Bell continues helmet graphic leadership

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Normally, helmet graphics are limited to loud racer replicas (at best) or generic, yet still offensive tribal graphics (at worst). Recently, reborn American helmet maker Bell has been trying to reverse that trend, working with noted designers to bring actually credible paint jobs to market. These new colors for the flagship Star and second-tier RS1 continue that. Especially this Roland Sands-created Flash design for the RS1.

We’ve covered the Bell Star previously. This year it gets a new matte black, translucent finish on the carbon version and a Jackson Pollock/Takashi Murakami-esque paint job called the Hess. The $650 carbon version of the star weighs in at a not-too-terribly-heavy 1500 grams. It’s not as light as helmets like the Nexx XR1R Carbon and AGV AX-8 Dual because it’s Snell M2010 instead of ECE 2205.

The $350 for solids, $400 for graphics, 1575 gram Bell RS1 actually looks like really impressive value. It uses a Kevlar/fiberglass composite shell and is available in that RSD Flash graphic seen up top, this sorta cheesy Steam Punk (above) or the Panic Zone seen below. The bandana-like graphics are so flat bill it hurts, but are executed extremely well. We bet this one will sell.

Bell’s also adding a hi-viz yellow to the Revolver modular range, pushing it into the bearded Roadcrafter wearer market too.


  • Sean Smith

    Let the bearded Roadcrafter jokes begin!

  • Trev

    …And yet, still no solid white for the Star.

  • Anders

    My favorite: The hi-viz yellow.

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1100]

      Me too. But I think the yellow revolver would look even cooler if the flip-up part was white or grey.

  • the_doctor

    Gold paisley on white? I actually kind of like it.

    • Steve

      If my wife sees that helmet then it will be an instant sale for Bell. She believes in kicking ass and looking great while doing so.


    i’m old, so tell me what ‘flat bill’ means.

    • zipp4

      See Wes’ coverage of the Monster Energy party.

    • Trev

      You know those wacky kids who love that place called “Glamis” (also known as the Imperial Sand Dunes)? Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, it is usually filled with those people during any major spring/summer holiday…

  • damien

    Love the new Bell helmets. Can’t decide between one and the Arai Vector2…

  • Derek

    I was considering buying the Revolver when it came out because I think it looks really good from a styling standpoint(I simply don’t have the cash to drop on $600 helmets). I ended up purchasing an O’Neal Tirade because I’m a feature junky and didn’t think I needed the added weight and complexity of a modular for any reason. I’m curious if anyone has it and how they like it?

    Also, a lot of those graphics look really great! I’m digging the RSD Flash the most.

  • Zaron Gibson

    I love my Bell Star. Better than my old RF1000 by a long shot.

  • Zach

    Makes you wonder why they even bothered with the Vector graphic for the RS-1. I don’t mind getting it on closeout, though.

  • Chris

    I love my Bell Star, it’s by far the best helmet I’ve ever purchased. I’ve only owned 6 helmets, but I will buy another Star to replace my 2010 version when it’s time. They do have decent graphics, but I wish there were more options personally.

    • Chris

      I forgot to add, even a solid white Star would be amazing. In this TX heat, solid white is a good thing.

  • cadillacjack

    Really digging these flagship Bells!

  • Frosty_spl

    Are they made in China??

  • je

    I love gears so im sold on that so called steampunk helmet.. To bad I just bought a RX-Q with sparkle blue paint..

  • Tim

    I love my Star BUT it is easily the loudest helmet I have owned (and that is a lot ). It flows a lot of air, though. I still can’t see why it is louder than my cheapo AFX dual sport lid! earplugs are not optional with the Bell.

    • Ben Rendel

      “earplugs are not optional with the Bell” and why is that?

    • Zaron Gibson

      Odd, I find it’s the quietest helmet I’ve ever owned. It’s so quiet the little bit of rattle the chin vent makes when closed annoys me a bit (so I just always have it open). I’m sure there’s much quieter helmets but I’ve owned some good ones and they have all been louder.

      • Mr.Paynter

        I’m not trying to be funny but have you guys ever adjusted your helmets mechanisms?

        My new-ish Shark RSI Carbon was a lot noisier than my last Shark RSI and the agents gave me some advice on opening the mechanism and tightening with allen-keys and a sheet of paper and it seals perfectly now.

  • Dan

    Don’t these seem a little pricey? $350/400 probably isn’t much to pay for high style (the roland sands one is making me rethink my matte-black-only helmet policy) but it seems dear for a helmet that wes’ earlier review didn’t sound too thrilled with. At that price you can probably find an rx-q somewhere. No fancy colors, but never any problems comfort-wise.

    • evilbahumut

      I think the real question is do you base all your buying decisions upon reviews from a guy who can’t ride a bike with THREE wheels on it?

  • Surj

    “…and a Jackson Pollock/Takashi Murakami-esque paint job called the Hess.”

    Hess=Derek Hess. He’s been around a while – surprised you guys didn’t call that out, rather than trying to church it up with the Pollock/Murakami references.

    • Wes Siler

      Ah, thanks. First I’ve heard of him.

    • WhoDey

      +1 he has some awesome stuff

      • Noah


  • Mark D

    That first design looks great. Colorful, but classy. Too bad its not the cheaper of the two, but seems like I ought to add Bell to the list of replacement helmets in the next 2-3 months…

  • hooligan317

    The bills on my hats are flat. Oh, and nice helmets.

  • ak

    Wes already has the “cheesy Steam Punk” helmet sitting in a glass case for when it comes time to ride again. He has successfully used his media power to make sure he’s the first (possibly only) person on the streets with that helmet.

  • evilbahumut

    No “Missbehavin” graphic? Oh, and are you guys going to do a feature on the custom 5′s that launch next month too? Those graphics are pretty hot too.

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