200bhp, the Slugger is Stellan England’s follow up to the Harrier. This one’s supposed to be more practical and is based around the BMW HP2 Sport. This video demonstrates that mundane function.

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You can read a little more about the Slugger at BikeEXIF.

  • Sean Smith

    “Nothing to see here officer, this is just another boring BMW.”

  • Myles

    Do you guys have a “junk drawer” in your kitchen? The one drawer where all the random stuff goes? Spare phone cable, half dead AAA battery, shoe lace, notepad, etc?

    That’s what this bike reminds me of, my junk drawer.

    • Sean Smith

      Now that you say that, there really are a lot of tubes, cables and plumbing running all over the place. That’s pretty funny.

    • Thom

      A very apposite comment there Myles .

      • raphmay

        I want your junk drawer!

  • dux

    Sweet. An exciting BMW. Love that front suspension

  • rohorn

    Like all men and most women, a lot of bikes look better with clothes on.

  • je

    I actually like the busyness of the bike. Its actually the tank and seat pan that ruins the bike, distracts from all the nice plumbing.

  • damien

    I want that motogadget dash for my thruxton. $700 bucks though! Cool bike.

  • Paul_55
    • tomwito


    • Gene

      What the fugganzoli happened there? What’s the story?

      • Paul_55

        from the man himself in the comments of BikeEXIF — “I was running behind a car in about 20km/h when he suddenly stopped. Before i could understand anything, he backed up and didnt stop until he had his rearwheels in the air, with the bumper on my frontwheel and the trailer ball in my exhaust! It was pretty hard not to fall with a car hangin on the bike. “

  • Emmet


  • Johndo

    Sounds great. Looks, well…at least they get points for creativity :)

  • Patrick

    Got anymore shots of the front wheel?

  • holdingfast

    how is this bike more “practical”? the harrier looks amazing..

    • Eric

      It has a pillon seat?

  • zipp4

    Eh, I like it. Different strokes I guess.

  • Thom

    The rawness and nakedness of this M/C i like .

    What gets up my nose is the lack of cohesiveness in the execution that only a few minor changes would of made right

    Along with a few of the welds , for a custom , being a bit sloppy

    • Aapo Tilman

      some of the welds being a bit sloppy ? Dude I bet you couldn´t even find your nose with your hand, unless somebody told you where it is !

  • HammSammich

    I dunno. It’s interesting in a Mad Max, We’ll-all-be-driving-muscle-cars-through-the nuclear-wasteland, post-apocalyptic sort of fashion, but it’s not something I’d ever want to own.

    My favorite Stellan Custom remains the Rocket III Stellan Edition Cafe he made for Triumph…

  • aadmanz

    Love the switchgear..

  • Mark

    I think its fucking gorgeous, he just needs to get a real photographer and make a better video. Then again, most people talk shit about my builds and love my photos. (Thank you

  • DoctorNine

    This bike again confirms my native belief, that Life is merely a series of oddly shaped tubes, with various pressure gradients, and tendencies toward Entropy.


    Here are some more pics of Stellans Slugger…