A visual recap of Summer X Games 17

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Summer X Games 17 just wrapped up here in LA. It was a landmark year for motorcycle competition. Not only did Jackson Strong complete the first-ever front flip in a competition, taking gold for best trick, but Cam Sinclair’s double backflip for silver was pretty damn impressive too. But, while those dudes were pretty impressive, the dudettes were not. The women’s enduro looked like amateur hour, with more time spent lying on the ground than actually riding.

Photos: Christian Pondella/Garth Milan/Red Bull

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  • nick2ny

    Woman’s enduro X made me want to get my female friends to go next year so one could go home with a gold medal.

    In fact, I think that next year’s competition will be much more competitive because so many tough girls will see this one and think “all right dammit, I’m winning that next year.”

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      I didn’t catch Women’s Enduro, but I watched Women’s Super X. Those women were gnarly and the racing was every bit as fearless as the Men’s Super X.

      • jp182

        yeah i think part of the issue is just that track. it doesn’t look like the bikes are properly setup for it or maybe the rocks and logs are just too big

      • nick2ny

        I had a discussion with my friend last night about it and he said the very same thing. Sounds like it was a tough track, better suited for a trials bike than a mx’er

  • Restless Lip Syndrome

    That is some incredible stuff. Where did they get these women though??? That was lame and makes the rest of us competent chicks look bad. If they wanted a comedy show, they should have made them ride 2-strokes instead.

  • Trevor

    When my wife is out on the roads on the bike or car I press upon her to “represent” her gender. To drive like you’ve got brains and you realize their are other motorist on the road and not hide behind a pair to tits.
    I do the same for my gender….except for the tit’s part. I try and drive responsibly…….not sure what this has to do with this post, it’s just the first thing that popped into my mind.

  • tomwito

    That front flip was incredible. The way the bike was gyroscoping side to side was cool. It also made me think that if it had been a backflip they would have probably called it a 360.