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We’ve covered the winners of Sturgis’ AMD World Championship of custom bike building and we’ve interviewed Rafik Kaissi, the builder of what we felt was the most creative bike in it. Now, here’s 395 high-res images of every single bike that entered. Some are Sportsters with parts bolted on, some are mystical creatures rendered in metal, but every single one represents the creative vision of someone who’s mad about bikes.

Photos: Onno Wieringa/Frank Sander/AMD

Tell you what, here’s the gallery on Flickr.

  • Ola

    I have a great DSL line, but an old laptop. Opening the gallery made my browser throw a rod. Perhaps a Flickr link?


    the slideshows don’t render very well on mobiles regardless of connection speed

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      They work great on our iPhones and iPads. We obviously can’t design down for poor connection speeds and bad mobile browsers, it’d compromise our core UX.

      • http://www.lgdm.fr stempere

        Seems to be issues on android, i don’t have any link to the gallery:
        last versions of both on a 2.3.3 android

        also :
        opera mobile
        opera mini

        • Ryan

          I turned off the mobile setting, down at the bottom of the page, and the gallery showed up. I didn’t try opening the gallery, so I can’t comment on that.

          • http://www.lgdm.fr stempere

            Yes the problem seems to be an incompatibility between WP Touch (the plugin that generates the mobile-specific templates) and Galleria WP (the plugin that displays the galleries).

      • Jay B

        Holy shit!
        OT, but way to care about user experience!
        A mobile gallery template could alleviate some of the problems, but you’d still be dealing with huge images – probably not worth it.

        • http://www.lgdm.fr stempere

          There’s a small version of each big image generated by flicker that could be used but it’s not east designing a mobile template based on a gallery plugin that’s from 2008… Anyway…

  • Mike

    I’m on a desktop behind a ds3 and my browser still pooped the bed. Just sayin. I’ll hit the flickr link.

  • Tim

    On an iPad and a 4G connection, and no-go..

  • kidchampion

    I can’t make it past the baseball themed chopper. That’s the theme, right? Or is the theme “toddler boy bedroom”? Maybe a chopper designed to look like a race car bed would be even better.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Racecar beds are the perfect analogy for choppers.

  • Wereweazle

    Loaded fine for me on my desktop and laptop.

    This has taught me that I prefer guys who are mad about RIDING bikes. I just don’t really like any of those bikes.

    Except for this:

  • BenP


    I think I’m going to be ill.

    • http://www.lgdm.fr stempere

      Yeah, all the other ones i can (sometimes vaguelly) relate to. This one is just wrong.

  • HolyHandGrenade!

    Fatal error: Theme at /wp-content/themes/hfl/s/galleria/themes/classic/galleria.classic.min.js could not load, check theme path.
    Fatal error: No theme found.

  • contender

    I don’t know about you bros, but this seriously makes me want to grow a goattee.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      high five, broseph.

  • Dean

    Only 395 pictures?

  • http://www.smartcycleshopper.com/author/doug-dalsing/ DougD

    My vote goes to the Kraus. Would be nice to have specs on each bike (or at least just a manufacturer), but, I understand the difficulty of putting together a gallery of 395 images. Am particularly interested in IMG_7396. Excellent gallery, though.