Guy Martin teaches you to lap the Isle of Man

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In 2007, the 130mph average speed barrier in the Senior TT fell to John McGuinness, who maintained that speed for an entire 17 minutes, 21.99 seconds. 10 seconds behind was Guy Martin on a Honda CBR1000RR. He walks you through that lap in this video. If you can understand him, it almost sounds easy.

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via My Life at Speed

  • Eric

    I see this and I think, “Man, I’m doing it wrong.”

  • muckluck

    I’m actually getting pretty good at understanding Guy.

    • Devin

      I understoof him fine. A little depressed about that, I was hoping it would be like “a lap at the TT, as narrated by the dude from Snatch”.

  • Johndo

    These are crazy people. Go a few inches off your line and it’s game over.


    As a spectator, you would really have to stuff the urge to reach out and high five the guy.

  • nick

    “If you can understand him, it almost sounds easy.”

    That’s some funny shit. I watched his race yesterday (recorded) and after the race when they were interviewing him, I was like, wtf is this man saying. I guess it doesn’t matter if everyone understands your dialect when you average speeds like this. Insane.

  • lloydvintage

    Guy Martin needs to narrate an audio book.

  • smoke4ndmears

    Just like the IOM, understanding Guy takes a few weeks of practice to get your brain up to speed. Then it’s easy. Or something.

    I totally have a man crush on him.

    • Scott-jay

      A most honest and interesting racer-dude.

  • Terry

    I like how he has it all broken down into corners, lines, braking markers, etc. And all I see is WRRRRRRRRFUUUUUCKWALLSTREESFUCKWATCHOUTFORTHATHOUSEWRRRRRR

    “Oh that’s me little sister there on the left”
    “There’s me dad wi’ the pit board”


    • Jordan

      “That’s a mans corner for men, that is”

    • Gene

      Can I get a “fuck yeah +1000″ on that?

      Did he EVER drop below 11,000RPM???

      Took me a full Guinness to work up the courage to watch the 2nd video…

  • Archer

    I find him easier to understand every time I listen to him. Brilliant rider.

    I was actually startled when the first video ended- you really get drawn into this.

  • cromagnon

    Clearly, these are a superior species.

    +! on Guy Martin; I dig listening to him almost as much as watching him race.


    Oiii! I Ain’t fightn till ya get me mum a new caravan!


    I wish I could ever have the skills to pilot a hack like that!

  • fasterfaster


  • Penguin

    When you come from just down the road from Guy, understanding him isn’t such an issue – the issue is that I can categorically confirm that being able to talk like Guy does in no way mean you can ride like the metaphorical bridesmaid that is Guy Martin. ‘Bout time he got it done and won one, chief.

    Best thing I ever heard was an intervew when he called Barry Sheene a wuss and said short circuit racing is boring.

  • rndholesqpeg

    So, is the ‘TT3d Closer to the Edge’, ever going to show in the states?

  • JTourismo

    “Just chuck’er in the wall here”……….yeh guy im’a do that.