My motorcycle ain’t handicapped

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So what I can’t use my left arm? My motorcycle ain’t broke. I wrote a little piece for on driving versus riding. Synopsis: if I can ride an Aprilia Mana with a broken arm, then why are you able-bodied sheeple sitting in your cars all day? Seems to have pissed off a few commenters too. In other news, that cast just came off and I’m about to go try on that Icon suit for the first time.

  • stefano

    dude. great photo

    • Sean Smith


  • HammSammich

    Clicked on the Wired link through Google News earlier, expecting to read some article extolling the virtues of bicycling or riding mass transit, but when the link came up, there Wes was flipping me off. It was perfect.

    Incidently, most of the commenters over on are a bunch of motorcycle-hating pansies…

    • Wes Siler

      Ha, yeah, my thoughts on Wired commenters precisely.

    • Kirill

      +1 on the pansies comment, its kind of embarrassing to read those actually.

    • Chris Davis

      Yeah but they’re super tough when they’re name calling. It averages out, right?

      • raphmay

        ‘haters gonna hate’ and those wired guys are haters alright!

  • todd

    Love it… this is why i like HFL. same mindset

    Get right the fuck back on and hit it.

  • the (unfortunate) roomate

    THE COMMENTS ARE AMAZING. i’m pretty sure i’ve successfully “liked” every comment calling you a douche bag. I can’t think of a more entertaining end to my work week.

    you have enough muscle left in that arm to pull that suit on? no way in hell im helping you take that suit off when i get home if you get stuck in it.

    • Ben Incarnate

      Thank you for being the yin to Wes’ wang.

      • the (unfortunate) roomate


  • Ben Incarnate

    It’s amazing how many people don’t know that lane splitting is legal in CA.

    The angry response isn’t surprising given the tone or attitude of the article. Just the outright ignorance of people who actually live there.

    • Sean Smith

      People are really stupid. One out of every fifteen drivers will usually move over in an attempt to block you.

      • 85gripen

        I keep wanting to get a camera (perhaps the ReplayXD. BTW, how is that review coming along?) just to record what all the people are doing in their cars as I pass them while lane-splitting and make a “best-of” video. Seriously, every other car has a driver either texting or talking on the phone.

        • jason McCrash

          They eat slices of pizza while driving here. Swear to God (or Ja, Budda, Mohammad, that tree over there, whatever you believe in or not).

        • Randall

          I think you misspelled sexting. Just saying.

  • Glenngineer

    Great article, fuck them wired folks.

    • 85gripen

      The typical reader hitches rides to the Game Stop with their mom to buy the latest racing simulation game rather than actually riding in the real world. And they have no idea that hot chicks love motorcycle crash scars and aren’t impressed by what level you reach in World of Warcraft.

      • Myles

        I always thought the typical Wired reader was between 35 and 45, married the first girl who gave him the time of day (who’s now gained 30 pounds) and is frustrated because she only gives it up once every other month (with the lights off).

  • Joe

    I’m sure people opening the article to get flipped off set them on edge to begin with.

    I like it.

  • Sean Smith

    Great title. It reminds me of this just a little bit.

    • Mark D

      I had successfully forget about that link. God damn it.

    • zato1414

      No matter what i would say, I’d be called a hater…

  • NitroPye

    Wow, those commenters…

  • the (unfortunate) roomate

    “Wes Siler needs to harden the fuck up”

    best comment ever.

    • Sean Smith

      It’s true, that left arm is pretty withered.

    • Wes Siler

      Next time, I’ll ride that dirt bike 18 miles back to camp myself. This comment really made me realize what a wuss I was for getting Sean to give me a lift.

      • Restless Lip Syndrome

        I also like how someone pointed out, “why didn’t he just get an ambulance to pick him up?” You know, every one of those Ford E-Series ambulances are really good at off-roading and rock crawling. Naturally.

  • Peter88

    I can see that the tone of the article would piss people off but wow! Is that how I am perceived by the majority of the driving public? Those comments were amazingly ignorant! Unfortunately alot of us sound that way when Skank or Adey get written up on this web site. It appears we all have our own “safety” tolerance band.

    • HammSammich

      That’s probably true. Unfortuantely, there tends to be a disconnect between our perceptions of risk and the actual safety of the activities in which we are willing to engage. Strangely, it seems that even though we may understand this disconnect intellectually, we can’t seem to overcome it emotionally. For example, I have no problem getting on my bike and commuting everyday and going for rides in the mountains on the weekends, but my heart still races in an airliner during take-off and landing.

    • M

      plus one like

  • Restless Lip Syndrome

    Wired commenters seemed to miss the point completely.

    That being said, that picture is a total turn on.

    • the (unfortunate) roomate

      is that you, charles?

      • Restless Lip Syndrome

        Lol, is Wes some sort of gay icon now?

  • jason McCrash

    One of the comments first posted linked to a supposed POV video of a girl in a car saying not to move to LA. It’s that fucking annoying pigtail girl in the Esurance commercials. Hey pigtails, try some sit-ups and washing the potty mouth out with soap. Hate that fucker. “The Saver”. Ugh.
    I’d post the link but then you’d be a sucker like me and add 1 more person to here view count on Youtube.

    Good article dude.

    • Sean Smith

      Personally, I’m a sucker for Flo the Progressive girl.

      • jason McCrash

        I’m kinda over that chick, even though I’ve been a lifelong Chuck Taylor wearer. That pigtail chick just looks like she needs a smack and if you watch that video you can do head up the freeway and give her one for both of us.

      • Mike

        +1 to Flo!

        • HolyHandGrenade!

          Flow sucks – she is ugly and annoying.

        • smoke4ndmears

          Flo can suck it. I can’t watch a damn motorcycle race on cable any more without being accosted by her moon face every 5 minutes. She gets more screen time than any of the riders for christs sake!

          • insomnia

            …every time I start to get annoyed by those commercials (um..every f*cking commercial break), I take a deep breath and remember that if it wasn’t for Progressive spending those ad dollars I probably wouldn’t be enjoying those races in the first place. DVR has improved the experience considerably…

    • the (unfortunate) roomate

      Hahahahahaha. I posted that video. I think that’s the funniest video I’ve ever seen. It’s obviously sarcastic, buy I knew wired commenters wouldn’t get it. That chick is my friends improv coach and she’s hilarious.

  • NickP

    I kinda knew what the comment section would look like as I was halfway into the article. Anyways if they want better comments maybe they should introduce a pay wall :)

    But still…
    If I lived somewhere I could comfortably ride year-round, I would own more bikes and less cars. I’d use my scooter for more than just racing around a beat up old velodrome. But no way I’m ever going car-less. It’s hard to employ a designated driver or even pass around a joint when everybody is riding.

    • Sean Smith

      Looks like you need an Aprilia Mana 850GT with a tall screen and a convertible helmet.

      • NickP

        it would be handy not having to clutch, I imagine you could get pretty good at rolling while rolling.

  • Terry

    I’m a 2nd season rider, and a huge day-glo-wearing sissy who rides an ’09 Ninja 250 and drives an ’010 Mazda3s hatchback, and when I read the comments at Wired, all I can think is “what a bunch of pussies”.


    Riding beats the shit out of driving any day of the week and all day on Sunday. You can learn so much about yourself and the world when you get out there, all alone and unsafe and dangerous, oh yeah – and having way more fucking fun than anybody sitting inside a rolling phone booth.

    • jason McCrash

      Subaru had a funny commercial…. shit, 20 years ago maybe….. with the line referring to non-Subaru drivers as “just another pathetic sheep following the herd”. I love that line. Congrats on becoming one of us Terry!

    • runrun

      I loathe the sheep too, but take some pity on them. Most have never and will never know about any of the experiences you’re talking about, and are fine with that. To them a vehicle is just an appliance and the less involved that they have to be in what happens between points A and B the better. It’s pathetic.

  • Chris Davis

    That Wired article made my day. This part in particular: “As a bonus, it encouraged me to switch from beer to whiskey; strapping a case of beer to the passenger seat tends to draw unwanted police attention, but you can slip a fifth in the storage compartment no problem. “

  • T Diver

    What bitches. I thought it was pure journalistic excelence. (But hey, what do I know. I can’t even spell.)
    Email this chick if you want to goto the Senna documentary for free on Sunday. (this lady bought 1000 tickets to give away. She gave me one.) It’s free. laurel4senna@gmail. (Please don’t boot me for this.)

    • Sean Smith

      You’re banned for life bro. Free Senna tickets are not cool.

      • T Diver

        I think Wes’s gimp-ass should make an appearance. It’s not like he can ride. A movie about a fast cager. perfect.

    • Mark D

      Pay walls are awesome.

  • Artful

    What the fuck do these people do for fun? They’re so goddamn risk averse that their idea of getting crazy is inserting a QTip slightly beyond the stated recommendation.

    Their comments have made up my mind. I’m buying a rain suit and commuting as much as I can on my Monster. I’m open to suggestions on choices if anyone has any.

    Seriously. That got me fucking riled.

    • Denzel

      Take a look at the Icon PDX set….

    • Peter88

      You’d think after all those hours spent playing video games that they would totally understand what it’s like in the real world. I am shocked!

  • HolyHandGrenade!

    Please take this as constructive criticism but you came off sorta douche-tastic in the article. Not that I dont agree with the message but between the picture and the tone its hard to blame some of the vitriol in the comments.

    • Terry

      I’m pretty sure that Wes’ tone was intentionally designed for just that effect.

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, it’s a tongue in cheek, silly piece intended to rile sheeple. Looks like it worked

      • slowestGSXRever

        I think you might have riled them the wrong way :(

        The macho man middle finger burn out is probably going a bit too far. Even when I see that stuff on HFL I think “uhg, seriously, more of this again?”. Clearly all HFL readers (and writers) have giant testicles, but do we need to keep reassuring ourselves of that? This goes even more so for where I’m sure they have even less of a tolerance for that type of thing.

        I also realize that writing a mild toned article about motorcycle convenience will probably get you nowhere and be incredibly boring, but you may have swung too far away from that and into the douche-zone.

        I still love HFL, but maybe leave the macho man stuff to the Icon guys? (burn outs on car hoods are pretty awesome)

  • dux

    Nice article. Fuck ‘em.

  • Michael

    people are crazy, its funny how smart people are stupid with common sense.

    /doing a burnout while flipping you off

  • M presumably-lucrative vanity site for one wes siler.

    also, am i crazy or did i see a dramatized comic book-art wes and attendant (holy shit, this is a real term here) tattoo model on facebook, earlier?

    • M

      astride a nice rendition of a cleveland misfit, i’m pleased to add

      • Wes Siler

        Yep, it’s in September GQ.

  • coredump

    Wes, does the cvt on that motorcycle feel good to ride? Or does it feel like a scooter cvt sensation of a whole lot of clutch slippage and not much action? And how do the shift buttons feel to operate? Do the discrete ratios feel worth a damn?

    • dux

      Who cares? You can drink a beer on the hoof!

    • Wes Siler

      It’s pretty awesome. We’ll review it soon.

  • Matt

    Wes, how’d you find a RED Mana GT?? Love it! Aprilia’s USA site suggests that red is not a color we yanks are allowed to have…

  • Brammofan

    Said this on twitter, but need/want to repeat it here: +1 for the burnout, +1 for the bird, -1 for the lack of bathroom interior shot. Net = 1. Not bad.

  • markbvt

    Great article, Wes. Last year I broke my wrist at the end of a Labrador/Newfoundland trip (the accident occurred back in Maine); I was back on a bike a week and a half later because I couldn’t stand not to be.

    Unfortunately I got broadsided by an SUV a week and a half ago and am currently laid up in the hospital with a broken femur, so my recovery won’t be quite as quick this time, but I still can’t frigging wait to get back out there. Motorcycles just make so much more sense than cars… and even if they didn’t, they’re so much more fun.

    • David

      Motorcycles might be more dangerous for their addictive qualities than anything else.

      I lowsided for the first time last Tuesday evening and banged up my shoulder a bit. Bike was fine other than a broken mirror and bent shift lever. I let it rest Wed and Thurs. Friday I went out to test ride an FZ6. Saturday I test rode an SV650 and a VFR800. Sunday a DL650. I’m pulling the trigger on the Wee-strom.

      Needless to say, I’m not discouraged in the slightest by my pavement surfing incident.

  • the_doctor

    I feel sheltered. Once I go out into the big wide world of commenters, shit! I didn’t know people on the internet could be so hateful.

    • runrun

      I can’t believe how awesomely brave they are to say things like that!

  • Jesse

    I had a half dozen witty replies to most of the haters and name callers on the Wired article, but instead I hopped on my moto, rode for a couple of hours, got caught in the rain, and loved every minute of it.

    Fnck the bozos.

  • Deep6Dive

    The rants that went into buying booze at the grocery in CA are amazing. God for bid these same people find out that there’s medicinal pot out there too.

  • Von Scotch

    Never mind Wes, you tried. Let them go back to their I-berries, and Call of Duty, and Nintendo 64s.

  • damien

    I think they’re all just angry that you didn’t gear up for the pic… t-shirt? you squid!!! ha.

  • Brad

    What do you expect? These folks still can’t get over the idea that Darth is Luke’s father.

    Still, I never really understood the “I hate cages…” attitude amongst some riders. I love to ride, but I love cars, too. I don’t see why they have to be exclusive.