Leaked: Arai Signet Q

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Spotted on Revzilla by a keen-eyed reader is the Arai Signet Q, the long over-due replacement for the original Signet which was discontinued in 2004. Designed for riders with “extreme long oval” shaped heads, this helmet fills a void in both the Arai lineup and the helmet market as a whole.

Based loosely on the RX-Q, the Signet Q shares it’s vent system, exterior features and new style (10mm wider) SAI shield. The biggest difference from the RX-Q is a new shell that translates into a 5mm longer interior shape. Cheek pads and liner have been changed in the name of comfort and a better seal to keep the wind out. Fit is customizable via 5mm thick removable pads at the temples. Also notable is the included pin-lock compatible shield and lens that should provide a fog-free view of the road even in the worst conditions. The Snell approved (no ECE 22.05 Arais in America) helmet is priced at $596.95 for solids and up to $689.95 for graphics. That price means it fits in well with the rest of Arai’s high-end lineup. If you struggle with forehead pressure and have always longed for a ridiculously comfortable helmet, have a look at the Signet Q when they come out.

  • jp182

    man i miss my Signet-GT. I crashed at my first track day wearing it. It was the most comfortable and best fitting helmet I’ve ever worn and I got it on clearance at an AMA race.

  • Gene

    $600-$700 bucks and still using primitive old D-rings? Arai needs to join the 21st century at prices like that.

    • http://greatjoballweek.blogspot.com/ Case

      What? D-rings are cheap to make, fast in/out, easy to use, never wear out. I have some beef with the strap snap; I covet the magnetic snap closure on the Bell helmets so much that I considered trying to DIY, but I think the d-rings are fine. I notice that Bell and Shoei also use them.

      • Gene

        D-rings are a pain in the ass to fumble around with, even more so if you’re wearing gloves. With my Nolan, I just stick the tongue in the buckle and I’m done.

        If I have D-rings, I don’t even bother to dick with it. And yes, it’s why I don’t wear Bell, Shoei, HJC, or Arai.

        • Sean Smith

          Why would you ever need to take off your helmet but not your gloves?

          • Gene

            Because I forgot to put my earplugs in? Because I forgot to turn my helmet cam on? Because I needed to talk to someone and it’s more polite to take the helmet off for a couple minutes?

            Doesn’t really matter. D-rings are a pain with or without gloves.

            And just to be clear, I mean OEM buckles, not those Echo aftermarket things. The Echo buckles are dangerous and may not keep your helmet on in a crash. So I don’t feel I could take an Arai and fit the Echo buckle.

            • zato1414

              Ear plugs?, Helmet cam? Talk to someone? Sounds like you need a pit crew to dress up, yeah, a D-ring tuner guy. I know what you mean about those pesky D-rings, I get up an hour early just to strap in. I remember my Bell Star with D-rings, and a tire track laid across my face after a first turn get off, I like D-rings. (Dang D-rings did not help the broke wrist.)

        • Steven

          sorry you’re too dumb to know how to use d-rings. are you sure what’s in your skull is worth protecting with a helmet?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      D-Rings are quick, simple, rugged and effective. Anything else is a gimmick.

    • Myles

      When I tried on a Schuberth C3 the only thing I didn’t like (besides the fit, which wasn’t perfect. Unfortunately still looking for a modular that fits as well as my Vector) was the shitty one-two/buckle-my-shoe garbage going on under my chin.

      I guess it al depends on what you’re used to, but I’ll take D-Rings any day.

      As for the gloves thing? Gloves are always the last thing I put on and first thing I take off. Same thing for everyone else I ride with. I guess it’s because we’re all cavemen with shitty old D-rings.

      • Sean Smith

        Check out the Nexx XR1R. The last helmet I really loved was my Vector and the Nexx is just as good even though it hasn’t fully broken in.

    • Brian

      Anything other than D-Rings, the helmet will not pass Snell specifications.. That is why ARAI keep using D rings…

      • Gene

        Uh no. The Snell M2010 PDF from smf.org says the retention system should hold the helmet on through the simulated impact, and that “quick release buckles, if used, shall not be able to be released inadvertently.”

  • http://www.cdavisdesigns.com Chris Davis

    Looks exactly the same as the Signet GT-R I bought in ’03. Glad to see there’s some NOS helmets out there.

  • wwalkersd

    The Signet GT was replaced by the Profile, which still provided for us long-oval-heads.

    And I trust D-Rings a hell of a lot more than any quick-release buckle.

  • John

    I have a long oval head and wear an Arai Profile for sport bikes, and a Nolan N-103 N-Comm while touring on my V-Strom.

    The Nolan fits me. It’s the only flip-up helmet that does.

    The Profile fits me PERFECTLY.

    The Profile has D-rings. The Nolan has the quick release ratchet thing.

    D-rings work fine for me. I’m always gloves off and on first guy, too.

    Sean Smith, I’d really like to hear more on the Nexx XR1R. That helmet intrigues me. Do you have a “long oval” head?