51 studio photos of the Husqvarna Nuda 900R

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So the Husqvarna Nuda 900R is a new naked sportsbike rival for the KTM SuperDuke from BMW’s Italian dirt bike brand. It even apes KTM’s angular, folded-paper design language, but instead of a sexy, fun v-twin it uses an upstroked version of the boring BMW 800cc parallel-twin, hopefully adding character and power with the extra capacity. In these new photos, we see possibly two distinct spec levels, one of which includes components ripped straight off the BMW S1000RR.

These studio shots of the red R model show red Brembo lettering on the 4-piston radial calipers, carbon trim on the muffler and an Öhlins shock. Front brake rotors are off-the-shelf BMW items, identical to those found on the S1000RR.

Some observations on that R model:
- Looks to share brakes with S1000RR
- Looks great in the studio with the mirrors and plate bracket removed.
- Radiator is still ugly from any angle
- Front fender appears to be designed to send air to the ugly radiator and keeps rocks away.
- Wheels appear to be carry-over items from BMW.
- Serious dirt bike seat.
- Not clear whether the R variant has fully adjustable forks or if that is an option. It would be incredibly disappointing to see them add an Öhlins shock but leave the crappy non-adjustable forks.

This appears to be a lower spec version with non-monobloc Brembos, nonadjustable forks and some generic shock in place of the fancy Ohlins unit on the R model.

Note the difference in fork height that’s clearly visible in shots that show the top triple clamp and bars. This tells us that the bike was likely tossed together for the photo shoot and isn’t necessarily representative of the production model.

That gas cap location is preposterous. Putting the gas cap on the left side means filling the tank to the brim will be virtually impossible with the bike on its sidestand.

Husqvarna hasn’t released full specs yet, only stating that the bike will develop more than 100bhp, more than 74lb/ft and weight less than 175kg.

Enjoy these new photos and hit our Husqvarna tag page for comprehensive coverage.



  • Wereweazle

    Those wheels are ripped right off the f800s, among other bikes probably. I always thought they were pretty though. Unfortunately, I agree completely with the boring engine. My father purchase a Wee Strom a few weeks ago and I have to admit it has way more character than my F. It’s just a good engine. However, I will say the gearbox connected to the parallel twin on my F is spectacular. Hopefully that carries over here as well. If the radiator shown here is the same size as the one on my bike, then this looks be a very small motorcycle and I think that’s a good thing. I just wish they would do something cooler with the exhaust pipes on that twin. I always hated the way they wrapped around. Nothing in particular about it, but the look just bugs me.

    • BMW11GS

      I work at a BMW dealership and get my pick of the liter when I want. I love lots of what the F800GS has to offer but that engine still kills me. It wicks up really nicely and even has a pretty good exhaust tone, but the mechanical noises and buzz negate those other qualities for me. I also love that gearbox and clutch though. I liked my wee strom a lot too, if you put a pipe on that engine, its like a little ducati. So friendly and unpretentious.

  • je

    Lets hope by the reuse of parts it will keep the price of the bike down.. Would enjoy owning.. just not sure I would buy this over some others out there.

  • JonB

    I appreciate the use of the word preposterous.

  • Erok

    so kewl

  • http://krtong.com KR Tong

    Cant shake the thought of painting the tank orange and saying it’s the new Triumph Hurricane.

    • BMW11GS

      yes! haha I was afraid to admit I knew what that bike was.

  • slash5alive

    Nice looking bike except for that rad…fugly, detracts from the whole look of the bike. Makes it suck from almost every angle.

  • Greg

    “That gas cap location is preposterous. Putting the gas cap on the left side means filling the tank to the brim will be virtually impossible with the bike on its sidestand.”

    Never would have thought of that since I don’t get off the bike to refuel. I’ve always found it far easier to remain seated while refueling.

    • BMW11GS

      hahah yeah, not a problem for me

    • Scott-jay

      Nice pics. More I looked, less I liked it.

    • http://www.cdavisdesigns.com Chris Davis

      It also assumes the tank is directly under the cap rather than a filler neck leading to a tank in a more centralized location.

      • Wereweazle

        When I first heard about the bike I assumed the tank would be under the seat like on the F series. The frame does appear to be the same, if not just very similar, to the frame the GS has so maybe the tank is still under the seat but just has – like you said- a long filler tube reaching there.

  • dux

    Looks like a hell of a lot of suspension travel

  • robotribe

    I got nuthin’ to add but a huge “HELL YEAH”. In fact, I dig the low spec in black more the higher end red.

  • Coreyvwc

    Hopefully this thing is more exciting to ride than the narcolepsy inducing press vid from husky would imply.


    Jesus, do they have a mannequin riding that damn thing?

  • oldblue

    Do all those angle mean that the design process was … protracted?

    Sorry, sorry …

  • http://www.cdavisdesigns.com Chris Davis

    That looks awesome. I appreciate that they didn’t go with the woodpecker look to the front fender. I love minor detail of the two-tone seat too, though its not shown in all the pics of the R model – they apparently swapped it when they put the mirrors on. True, the radiator could use some discrete shrouds to cover the sides and bar-end mirrors are a must, though not great for lane-splitting I imagine.

    • Sean Smith

      I think the front fender design draws heavily on traditional paper airplanes.

  • daniel

    Cool bike, but to bad they did not hire a photographer to shoot this. These photos are crap. It looks like they hung a sheet in the janitor’s closet and shot them on a cell phone.

  • combat77

    Tron-prop tank thing is a deal breaker. It’s so distracting to my eye that I can’t make out it’s shape.