Onboard as MotoCzysz wins 2011 TT Zero

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Back in June, MotoCzysz dominated the Isle of Man’s electric motorcycle race, taking a close one-two finish in the race and setting the seven fastest electric laps of the Mountain Course ever. Here, onboard footage and commentary from both Mark Miller and Michael Rutter has been combined to show something that looks less like a parade lap and more like actual, exciting racing.


  • http://www.brammofan.com Brammofan

    Enjoyed the heck out of this. Great use of Camina Burana at 21:15. My only wish is that whoever mounted the camera on Miller’s helmet would have pointed it upwards about 5 degrees. Okay, and it would have been cool to have seen Rutter approaching at 20:00 (“Jaws” theme appropriate)

  • Alexxx

    Sounds like Batmans bike …

  • zipp4

    I know Mike is a much smarter man than I, but why wouldn’t he have the 2010 bike provide the draft for the 2011 bike in the slower parts? They crushed the competition, why not give the new bike a chance for the record?