‘A culmination of everything Erik Buell has learned’

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In this fourth EBR 1190RS promotional video, Geoff May and Erik Buell talk about riding the new American superbike. With a v-twin making 175bhp and a 176kg weight, words like “predictable,” “balance,” and “smoothness” aren’t the first adjectives you’d expect, but they’re what Erik targeted and Geoff reports.

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  • Coreyvwc

    It just looks so fucking cool.

  • Thom

    When it comes to engineering , design , intended results and Eric accomplishing them , nothing surprises me when it comes to Buell and his machines . The mans a mechanical and design genius .

    What concerns me is does Eric ( or someone on his staff ) have the Business acumen to make this work eg; be reasonably profitable in a World that rewards Brand Names and Badges over Quality and Function .

    For Eric’s sake and the M/C community in general , I certainly hope so , but only time will tell .

    • http://rider49er.blogspot.com Mark D

      At this stage in the game, I doubt many people in the EBR organization are “business savvy”. At this point in the game, that makes sense; what the hell does a Harvard MBA know about mass centralization, anyways?

      But, I sure hope once they get their feet under them, they hire some brainy suits to figure out how they can sell me one of their bikes for ~$11k and turn a profit!

      • Thom

        Yeah probably true , but then the real task is to keep the Bean Counters in their little cage , not allowing them to re-direct the company due to some ridiculous Focus Group BS results they may have come up with .

        What Buell needs is a genuine Motorcyclist who understands and appreciates Eric’s creativity and Also has an MBA in tow .

        Any out there ?

        • Glenngineer

          Talk to me in June of 2013 – I’ll have an SMME and and MBA from MIT/Sloan.

      • Sebastian

        Ironically I think a Harvard MBA is exactly what EBR doesn’t need – The Harvard business model (reduce expenditure, maximise profit margins, ensure repeatable success is what got HD where it is.
        What’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily good for the gander.

        Polaris getting in as shadow investors and leveraging EBR’s “true american sportsbike” schtick (I’m Australian, it doesn’t translate) for their Indian line is an exciting idea.
        Now I’m not a shot-caller at Polaris (or anywhere for that matter), but EBR + Indian heritage + Polaris money = awesome?

  • Tucker

    Dear RatPak records and Zenfilm,




    • Thom

      That seems to be the trend all over these days , though I’m not quite sure why .

    • Alex

      No kidding.

      It’s great to see what a company of engineers and motorcyclists can do when they’re not working under the reins of a marketing department and “brand image”. (This is coming from a marketing/business development consultant who makes a living herding engineers).

      But for christsakes, a little Art Direction goes a LONG WAY.

    • Sentinel


      It’s all they can afford right now! lol

  • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

    Ahhh… gotta stop watching those EBR vids, developing a serious case of motorcycle envy…

  • stefano

    seriously. tasteful use of film effects is so hard to find these days. bike is just really beautiful though. love that they are not just playing the “mine’s bigger (horsepower)” game

    • Andrew

      I feel like Top Gear’s doing spectacularly in that regard. Sure, some of the effects go over the top, but usually they compliment the test subjects nicely.

  • DoctorNine

    Perfect. Strikes exactly the right balance.
    Both the machine and the vid. Advertise strengths. In spades.

  • insomnia

    ok. only 2 questions. how much? where do I get one?

    • je

      40k.. erikbuellracing.com.

      • Alex

        I didn’t realize this was a $40k bike. Then again, it’s not like you find carbon fiber laying around on the ground.

        Does anyone know if the ERB1190 RS is properly-sized, or is it another 4/5ths scale model bikes like Buell made?


        • noone1569

          Its longer than the 1125r, and larger in size then my XB12R.

        • Tony T.

          My 4/5ths scale bike fits me great! In fact, I’m pretty sure there aren’t many bikes out there that I could flat foot at all, let alone tip-toe. The vibration, on the other (numb) hand…

  • Dan

    Bitches! Stop teasing me with a $40k bike!!!

    • slowestGSXRever

      Ditto, this thing is so far out of my price range it might as well be a Ferrari :(

  • Austin Milbarge

    I’m not sure I understand the hype with Buell. I come from a racing background so I understand mass centralization. If his bikes and ideas are so radical then why hasn’t this technology been picked up by major manufacturer race teams? low slung exhaust seems to make sense, but Moto GP uses under seat and side mount? Fuel low in frame hasn’t been copied any where else. large diameter brakes aren’t the new must have on the starting line….what am I missing?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      never underestimate the power of conventional wisdom.

      • CCarey

        And never underestimate stringent regulations from the FIA stiffling creativity and innovation.

  • moshaholic2

    Anyone have a link for the article where the Buell brake engineer debates w/ a Suzuki engineer about brake design… and the Suzuki engineer conceeds that the Buell design was better?

    • Dan

      I do not but it’s beautifully simple, really. The brake design allows for substantially reduced weight. Unsprung weight at that.
      Much of Erik’s design follows this same line of logic. Make it lighter and make it work better than conventional design.

      • Brian

        The unsprung weight is lower, but I would imagine that the MOI penalty for moving the weight of the rotor and caliper to the outer edge of the rim would be high.

        MOI is what matters with reducing the gyroscopic precision of the wheel. Unsprung weight effects the unsprung natural frequency of the suspension, and would provide chassis setup benefits.

        Overall I think the best part of the system from a design standpoint is that it reduces parts, so it is easier to mass produce, and it has some performance benefit from a chassis setup perspective. But that system also does have the MOI drawback…..

  • Ryan

    bike looks awesome. film effects look like dog shit.