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Already leaving its gear-for-squids image behind with a high quality-to-price ratio and innovative features like the incorporation of D3O armor, Icon’s new products for Fall, 2011 bring a welcome dose of understated style and peerless function to their range. How about some no-logo armored overpants that look just like jeans, armored gloves capable of operating touchscreens and a pair of women’s riding boots that could finally combine race boot function with off-the-bike style?

Brawnson Overpant

These aren’t baggy jeans. They’re anti-abrasion, anti-impact overpants designed to be worn over your baggy jeans when you’re commuting or just riding around town and do so without making you look like a doofus. Sizing is spec’d thusly, if you have a 34 waist and you plan to wear these over your 34 jeans, buy a size 34. If you plan to wear them all by themselves, size down. Weighed down by not a single logo, these are the kind of basic, practical, safe piece of riding gear we like to see, especially at their $95 price. Knee armor is CE-approved, but they aren’t waterproof.

Justice Touchscreen Glove

Simple, short-cuff black leather gloves with decent knuckle and finger armor for $100. They’ve got awesome Pittards Microvent Goatskin on the backs of the fingers and hand to provide ventilation and sci-fi nanotech leather on the underside that works on touchscreens. With Aerostich also selling touch-screen elk skin ropers, it might actually make sense to get a bike mount for your iPhone now.

Sacred Tall Boot

If you’re a lady that rides, you already know that your gear selection is limited. These boots should help. Our lady friends tell us they’d actually wear these and, if they did, they’d be rewarded with safety — a steel shank in the sole prevents foot crushing, armor in the heel and shin protects against impacts — feel and flexibility. These are the first women’s boots from Icon that don’t use some ridiculously tall heel, meaning girls will really be able to ride in these. That red logo on the heel is the only detractor, marking these as sports equipment rather than fashionable footwear.


  • Jack

    Those pants look like just the ticket. Armor only in the knees or do they have hip and coccyxs too?

    • Sean Smith

      Just in the knees. Throw on a pair of armored shorts if you want full coverage.

    • http://www.facebook.com/beastincarnate Ben Incarnate

      Time for some Gasolina’s.

      • Devin

        It’s so hard to find pants with hip protection. If your going to have knee armour in your pants, I see no reason to buy a pair without hip padding also.

        @Ben, ever see that Teiz demo?

        • http://www.facebook.com/beastincarnate Ben Incarnate

          Devin – I spoke with Ghazi at Teiz this last weekend. He’s up here in DFW and I have his cell number, just need to get out and see what he has.

          Many pairs of overpants have CE in the knees and foam at the hips, for what that’s worth. My Olympia Airglide’s do. Here are a few others at MotoLiberty.com & MotorcycleGear.com: Scorpion XDR / Invasion, RS Taichi Armed Mesh / Cross Over, Teknic Supervent, Revit Turbine, AGV Sport Telluride, AStars Edge Drystar, Fieldsheer Mercury, Joe Rocket Ballistic / Alter Ego, and FirstGear HT Overpants.

          • jason McCrash

            I have Firstgear HT overpants and took all of the padding out. Pretty worthless to be honest. Just soft pads velcroed in place. I would agree that armored shorts are the way to go if you want real padding protection. Besides the better armor the fit is tighter to the body and less prone to shifting in a crash.

          • Barry

            Teiz: WORST SIZING GUIDE EVER. Bought one of their mesh suits to commute in with my work clothes, and it’s so baggy that I’d be tied up in knots before I ever managed to hit any of the armor. And of course, the tags came off while I was riding around to see if it just felt stupid while walking around(like my ‘stich that fits wonderfully while riding), so no return for me.

            • http://www.facebook.com/beastincarnate Ben Incarnate

              Did you try contacting them about fit beforehand? I definitely would, and plan to, specifically because of how poorly my ‘Stich fit. Or contacting afterwards even though the tags popped off?

              Just curious, I haven’t done any business with ‘em at this point.

              • Barry

                Yup, asked them about their cryptic size chart at the time, and they said “buy this one”, and after I got it and wanted to send it back, they said I could with some ridiculous restocking fee + shipping that approached half the price of the suit. It’s a cheap suit made in Nowherezistan the last time I looked(about 1.5 years), so I just decided to hang onto it in case I make friends with a sasquatch or something. At least I got a pair of emergency knee sliders to stuff in my race box. I called ‘stich about 5 days before a month-long trip and asked if they could get me a suit, before I left, and it’s been awesome ever since. But, it’s about 4-5 times the cost of a Teiz.

      • http://www.facebook.com/beastincarnate Ben Incarnate

        This response was completely to the wrong thread, I just noticed. Meant to respond to Frosty_spl.

  • Frosty_spl

    They should make guy versions of those boots. They remind me of Highpoints without the metal shin guard.

    • noone1569
      • Sean Smith
        • Paul

          Those have been my everyday boots for years now. I’ve had to replace the speed laces, and the Velcro on one of them needs replacing because it got some oil spray on it, but they’re fantastic boots, and they look pretty normal under a pair of jeans. I like to be able to wear regular clothes once I get where I’m going, which is why I also love my Roadcrafter suit, not that I’m going to be able to convince you kids to wear one of those…

          • Sean Smith

            I hear they’re available in all black with no reflectives, forward rotated torso, forward rotated arms and knee pucks.

            Just you wait and see what shows up in the next few weeks…

            • http://www.facebook.com/beastincarnate Ben Incarnate

              Good lord, that’s about $1200. I hope they hooked you up, Sean.

      • Wereweazle

        The reason I really like the icon boots above is because they’re sleek and slender. My biggest problem with riding boots has always been how chunky they are around the foot and sole like those Reign boots are. I’m used to flat-soled shoes instead of tennis shoes so having to wear something thick when I ride really messes me up when I walk. I would totally go for a boot that looks like the women’s boots above.

  • noone1569

    The lady likes those boots. She needs some. Would look pretty good with her blacked out dirtbike pants on her soon to be purchased WR250. . .hmm.

    • Taco

      I wonder what my beloved fashionista, PinkyRacer will think of those boots?

      • noone1569

        Ah ha, thanks for the reminder, needed to e-mail her re:Indy BBQ for MotoGP!

  • Johndo

    Yep love the pants. Funny how many of us want simple clothe that looks like normal clothe, yet it takes for ages for manufacturers to produce them. I think Icon is finally onto something for the masses here.

    And for those summer gloves, many of us get sunburns on the wrists, why is it so hard to find summer gloves that cover the wrist a bit more without falling in the full armor gloves…I always put tennis wristbands to avoid this from happening, but would be nice to have it built into light, protective summer gloves.

    • Adrian

      +1 on the sunburned wrists and the tennis band idea. Good one.
      But that would be just one more thing the Harley pirates rip me about while I’m ATGATT in the Texas heat.

      • Johndo

        You can certainly tease them when you see them later with their faces ripped off cause that open helmet looked so macho…

        • Adrian

          Helmet? What helmet? Or does that bandana do-rag qualify as a helmet? LOL
          And don’t get me started with the assless chaps.

          Whatever. I just smile, wave, and carry on. What is running through my alleged mind is another story entirely. :-)

      • http://www.facebook.com/beastincarnate Ben Incarnate

        It’s not just the Harley riders down here that look down on ATGATT in summer. The vast majority of riders seem ignorant of how the right gear can really help with the heat.

        “It’s 105, I’d better wear my t-shirt and shorts so that I’m as cool as possible!”

        • Adrian

          Sad, but very true.

    • aristurtle

      “Works with capacitive touchscreens” needs to be a new standard feature for gloves.

      • Jeff

        You speak the truth. Would help at the track when using android/iphone and bluetooth gps to get good readings.

    • http://www.facebook.com/beastincarnate Ben Incarnate

      Have you tried going with ventilated gauntlets? I’m a wuss about the heat, generally, but I’ve never found my gauntlets uncomfortable in the blazing inferno of a Texas summer.

      • Sean Smith

        I just wear full-on racing gloves anytime it’s not cold or raining. The best possible protection, perforation everywhere and no sun.

        • Adrian

          Agreed. It works.

        • http://www.facebook.com/beastincarnate Ben Incarnate

          Not to circle jerk, but yup. My gauntlets aren’t quite superhero racing gloves, nor are they heavily perforated, but they’re just fine by me. I’ve been shopping gloves for the last few months. Someday, I’ll decide.

    • Kevin

      Alpinestars has been selling something extremely similar for a few years, the Urban DNS Pants

      • Sean Smith

        They appear to be similar in photos and print, but in practice, it’s a totally different concept. Those pants fit more like Levi’s 511s and are made of cotton with a special wax-like “DNS” coating.

  • Adrian

    Any info on the inseam lengths? Do they do tall sizes for those of us who have long legs?

    • http://twitter.com/metabomber Jesse

      Sizing info looted from here.

      Waist : Inseam
      28 : 32
      30 : 32
      32 : 33
      34 : 33
      36 : 33
      38 : 34
      40 : 34
      42 : 34
      44 : 34

      • Adrian

        Thanks for the lead, Jesse.
        So, with a 34 waist and a 36 inseam — no joy for me. Again. Still. Annoying. Hello, ICON?

        • Johndo

          I dont get why they dont make pants longer, it’s way easier to shorten pants then the other way around. Just make the knee protection adjustable and make pants longer and you’ll sell much more. I mean even normal jeans, 34/34 is quite standard sizing…for motorcycle pants it needs to be even longer…I’ve always felt their line was aimed at short stocky people and that’s why jackets will only fit great on a small % of people, and thats why their pants are even as long as standard jeans…

          • Barry

            It’s easy to say you can always make it shorter, BUT, because you care where the armor is, that’s not always the case.

            Sure, you can take 4 inches off the bottom, but then the knees are 3 inches below where they need to be. Okay, so you take out 2-3 inches in the thigh… whoops, now they’re too snug in the thigh because you moved the taper up.

            I tried on over a dozen race suits at Moto Liberty in Dallas(yes, I know, not the same as just pants) ranging from $1000 to $2000, and nothing fits by the time you include a back and chest protector and decent armor, and I wear 36/38″ waist jeans, 31″ inseam, a size 46 Vanson jacket, and weigh 210. Not exactly an abnormal shape(just not IN shape). And most over-pants are even worse. It’s all well and good to have armor, but it’s useless if it’s swimming around inside my knees when I go down.

            One wonders if the Icon pants are even remotely breezy enough to not die in Texas. Sounds good if they are. But black? I know that’s the standard “motorcycle” color, but PLEASE make a white/gray pair. Yes they’ll get dirty, but dirty white is WAY better than black, unless it’s got that crazy surface treatment some of the new gear has now that supposedly will reflect heat(any experience with that?)

            • http://www.facebook.com/beastincarnate Ben Incarnate

              Race suits absolutely are a tricky fit. I tried on most everything Cycle Gear and Moto Liberty had before finding a perfect fit in a closeout suit. Sucks that you couldn’t find anything, because I sure was frustrated until I found the one.

              Black overpants aren’t a big deal, since there’s an extra layer of material underneath (ie, your pants). I have black Olympia Airglides and I find wearing them over my work pants more comfortable than just wearing light work pants by themselves.

            • Johndo

              Thats why I said with adjustable knee protection, to allow modifying length of pants without compromising on pad positions.

        • http://twitter.com/metabomber Jesse

          I run between a 33 – 34 waist, and a 34-35 inseam, so I feel your pain. Trying to find something that fits while on the bike is… special.

          The Draggin’ Jeans I ordered a while back do pretty well. I even got the optional knee and hip armor that I velcro in. Better than nothing.

          Draggin’ Jeans sizing is kind of a shit show. It took me three rounds of order » try on » send back to find a pair that fit (34w 36i – and I feel they run a little long!), but their return policy is fantastic.

  • http://worldof2.com/ jpenney

    *clap* *clap* *clap*

  • Johndo

    34waist:33inseam on a bike? Im out already hehe, I think it just proves the size article about the other Icon Jacket this week.

    Thing is the guy that has a 44 waist, probably wont have longer legs cause he’s fat…

  • http://www.facebook.com/beastincarnate Ben Incarnate

    Good additions to the Icon lineup. My lady will dig those boots.

  • jason McCrash

    Fat guy pants WITH 34in inseam legs? Oh I’ll be buying me a couple of pairs. Thank you Icon. Between that and the sweet JT retro motocross gear I linked to on your Facebook page all we need is some superstar to wear his hat straight and with a curved bill again. Then we will have finally come full circle.
    As we said in the 80′s, mint!

  • JVictor75


    It’s funny, but I was just telling my girlfriend that I’m sheepishly admitting to being a gear snob about Icon stuff, mainly from me remembering the kind of marketing that they were doing when they first hit the scene. She’s been a long time convert to Icon, mainly because they were the first company that she was aware of that marketed stuff to females as riders instead of as mere passengers.

    But I do distinctly remember superhero jackets with fake abs sewn in and day-glo Power Rangers colors, which at the time was a big No thanks. Funnily enough, I now own two pair of Icon boots, am more than happy with both, and like the Brawnson Sidewinder in Orange/Black/White quite a bit.

    They’ve come such a long way since their beginning, and it’s damned good to see someone taking the lead in creating decent non-squid/pirate riding apparel.

    Looking at the sizing info, I’m pleased as punch to see that someone is finally recognizing that not everyone in the world with a 33″ waist is at least 5’10″.

    It would be damned nice if I could get stuff in short tubby guy sizes from time to time without having to visit a clothier or alterations shop. I would love to have a decent pair of riding jeans, but being 5’6″ and having a 33″ waist means I’m SOL if I want off the rack.

    Hopefully these overpants will be different (and come in blue denim-ish colors).

  • Keyrock

    I like the look of the black version of their new Brawnson jacket: http://goo.gl/EV5UF

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      That does look nice.

  • Steven

    Does the knee armor in the pants stay where it belongs? I bought Icon’s strap-on kneepads instead of overpants because all the overpants I tried on were baggy enough to let the pad float away from my kneecap. (The wouldn’t actually pull on over my boots, either.)

  • Alex

    Icon has always had a flair that i love. some of the stuff is too Affliction Tapout tribal tatted douchebag but i LOVE my retro daytona jacket. A good amount of their gear is hoon armor and I love them for it. They seem to have something for everyone and you don’t always have to look like a power ranger to run to a friends house across town.

  • MileHighOlli

    Oh I really dig those boots! Now if only they would make a decent overpant for women…

  • doublet

    You know, maybe they’re just promoting it more now, or it was just overshadowed by their flashier ‘squid targeted’ stuff… but Icon has ALWAYS had more mundane versions of their gear. I’ve had a pair of ‘stealth’ gloves for years. When they first hit the ground, it was more ’90′s styled stuff (being the time that it was) but it had just a little edge, enough to make it more attractive at the time.

  • http://www.twitter.com/wessilerfanclub the (unfortunate) roomate

    well done icon. ive always thought you made extremely quality gear that is well priced and was extremely hideous. you’re the only ones listening to people and im honestly excited to see what else you come out with.

    • HammSammich


  • http://www.rideicon.com iconmotosports

    Steven, There are 3 pockets that the armor can sit in so you can adjust them to fit your leg and riding style. No chance of them sliding anywhere.

  • http://www.rideicon.com iconmotosports

    Adrian, straight up it is impossible for us to make all the waste/inseam choices people would like so we hit the most common sizing. That said we make our jeans and pants a bit long so you can cuff them off the bike and unroll them for full ankle coverage on the bike. We also make some items that are extra long and made to be ‘cut to fit’.

    • Adrian

      Thanks for the reply.
      I’m still not certain which products would accommodate a 36 inseam.
      I understand it would be impossible to cover all waist & height combos. But, some of your competition do extend their lines to deal with shorter and taller people.
      Not sure when you say you “make your jeans & pants a bit long”. Would I still be wearing high-waters, and if on a bike the cuffs ride up to just below my knees?
      The hunt for riding gear for me is a difficult one.
      Again, thanks for your reply. It’s appreciated.

  • http://www.rideicon.com iconmotosports

    Barry, we make mesh overpants that are low key and in other colors than black.Check the site http://www.rideicon.com

    • Barry

      Thanks for the reply. But looking at the white hooligans(yay light colors!), I notice that even in the website image, it’s got about 3-4″ too much leg. Granted, model is not on a bike. Perhaps that would help everyone with mail order. Variety of models with known measurements(REAL measurements please, not vanity BS measurements), on a sportbike, cruiser, standard, and dual-sport. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think any of my gear creeps up that much. I’d guess an inch at best.

      I tend to prefer slightly shorter legs that zip down to tight after the calf(like a race suit), since I always wear boots that go over the ankle anyhow, so I’ve got leather for a good 3″ above the foot. Not that those wide legs are going to stay in place anyhow if you go into a slide feet first, so it’s kinda useless. I’m assuming it’s so you can slide into them with boots and street clothes on. It would just be good if they snugged down a bit on top of the street clothes once you had your feet in. Plus, it’s a pita to step into pants that are too long.

      But, to be fair, the Motoport and Aerostich gear has similar issues, I’m just hoping to see a good solution to something I’ve been working against for years: Texas heat + 40 mile commute + traffic + two knees I’ve already shattered because I wasn’t wearing knee protection on the street.

      To date, the best I’ve found is Draggin’ Jeans + velcroed knee armor, and that’s not very good “over wear”. Plus, kevlar + denim doesn’t exactly “breathe”. Thanks again for replying to the various comments.

  • http://www.rideicon.com iconmotosports

    Also, we are still very much squids. If squid means not afraid to wear something other than Darth Vader black 8)

    • Sean Smith


  • Kevin

    Love this news. I’ve always struggled to find the right mix of protection vs style. I’m not a pirate nor power ranger and hate that I have to compromise looks for function. I’ve admired some of the BMW gear, but never bought any.

    • Sean Smith

      BMW gear usually isn’t the best looking, but it’s high quality stuff that works really well.

  • Johndo

    Im dreaming of the day a magazine actually puts to the test of few of the big brand mesh jackets/pants with a realistic dummy (like 150-180lbs) in them dropped from a pickup truck at 100km/h. I’d love to see what actual protection it provides, and at what point it melts on the dummy. So far companies are very shy when it comes to announcing the level of protection these provides against abrasion/melting…