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Wilzig Racing Manor is a 275 acre estate of dirt trails, woods, a lake, watercraft, guns, a 2+ mile road race course, race cars, race bikes, carts, dirt bikes, a multi-bay service station, the most amazing collection of Italian Superbikes I’ve ever seen and a chef who also likes blowing up the occasionally overripe watermelon. It’s also my incredibly gracious friend Alan and his family’s home. Since I can’t possibly document all that awesome in a single feature, I’ve decided to selfishly stick to only my favorites of the bikes. Click below for a sliver of heaven.

Shop:Wilzig Racing Manor

  • Felix

    Sweet raptor jesus, I think I’ve just seen heaven.

  • HammSammich

    I want to go to there.

  • Thom

    Now that brings a smile to my face ! Che Bella Machina !

    But……. no M/V Agusta’s ?

    Oh well , its still a hell of a collection .

    Molto Bene Signor Ray . Molto Bene . We all need friends like this !

  • nymoto


  • HammSammich

    What is that Dual headlamped road-racing beauty w/ Segale on the tank. Looks like a Honda motor? Forgive the ignorance, if this is something I should know…

    • Grant Ray

      Segale was the largest importer of Honda in Italy. His handmade endurance racers from the early 80s are rarer than siamese unicorns. This one is a Honda, but he also made a Kawasaki-based racer.

      • HammSammich

        Wow! Learn something new every day! :) I’m gonna go back to drooling now…

  • markbvt

    Good god, I envy rich people.

  • Lawrence

    like heaven on earth

  • Brammofan

    I can forgive the absence of the usual photos of greasy benches strewn with bolts and broken sprockets – this is not that kind of shop. But dude…no pics of the statues his wife modeled for?

  • Brad

    Impressive. Neat stuff for a car guy, too. Nice Champ Car, and Porsche 962.

  • cadillacjack

    They let you ride the NR750???

  • JasonP

    Uhmmm… What does Alan and his family do and do they want to adopt? I’ll do windows.

  • adrenalnjunky

    Very nice – I went to the AMA roadrace @ Barber in Alabama in June, and went rhough their museum – was floored with all the prime examples of vintage, and not-so-vintage race and production bikes from across the span of 2-wheeled fun. Anyone in the birmingham, AL area needs to go have a visit. They’ve got a NR750 too:

  • Emmet

    private racetrack? man’s got good taste.

  • michael uhlarik

    Holy Crap!

    A fully faired Gilera Rondine (world’s first modern 4 pot – MV eat your heart out), and what I think is a close up of the Laverda V-6. This is a man I need to meet.


  • Erok

    Why does he need a t.v. when he has an nr750 in the room? And that last shot is amazing, who knows how many other glorious little creatures are all throughout that place.

  • nick2ny

    Whoa. Congratulations on a beautiful collection with some great choices!

  • Bill

    As a dyed-in-the-wool commie, I resent the fuck out of this man’s obscene amount of riches.

    Meanwhile, hard-working plebianistic slobs like me make do with the likes of an old pick-up truck, a motorcycle, a couple of bicycles, and a 1-car garage to stuff everything into.

    I don’t know, maybe he’s a better, more deserving human being than I and my fellow working stiffs are. After all, he did have the good sense to be born into an already wealthy family. I didn’t and got stuck with parents who were just normal working folks. What was I thinking?

    As per the rules of unfettered capitalism, this man surely deserves to have a standard of living that’s around 50,000 times higher than losers like us do.

    That’s how capitalism works, after all. His stupid amount of wealth is supposed to serve as inspiration to the rest of us to work even harder so we can stash a little money away each month until such time that we can also afford to live as well as he does. That’s why we adore obscenely rich people.

    Capitalism is so incredibly fucked up.

    Still, the man has good taste in motorbikes.

    • Mr.Paynter


    • Kevin


      • Bill

        So, Mr Negative 1, let me see if I understand your well thought out response. You’re saying that you disagree with me and that the man DOES deserve a standard of living that’s around 50,000 times higher than mine? Please enlighten me so I can stop being so bitter. Why is this so?

        • markbvt

          The man’s standard of living comes from the fact that he and his father worked hard to achieve it. They earned their wealth. What makes you think that you somehow deserve a piece of the fruits of their labors?

          • Bill

            OK, I get it now. My relatively abysmal standard of living is my own fault for not having worked hard enough my whole life. Meanwhile the man in question has no doubt been toiling away tirelessly at his craft while sacrificing vacations, family time,his health, sleep, sex, et al.

            Everything’s so obvious to me now. I’m gonna’ start working 7 days a week, 15 hours a day from now on so I can start living as well as he does.

            I had actually thought that a couple of days off a week to spend time with my family was a GOOD thing. Can you believe how dumb I was???

            Really, thank you SO much for pointing out that my lazy, slovenly ways are the cause of my modest means.

            All this time I had been blaming my plight on the gross imbalance of wealth that laissez faire capitalism has wrought; gross enough that the super-rich now own our 2-party political system thereby ensuring that they and their equally “hard-working” children and grandchildren will always be the super-rich!

            Fucking A; it was me all along. I’ve sure learned a valuable lesson here thanks to you!

            • markbvt

              My standard of living is probably just as “relatively abysmal” as yours, maybe even more so. I don’t make a lot of money. But the reason for that is that I’ve chosen a career path that simply isn’t very lucrative. Some fields just don’t pay as much as others, and I made the choice to go into one of the lower-paying ones. Presumably you did too.

              But I have no doubt that if I wanted to study business, buckle down, and work hard at that, I could make a lot of money too. But that’s not what I choose to put my efforts into. Why should I resent those who do?

            • Denzel

              Bill, You’ll be thrilled to learn he’s movie star handsome too…

            • BMW11GS

              well…yeah that’s how it works here in America. Please let me know when you figure out a better system. I am all ears

            • Chris

              Bill, I’m probably more sympathetic with your argument than most, but I think the flaw in your reasoning is that success is based on work. I’ve always felt that in capitalism, success is based more on the level of risk than the amount of work.

              People who choose a low level of professional risk, like me, tend to lead relatively modest and safe existences. Those who choose to push all of their chips to the center of the table at some point, either succeed brilliantly or fail miserably.

              What we have here is clearly a success story. We rarely hear about the failures. I’m not saying hard work wasn’t involved, but we all work hard.

              Where capitalism fails us is when people or organizations are able to fob off their risk on others while keeping the profits of success. We’ve seen a lot of that lately and we deserve to be angry about it. However, I have no problem with someone who risked it all and won honestly.

              • rohorn

                Where’s that old poster with a Porsche 917 and a Trabant – one car says “Capitalism” under it and the other says “Communism” under it?

                So when do we get the “Shop” pictostrip thang from Cuba? I heard Leica M9s work well there…

    • Grant Ray

      Bill, any other time and I would be in perfect agreeance with you, but not this time. His father came to New York City, most likely via Ellis island, with lint in his pockets.

      • BMW11GS

        Really Grant, Perfect agreement?

        • Grant Ray

          So I read nerdy intellectual books for relaxation. I can use an arcane spelling if I want. Bite me.

          • BMW11GS

            no I am not quibbling with spelling. I am more surprised with you agreeing with Bill’s rant. Tell me any other nation where a Holocaust survivor (or any other disenfranchised emigrant) could rise within one lifetime to this level of wealth. Its not perfect but what is?

            • pplassm

              You hit the nail on the head, sir.

            • HammSammich

              I’m not defending Bill’s rant by any means, but upward mobility is not uniquely limited to the United States. Hell, most of the so-called “Russian Oligarchs” have rags to riches stories. The fact is, not many people go from poverty to wealth during their lifetimes, regardless of where they live. For those that do, it seems to be a combination of skill, hard work, risk acceptance and a bit of luck, and I don’t begrudge them their success. The US is a great country with a lot of opportunity, but it’s not alone in that regard.

              • BMW11GS

                Yeah agreed hamm. I am not wealthy by any means (just graduated college in fact) but get so tired of hearing about ills of “rich people” and how they must share some of their property with “everyone else.” People will always want want what others have though, whether is cloaked under jealousy or Marxist political ideologies.

            • Grant Ray

              My comment was in response to Bill’s first comment about the Lucky Sperm CLub, but seems to be getting dragged down with all the crazy. People making something from nothing is awesome. Rags to riches stories (and killing a bunch of indians) is what built this country.

              • BMW11GS

                hahah nice, okay all is forgiven.

    • pinkyracer

      Bill, it’s wealthy, hard working capitalists like this that create jobs for the uneducated masses like you. He pays someone else to do all manner of work like tend the garden, pool, bikes, house, etc. Not to mention all the people who were paid to make the things he bought. Don’t resent the rich who spend money. Resent the rich misers, like the corporations currently sitting on huge piles of cash instead of hiring people.

  • Alan

    Thank you all very much for such nice comments.
    I went off on this whole prototype car racing tangent ( the only cars on earth that come close to the visceral pleasure of a motorbike ) – but in my heart I will always be a rider first and a driver a distant second , no matter how low or light the car. Motorcycle enthusiasts are my favorite tribal subculture on the planet. Part of that fun has always been the equality of it , so to speak. You can be fortunate enough to own lots of bikes……but as I had to explain 100x defending my track permits through an onslaught of “activist” lawsuits for 4 years……you only have one ass. You can only ride one at a time. And whether it’s one of 10 or 110 you own…….when you’re out riding with a guy who put his (only) bike together for 8 grand and some time and effort , you are the same. Just a guy on a bike. Or as it often was for me…..a guy and his girl , on a bike. The orange & white curbing is being finished next week and then we’ll post a new aerial of the track on HFL !
    Please check out for more galleries and give us a LIKE if you can. I am at Mid Ohio racing IMSA Lites this weekend if anyone is attending please come say hi. I race under the Performance Tech tent. Look for the Braille Battery LMPC car…….and thanks again.

    • HammSammich

      Thanks for participating in the comments and sharing your wonderful collection with us, Alan. And good luck in Ohio!

    • Dan

      What a collection! Can’t help but ask a few fanboy questions:

      - do you have a daily rider, or else a bike (or three) that gets far more love than the rest?

      - apart from the exotica (I’ll call them ‘expectedly amazing’), do you have anything ugly-ducklingish that’s surprised you performance-wise?

      - what were you riding for your personal lap record?

      - who holds the overall lap record for your track? I was wondering whether a private track might be something of a magnet for very fast houseguests.

      • Alan

        Sorry man – I was away TWICE for a week racing IMSA-Lites , first at Mid-Ohip ( P3 Podiumin Race 2 in 2 inches of standing water !) and then the last 6 days at Road America.

        DOUBLE PODIUM WEEKEND !!! also both P3 but for me this is a big deal. I’m a moto guy racing against guys who went from karts to cars to IMSA prototypes , without the 20yr 2 wheeled journey that bisected my college-Corvette with the advent of my pro racing career…at 46 ;)

        So far , the foam-air blocks are stored on site , but have not been placed. So right now the only record i can tell you is 56 seconds going counter-clockwise in a GP-chassis Rotax DD2 race kart ; not driven by me. I am no “gifted natural racer” type. I just love it so much I work at improving step by step. So I’m ~3 seconds slower after my “20 week karting career” than my kart-vendor Mike Camera , who has been racing karts for 20 years !

        Bikes on the track I have been riding like a PUSSY because i have so much vested and invested in this IMSA season there is no way I am going to allow a collarbone or tiny wrist crack to knock me out of the P2 slot in the championship. Sept 14-18 I have 2 more races @LagunaSeca , and then the final 2 Sept 28/Oct 1 during Petit LeMans @RoadAtlanta. After that ; I hope to spend as much time in October kneedown as possible :)

        So this year except for the 10 weeks bouncing between IMSA and WRM ; all of my riding has been on my Brammo Enertia which I keep in NYC

  • Robert

    The sight of an NR 750 brought forth a moan, in the key of Aw.

    • Steve

      Yeah, that was the star of the show for me as well. And the killer is I know there is one in a warehouse about 3 blocks down from where I am sitting now.

      A rich lawyer had a mad collection of cars plus a few bikes here in Houston. He died in a car crash and now they are liquidating the estate. I work out with someone involved in liquidating his holdings and she thinks there is an NR750 hiding in the corners. I cannot get confirmation.

      They actually have a sign posted that they are a State of Texas automobile inspection station. Common for private collections. I am tempted to call their bluff and drive up asking for an inspection for one of my cars or bikes. While I’m there maybe take a peak around.

      The caretakers or mechanics take a different Ferrari or Lambo to lunch every day. They blast by outside my window.'Quinn

  • noone1569

    MH900E :drool:

  • zato1414

    Do they actually ride those Euro machines out on the dirt trails?

    • Alan

      THE DIRT TRAILS ??? Yikes.We ride KTM 525exc’s and one Christini 2WD 530xcr and some ATV’s and a small fleet of RZR’s and Rhinos. But not the euro stuff ( but for Katoom being Austrian ;)

      We built the largest personal use roadracing circuit for the shiny stuff !

      I guess Grant just didn’t consider that HFL-worthy :)

  • Liquidogged

    Jumping jesu on a pogo stick. Does he fight crime at night too?

    I would be more than ok with some people being fantastically rich if they were all as gracious and giving as this guy appears to be.

    • Alan

      That’s a very kind thing to say , and I thank you.

  • JT Nesbitt

    Hey, SB8R! Grant, now that you have seen one in person what do you think of that bike? – JT

    • Grant Ray

      Yeah, it’s super fine. Does yours have the 2-1 exhaust exit under the seat? Good golly Polly is that cool!

      And if you ever get a chance to buy a DB1, that is about the most elegant road-going motorcycle I’ve ever seen.

  • Robert

    Grant-great article and photography. Thanks to your gracious friend, Alan, for sharing and inspiring.

  • pinkyracer

    GORGEOUS! So is it that what happens at Wilzig Manor stays at Wilzig Manor, or are you simply rendered speechless?