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Know the rule where any show about motorcycles on American TV has to be excruciatingly lame? Pinks, anything involving Jason Britten, Speed’s MotoGP coverage, the list of pain goes on. Well, here’s one that promises to break that mould. Our good buddy and self proclaimed “professional motorcycle dude” Drake McElroy is bringing a show to Fuel TV about traveling around the world doing bike shit. It airs on August 15th, check out this trailer and tell us this doesn’t look good.

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  • JaySD

    Sadly it looks more about travel than bikes but it does look cool. At first I was hoping for a motorcycle top gear by the likes of Drake and Roland Sands

    • Wereweazle

      I’m totally cool with that. I really, really dig the travel aspect of motorcycles. Which is probably why I’ve seen Long Way Round and Long Way Down three times each. Not the movies, the complete tv series.

      • JaySD

        Oh I loved those too they are inspiring

  • Jesse

    Looks kind of like No Reservations with some occasional moto content. It is not my intent to make that sound like a bad thing.

  • JonB

    Dude, rad!!!

  • nymoto

    looks cool, but man I hope it’s good because that network needs some help.

  • Eben

    Two Wheels 2 Anywhere sounded promising, but they started filming three years ago and still haven’t found any network willing to air them, apparently. There are several episodes on YouTube now. They need someone else to do their voiceovers, but the content is pretty decent.

  • Erok

    Hey, even though two wheel tuesday on speed had some lame shows, there are still some that i really miss.

  • always_go_big

    It was all good until they decided to call it “Drake’s Passage” because it brings a whole differnt type of action to mind… or maybe it was in an intentional effort to appeal to a broadened target segment?

    • Wes Siler

  • iconmotosports


  • thejosh

    This looks like the show that I have been wanting to see for years. They must have shot it on 5D’s and it looks like they just KILLED it! I will be watching. That teaser was great guys. I can’t wait to see this. Way to capitalize on a fantastic situation. So jealous that I wasn’t there.

  • ak

    looks great…bummed you can’t watch motogp qualifying?

  • Keith

    ” they started filming three years ago and still haven’t found any network willing to air them”
    I feel their pain. We have been working on a show about classic bikes up here in Canada and the networks couldn’t be less interested.
    In an odd twist, it looks like we have a better chance with Roku in the States.