Claudio Castiglioni 1947-2011

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Founder of Cagiva, former owner of Ducati and the man who revived MV Agusta, Claudio Castiglioni passed away in Varese this morning after battling an unspecified illness. Responsible for bringing two of the most beautiful motorcycles ever — the Ducati 916 and MV Agusta F4 — to market, Castiglioni was viewed both as a savior and an incredibly cunning businessman. His most recent triumph came just last year, when Harley-Davidson paid him €20 million to take MV Agusta off their hands two years after he’d sold it to them for €70 million. The deal made possible the two greatest MVs ever, the current F4 and Brutale, as well as the new MV Agusta F3. When the lightest, most sophisticated supersport motorcycle ever goes on sale later this year, it’ll serve as a fitting remembrance for one of the most passionate men in motorcycling.

  • Ben Incarnate

    Rest in peace, Claudio.

  • John

    Really sad news. He brought Ducati and MV back from the ashes. Without him those two brands would be a footnote in history. Rest in peace and thank you for what you did for motorcycling.

  • BenP

    Terrible news.

  • kat

    I’m incredibly saddened to hear this. He did so much to stir so many motorcyclists’ souls.

  • Kirill

    Tragic news. Condolences to his family.

  • Restless Lip Syndrome

    R.I.P. What an amazing life.

  • John

    Damn,,,now that’s a true loss, the man will remain an inspiration in perseverence & design…

  • Gene

    He was a heck of a character, and the world’s a lot poorer without him. RIP.

  • Chris

    Big loss, but is leaves an amazing legacy, and an amazing imprint on all of motorcycling.

  • the_doctor

    Changed Italian motorcycling for the better.

    Cheers Castiglioni

  • MotoLady

    He was born the same year as my dad. A sad wakeup call, and a huge loss for the motorcycling industry. RIP, Claudio.

  • Thom

    RIP Claudio

    One of the truly greats left in Motorcycling has passed on .

    Le parole non possono esprimere la mia tristezza .

  • JT Nesbitt

    “Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!” – Shelly
    A Titan has fallen. A motorcycle company has been reborn. Bravery, adventure, passion. Would we all be so fortunate to have Claudio’s perseverance and cunning. What a wonderful life he had. — JT

  • smoke4ndmears


    The maker could wait no longer, it seems, and now can have his motorcycle penned.

  • Fabian Viteri

    RIP, thanks for giving us some of the best bikes ever conceived.

  • fasterfaster

    Very sad news. He was a true icon. While his business history is very… Italian, there can be only respect for the legacy of motorcycles he is leaving behind. A body of work like that can only come from true love of the sport and its machines.

  • Greg

    As an owner of a Ducati 916 – this makes me sad.

  • cadillacjack

    RIP Claud.