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Driving home in the Pussy Wagon after partying with Ben Spies and Jorge Lorenzo in LA, Jamie Robinson told me he was trying to find a nice bike to ride up to Laguna MotoGP. I didn’t have many bikes in that week, what with the broken arm, but offered him the only thing we had going spare — a Yamaha WR250R. He balked at that, worrying it’d be too buzzy and uncomfortable to make the 5+ hour ride. What’d he choose instead? A lowered, stiffened Sportster built by Roland Sands as a showbike, not a rider. Jamie’s known for making smart decisions. Here’s the story of his weekend.

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  • http://www.muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Oh man, fancy Google + button! I will click it.

  • Adrian

    What a crazy guy. ;-)
    Too bad about the revenue collector. But then, CA is broke and really needs the money.
    Good video!

  • http://www.twitter.com/wessilerfanclub the (unfortunate) roomate

    only 86 mph? we’re riding up through that same stretch today, this is a good reminder to keep it under LA freeway speeds.

  • Roman

    Looks like he rode the shit out of that showbike, well done! Trip to Indy in less than 2 weeks….

    • Joe

      I’m super pumped for that race. It will be my first time there.

      • Roman

        My first MotoGP ever! Yeah, I’m pretty stoked…

        • Joe


          • noone1569

            Welcome to Indy guys!

            If any of you are coming into town Friday, shoot me an e-mail, I’m throwing an BBQ, noone1569@gmail.com

            • Joe

              Thanks for the invite! I’ll let you know if you can make it.

            • http://pinkyracer.com pinkyracer

              oooh, free food! sweet! Christina and I will be there by 9.

            • Roman

              Thanks for the invitation! Will definitely get in touch.

  • Chris

    Looks like a helluva weekend!

  • JonB

    That bike is rad.

  • http://krtong.com KR Tong

    Looks like you guys found our table at the Bulldog in Monterey. That’s even more impressive than the bike. Haha.

  • Ken

    I like the thought of having a blank helmet and a pen for a big trip