The winning custom bikes of the AMD World Championship

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Held annually at the Sturgis assless leather chap enthusiast convention, or AssCon as fanboys like to call it, the AMD World Championship is to self conscious hillbilly art what Daytona Bike Week is to leather-skinned middle-aged strippers: Mecca. Just don’t call it that, they might think you’re a terrorist. But, mocking a reprehensible cultural appendix so it hopefully goes away aside, this year’s contest actually produced some neat bikes. Here’s the winners.

The contest includes three categories (we’ll ignore production, because it’s pointless): Freestyle, for one-off prototype bikes; Modified Harley-Davidson, for, well, modified Harleys; and Performance Custom, for commie terrorist crotch rocket rice burners.

1st Place Freestyle: Tavax 2011V

A ground-up custom based around an S&S v-twin, this is largely a bodywork art bike with an interesting girder/leading link/springer fork.

2nd Place Freestyle: Lamb Engineering Son of a Gun

Using a BSA Goldstar engine, all parts on this bike were sourced from friends and eBay. The builder says, “The design ideas are probably a cross between 60s racing Hondas, FSIE Yamahas and British motorcycle heritage.” The build took over 1,400 hours, but the monetary investment was less than $9,000.

3rd Place Freestyle: Krause Motor Co. Bolide

A street tracker equipped with an S&S Shovelhead motor.

4th Place Freestyle: V-Twin Mechanic SpaceSter

This 1987 Sportster 1200 has been transformed into a Buck Rogers-style futuristic cruiser. Behind the metal bodywork is a custom tube frame, so there’s no radical monocoque or anything going on here, but check out the handmade perimeter brake discs that’re clamped by scooter calipers hidden behind the forks.

5th Place Freestyle: RK Concepts RK S

Based on an XB12, RK incorporated the fuel and oil tanks into the frame in true Buell style. Check out the solid gloss, single-sided wheels and the foldaway seat.

6th Place Freestyle: Garage65 Stargate

A frameless design that uses girder forks and incorporates the “seat” into the front subframe, bolting the swingarm to the engine case. Is that the carb for the rear cylinder sitting in the debris path for the rear wheel?

7th Place Freestyle: SE Service Slugger

Probably the most functional bike in the contest, Sweden’s Stellan Egeland envisioned this HP2-based bike as the practical alternative to his Harrier. He says, “The intercooler for the turbo is located where the tank usally sits. The oval aluminum tubing on the top is the pressure pipe from the turbo to the intercooler, and the carbon fibre scoop is there to direct the air though the IC. Plugs for all the carbon fibre parts have been handmade from aluminum sheetmetal. The seat and cuts also serve as a fueltank and is also handmade, as is the frame and most of the parts on the bike. It is my daily rider and I have ridden it on the racetrack and it works great. It has over 150 nm of torque on the rearwheel from 4500-8500rpm, with a peak of 210nm at 5700rpm. Peak power on rearwheel is 202 hp.”

We’re guessing this is all the way down in 7th because the potbellied judges felt emasculated by three-digit power figures.

8th Place Freestyle: Moscow Harley-Davidson Skywalker’s Caddy

A fairly basic Harley drag bike with some silly bodywork and neat wheels. Since it’s Russian, we’ll go ahead and assume at least one component on it is either made from or covered in whale penis leather.

9th Place Freestyle: John Reed Gold Yamaha

A 1980 Yamaha TR1 that was handbuilt in 1981 and cleaned up for show this year.

10th Place Freestyle: Roquechop Design Minautore

Now this is more like it. A Harley Panhead with a monoshock frame and girder forks. This actually looks like it’d not just be rideable, but, gasp, fun to ride too. We’d describe the style as “functional bobber.”

1st Place Modified: AbnormalCycles Union

If you’re going to enter a contest that’s mostly about bolting crazy bodywork to a Harley motor, then you might as well add a sidecar so you can fit more art deco bodywork, right?

2nd Place Modified: Iacona Challenger

I wonder if Steve Iacona realizes that Roland Sands builds function into his bikes as well as looks. Neat-looking girder though.

3rd Place Modified: Shaw Harley-Davidson Nascafe Racer

The concept here is “NASCAR meets cafe racer” which apparently means drag bike geometry with a bikini fairing. We’ll assume it can’t even turn left.

1st Place Performance Custom: AFT Customs Sentoh

A bored-out Honda CB with a stretched tube frame, an R1 front end and silly exhaust cans. Tragic streetfighter meets non-functional cafe racer.

2nd Place Performance Custom: Fuller Hot Rods Rodan

A 1969 Honda CB750 bored to 836cc and given a basic cafe treatment. Sadly, while being ridden to Sturgis, the Rodan was rear ended by a truck, irrecoverably bending the tail unit into a silly angle, ruining any chance this bike had of being rideable.

3rd Place Performance Custom: RK Concepts Spring Frame

Wow, so much going on here. A Yamaha 450 motor housed in a frame that also serves as a leaf spring for the rear suspension while the front is by a leaf-sprung girder. That seat folds away and the gas tank is a bizarre beehive-style contraption. Zany, wild, wonderful. We’ll find out more.

  • zipp4

    So when do we see the bikes that Wes Siler has built?

    • Benjamin

      BOW! Why does all the commentary need to be so oozingly smarmy and jaded? The litmus test for a motorcycle doesn’t need to be whether or not you can reduce it to one flippant sentence.

      I feel like HFL consistantly sh*ts on the broader custom moto scene, except when it’s meets the aesthetic criteria (re: solus, BF3).

      Building bikes is it’s own challenge and passion, separate from and connected to the riding of bikes. It’s also highly individual, while most of these bikes aren’t my taste (or most readers of this site’s taste), I’m fairly certain a lot of love and energy went in to them. It’s important that the freedom to do whatever (ugly, fugly, ripoff, radical) stays in custom motorcycle building.

      If you want to legislate style and judge the work of others from a convenient place of authority, that’s the least original thing I can imagine.

      • Wes Siler

        Sturgis’ understanding of motorcycles:

        HFL’s understanding of motorcycles:

        A bunch of cool custom bikes:

        As noted in the article, many of the above are pretty nice too.

        • Gene

          Aw damn snappy, you could have at least put a “Warning: mind bleach zone ahead” on that first pic.

          The best custom I ever saw was an RC211V with the fairings off, in the Honda tent at Bike Week. Second best was an NR-500.

          Oval pistons… now *that’s* custom.

        • Benjamin

          Point taken. I understand that HFL isn’t going to water down opinions to please everyone and I wouldn’t want you to.

          That said, I think this article ground my grapes for two reasons. You are pretty opinionated about what you feel is legit vs phoney-baloney, but anyone who loves motorcycles gets tired of hearing opinionated opinions.

          More importantly, the blog primarily has a rider’s voice, and sometimes that’s not the best (or only) lens to view a story with.

          As a (largely inexperienced) garage builder, I sincerely wish the blog addressed builders and wrenching, home maintenance and the ever controversial custom scene in a more positive, engaged and meaningful way. The experience of working on my bike continues to be tremendously meaningful to me and helps me understand other people’s relationships with their own builds better, even if they look like crap with wheels.

          • zipp4

            I agree with you Benjamin. For a bunch of guys who want to show the younger generation how cool motorcycling and culture can be, it seems like all you do is make fun of them a large majority of the time.

            A lot of time, money, and engineering knowledge went into these whether you like them or not. And I think you’d be a lot less kind if one of these Joe Affliction Shirts were to criticize your writing style the way you criticize them.

            • Wes Siler

              Hey, if Joe Affliction wants to get into on writin’ I’m ready and waiting. But oh wait, he can’t read, can he?

          • Wes Siler

            The way we positively support the garage wrenching and building scene is by providing an outlet for those builders. Witness Hammarhead. One mad scientist in his garage was able to grow into a small company in part because of our efforts to get his message of enhanced experience out there.

            • Scott Pargett

              Wes, be yourself. HFL feels like hanging out with one of your cool riding friends, instead of all the other mags that are as fun as hanging out with a salesman.

              It’s one of the few examples motorcycle journalism that’s informative with an honest opinion of their own. Refreshing, like a cold glass of water on a hot day.

              What would be really cool is to see stuff more on the mechanical garage side. Encourage people to get more in tune with their bikes. i.e. “HFL Guide to Brake Maintenance”.

              • Wes Siler

                Thanks. Don’t worry, I can’t be anyone but me :)

                Bike maintenance articles don’t tend to play well. It’s one of those things that sounds good on paper, but doesn’t really turn out all that well. Who knows though, maybe we’ll find a way to make oil changes sexy.

                • Benjamin

                  ChopCult is also a pretty good home for that sorta stuff. Anywho, I know you guys can’t be everything for everyone. Maybe I’ll put some thought into how wrenching can be engaging and shoot you guys an email if lightning strikes.

                  I agree, HFL is a great force in moto journalism, but this industry floundered in the first place because people stopped thinking critically about what they were putting out there in terms of bikes and culture alike. We should stay on the throttle.

                • stempere

                  I’m pretty sure some tattoo models in overalls combined with Grant’s leica would achieve plenty in the “sexy” department.
                  Joke aside, i doubt the result would be so great regarding informative value, considering the difficulties to adress all (or at least most) types of bikes/engines…

        • Mule

          I think this the best commentary on this weird shit I’ve ever read! Tellin’ it like they is!

  • Jesse

    That white Roquechop Minautore looks of the of the few bikes that my 70′s HD Chopper Uncle and I would agree on. I would totally ride that, and I bet he would too.

    • Felix

      Aside from the silly-small tank, that bike looks somewhat practical, very fun, and quite attractive

  • the_doctor


    What is the deal with fold-away seats?

    • Wes Siler

      They fold away? I’m honestly not sure, maybe it’s just a buzzword amongst the branded workshirt crowd this year.

      • doublet

        Lol… I find it ironic that the seat is not folded away in the photo.. As it just occurred to me that the ethos of the ‘custom’ show bike could be ultimately summed up as ‘the less rideable, the better’. What, my friends, is less rideable than a motorcycle that appears to have no place to seat yourself? “Oh yea, bro? My bike’s got no seat!” I can’t wait…

        • Sean Smith

          Julian DuPont gets around just fine without a seat.

          • doublet

            Good point. I like seeing Steve Colley get around without a front end! Those guys have riding ability though… I’m talking about bikes built for nothing more than to sit there in the first place. I think we can agree most competitive riders don’t do much sitting.

    • Denzel

      If you don’t fold that seat away when riding, it will puncture your femoral artery… icky but true…

  • HammSammich

    Wow, some great stuff, and some horrible stuff too…

    The NasCafe is clearly the worst offender. Apparently, it’s a design excercise in proving that Cafe Racers have become passe.

    Can we expect to see Rocker-style Cafe geeks riding with forward controls on their 1970′s CB750s? Or should we expect a “Dark Custom” Harley with seat cowl, dustbin fairing and extended forward controls, being sold as the “Dark Cafe.” Groan…

    • JonB

      The fact that Bell & Ross bought into/funded that project is mind-blowing.

      • hooligan317

        My thoughts exactly.

        • nick2ny

          I always thought Bell & Ross were all about style, with function dnf’ing. It’s not like it was sponsored by Jaeger Le Coultre or Urwerk.

    • Jesse

      Heh. Clubman bars and forward controls pretty much guarantees the tortured rider would be folded in half at the waist. Comedy ensues.

      • motoguru

        C’mon they’re clip-ons and mid controls, so it’s probably only 1/2 as bad as you think it is :)

        • HammSammich

          Only in Sturgis would those be called Mid-controls…

  • tomwito

    Aren’t all chaps assless? If they have an ass don’t they automatically become pants? I guess people just love to say assless.

    • Wes Siler

      I just think saying it really drives home the homoerotic nature of said garment.

      • tomwito

        Got it.

        • Noah

          There’s no real limit if you just keep digging.

          • Grant Ray


      • Scott-jay

        “… the homoerotic nature of said garment.”
        Perception is reality. I thought it was a cowboy thing. Oh, wait. Damn.

        • dux

          Haha. Good one

  • motoguru

    The flatty with the sidehack is real purdy, and that racer cafe thing with the x-wedge is probably fun to ride.

  • doublet

    Ummmm. I’ve heard of frames that felt like they had a hinge in the middle (and that was a bad thing) so, who thinks leaf spring is a good idea?

    I’ve come to realize I HATE totally customized show bikes. I love customized motorcycles.. meaning anything the owner has done to HIS motorcycle HIMSELF for HIS own enjoyment of said motorcycle. But ‘custom’ bikes? Except for that Slugger. It’s beautiful because it seems to be a well thought out technical divergence from the norm, maybe for the sake of doing so, but not solely for ‘visual effect’. That almost seems like a by-product of attention to detail, which is usually the case.

    I think I prefer the choppers of yesteryear, at least I’m accustomed to seeing those.

    • HammSammich

      “Ummmm. I’ve heard of frames that felt like they had a hinge in the middle (and that was a bad thing) so, who thinks leaf spring is a good idea?”

      I think that the old pre-unit Bonneville frames really did kind of have a hinge in the middle.

  • Thom

    Tch Tch Tch

    Such a cynical little SOB there Wes . Shame !

    FYI if you’d bothered turning on the Telly last night , you might of realized the Fuller Rodan got a full track test before coming to the contest .Oh yes … it runs there oh cynical one . As do several others on the list

    Ahhh ……. but of course ……. like custom show bikes … you’re soo above it all ! You’d rather break your ass into a thousand small pieces trying to pretend you’re still 20 and a burgeoning Valentino Rossi than be caught dead admiring a Custom Built Show Bike .

    So tell me . Really . Did you get your ass kicked by an Artist or a Sculpturer or perhaps dropped on your head by one when you were a wee lad ?

    Because from what I’m reading here , you sure as hell of got one bad case of MetalArtistophobia .

    There’s got to be some reason for this overwhelming Psychosis of yours .

    Either that or you’re just a plain out and out unidimensional snob .

    Damn !!! And here I thought this was a MOTORCYCLE website , not a M/C Xenophobia one Trick Pony Forum for the Creatively Challenged .

    My mistake . Oh well . It was only a $20 some odd mistake so………..

    • the (unfortunate) roomate

      i love you.

      • Sean Smith

        We should make “I <3 Thom” shirts.

        • Wes Siler

          We should just find a way to email him a group hug. I think he really needs one.

          • the (unfortunate) roomate

            My favorite commenter. every. single. time.

            …and i’ve tried to not mention anything about this in my responses to his comments before, but seriously….what’s with the weird captitalization? There are so many words that are capitalized that don’t need to be. Are you trying to show emphasis? I’m so confused.

    • stefano

      Why is it cynical to think most of these things are kind of dumb? I mean check these out:

      kinda fun to look at. took lots of time and skill i’m sure.still pretty dumb.

      if anything it’s critical, not cynical.

      So while I disagree with your view I must give you credit for one thing. Word of the day:

      Metallophobia- Fear of metal.

      • Dan

        +1 on this. “Rider solidarity” doesn’t require you to like everything (or everyone for that matter) on two wheels. It just means acknowledging that you have far more in common with a Harley rider than a Prius driver.

        This site has its preferred aesthetic, sure. So what? You must like it at least a little bit or else you wouldn’t have paid for it in the age of free media. And Roland Sands things your cafe racer project is gay? Get over it. I’m not big on day glo but that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with him having a soap box. The sensitivity level here over perceived slights in articles written by the 2-3 ordinary guys must reflect how positively shocked we as readers are that it feels even halfway independent. If it doesnt float your boat, you could always read breathless reviews of this years’ “bold new graphics” on motorcyclist. But its unfair to make this place a vessel for your hopes and dreams of biking nirvana and suggest that simply by not-sucking, the authors have somehow inherited a broader social obligation to represent all riders and styles equally.

      • stempere

        Don’t you call dekotoras dumb!

        Seeing a gundam / las vegas mashup on wheels passing me by night was an experience i’ll never forget (i’ll agree on “silly”).

        • stefano

          Silly it is, sir. compromise reached

    • Wes Siler

      Well, there’s creativity and there’s creativity.

      If you’re of the git ‘er dun style of “creativity” than may I politely suggest that you’re reading the wrong targeted-at-intelligent-people bike publication?

    • Joe

      I saw that episode and the original bike looked better than the end result. He ruined a perfectly good bike. I kinda felt sorry for the original owner when he saw what Fuller had done to it.

  • Case

    One man’s opinion: The previous post about the Aprilia made me super pumped to the max about riding a motorcycle. My motorcycle, the aprilia 1200, whatever. It made me want to take my bicycle around the block because it sounds so great to be on 2 wheels. This post does the opposite. These ‘bikes’ are definitely not my taste. Anyone who builds one of these things should be forced to ride it for a thousand years. In Hell.

    Okay that may be a bit overwrought. My lack of artistic sophistication is showing. But still: some guy spent 1400 hours building a bike and that’s what he ended up with?

    Po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe. You see art, I see a lot of junk with some lovely custom paint work.

    • Joe

      “My lack of artistic sophistication is showing”

      I wouldn’t worry about it. Art is way overrated.

      • Sean Smith

        Art is pretty cool, but a parked motorcycle is almost never art. The one exception I know to be true is Lawbreaker’s 996 SPS.

    • Denzel

      Now that I think about it, Harleys are more po-tah-to, po-tah-to than po-tay-to, po-tay-to…

      Now I’ll think about some other important stuff…

  • M

    “here’s the winners” = “here is the winners”

    just trying to descend to the average sturgite’s grammatical level or truly ironic error?

  • aristurtle

    I like the SpaceSter, actually. It looks like how people in the late fifties probably imagined a Harley would look like in 2011. (Of course, my left brain is screaming “it doesn’t look futuristic, it has a hard-tail, dammit!”)

  • jason McCrash

    The red/white Honda was a build on the new season of Cafe Racer on tv. Some builder I never heard of who is some God in the Hot Rod world. When it was out on the track the suspension looked so low to me that you couldn’t lean it at all without chewing the mufflers up. It was a one owner bike before that. Poor old guy…… it didn’t even look that cool to me.
    The other ones are just WTF. Are chopperites ever going to give up on stupidly long wheelbase’s?
    The sidecar looks cool. And isn’t Sturgis all about looks? God help them if they went there to go riding. I rode through there last summer and it blows. Better riding exists all over the US.

  • John

    Roquechop Design Minautore is not a Panhead. It is a shovel head with panhead crankcases. With that said it does look like a hoot to ride.

  • Emmet

    SE Service Slugger FTW. the rest is just filler

  • NickP

    The cleanliness and simplicity of the V-Twin Mechanic SpaceSter easily make it my favorite amongst a sea of cafe and chopper. Some people really love to hold onto the past…

    I see that the RK Concepts RK S fixed the XB problem of hot air being directed straight into the bottom of the seat but it looks like they’ve created a couple dozen other problems along the way ;)

  • Will Y

    If I never see a V-twin custom bike again, I’ll die a happy man.

    • Joe

      I nominate this as the comment of the year!

  • Myles

    All of these bikes suck except for the 200hp HP2.

    Unlike a few of the above, I’m not at all shocked that B&R participated – they make shitty fashion watches. It fits that they wanted to sponsor a shitty fashion bike.


    • JonB

      Holy Hell for Diamonds.

  • Chris Hunter

    Laughing so much when I got to “Sturgis assless leather chap enthusiast convention” that I had to stop reading. Priceless.

  • Mule

    If someone doesn’t push the limit to the point of obsurdity, how will we ever know where it is?The Sturgis builder’s competition always separates the weird from the super wierd. If 2 tatoos are cool, then 20 would be even cooler right? And if 20 are super cool, then 600 would be the cat’s ass right?

    Same thing with this competition. If last year a small seat and no rear fender was cool, this year it’s a claw hammer to sit on with no suspension. Next year….? No handlebars or seat. You just mount the levers and throttle vertically to the fork tubes with no upper triple clamp. Badass!! If you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand. I don’t fucking understand! There. I said it!

    • dux

      Art sucks. But I like it anyways.

      • Joe

        Art sucks. And I hate it (most of it anyway, I love some good landscape photography). True beauty is found in Physics and Engineering (a.k.a. useful stuff).

        • Mule

          Bad art by a non artist lumped in with good artists, is embarrassing. But the non artist doesn’t realize it.

    • jason McCrash

      “If 2 tatoos are cool, then 20 would be even cooler right? And if 20 are super cool, then 600 would be the cat’s ass right?”
      Wrong. Because sooner or later you just end up with a blob of ink that makes no sense. That is what the custom scene has become, a big blob of motorcycle ink
      If you are getting tats to look cool instead of because you want them than you are just a blob of ink waiting to happen. Plus scars are free and come with a better story.

      • Mule

        Tatoos are purchased. Scars are earned.

        • doublet

          Well, sometimes they’re because you’re just dumb. I guess by the fact that you live to carry it, you’ve earned it?

          • Mule

            Tatoos mean you’re really smart?

        • Wes Siler

          My life philosophy right there.

    • MotoRandom

      Hey Mule- Wes was so busy filling his pail with monkey poo he didn’t label the bike in the gallery with the S&S X-Wedge. It looks like that set up would meld well with your street tracker style bikes. Have you ever taken a look at it? That motor makes some pretty serious power. I’d love to see it in a bike that actually handles well, like we seem to have here but there’s no info on it.

      • motoguru


      • Mule

        I agree. All it takes is a guy with money to say, “Hey lets try a bike with an X-Wedge in it!” I’d be on it like fat on a mother-in-law!

  • Sean Smith

    Since no one has said it yet, the Garage 65 Stargate with the poorly placed carb is supercharged. Since it’s a harley, I would guess that equates to nearly 120 hp before he sucks a rock into the impeller.

    • Wes Siler

      Ah, that IS a supercharger, isn’t it? That intake couldn’t be any more perfectly angled to catch a rock, could it?

      • dux

        Custom motorcycle and rock crusher…all in one!

        • Sean Smith

          Nah, the rock would just break stuff while the redneck that built it scratches his gut and pops open a coors light.

  • Scott-jay

    Collection presented is exciting for its variety alone; way radical compared to my stereotypes of customs from a gathering at Strugis.

  • cromagnon

    Heh-heh, “AssCon”.

    • DAVID

      with its sister show – BoobCon

  • Joel

    It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that some among the Sturgis crowd were mocking skinny jeans and vintage/retro Euro/British/Japanese bikes – but I bet you could find some common ground in shitty beer. Maybe PBR (or other ironic/cheap brew) could make it a commercial.

  • Liquidogged

    Jesus, Wes. Monkeys at the zoo aren’t as good at flinging shit as you are.

    HFL Article Breakdown:
    20% amazing (electric bike coverage, custom shop coverage)
    30% interesting (race coverage and analysis, news scoops and great photography)
    50% shit flinging shit fest of useless floppy shit. What are you so pissed about? If this site is a “love letter to the motorcycle” then where’s the love?

    (Somehow this all leaves room for 2% speed masturbation with Adey and crew. I’m impressed you can fit it all in.)

    Go outside and take a walk. Hold hands with your girlfriend. Hug a puppy. Then calm down and bring us the good shit, not this nonsense. I don’t need some snarky asswipe telling me that the AMD/Sturgis custom scene is lame, I have eyes and I can see with them. Anyways, some of these bikes are rad, even if you are too RIGHTEOUSLY FURIOUS ABOUT THE STATE OF MOTORCYCLING to see that. Repeat: take a deep breath and go write something I want to read. The dorso article was pretty sweet. More like that please?

    You’re a smart motherfucker or I wouldn’t be such as an asshole to you.

    • Wes Siler

      You forgot the 10 percent ego-stroking.

  • tropical ice cube

    Anyone also blown away by the sidecar here should pay a visit to the builder’s shop photo gallery on – vintage, custom steampunkish porn at its best. Haven’t seen anything that sexy on the custom scene since Freddy Kruger 2007′ euro winner “Goodwood”.

    • aristurtle

      I require all my sidecars to have two wheel drive, preferably with a locking rear differential.

      On a more serious note, the sidecar does look kind of neat. I just wonder why nobody does a modern looking sidecar rig; every time I see one it’s WWII-inspired retro.

  • vegetablecookie

    Love the sidecar rig! Actually, I haven’t seen too many sidecar rigs I didn’t love, but that’s beside the point.

  • jpenney

    I guess I didn’t read this as negative as most of you. I’m firmly in the camp of ‘if you can’t really ride it, it’s pointless’. The cartoonish custom culture definitely leans that direction.

    I appreciate the strong opinions! There are plenty of motorcycle websites and magazines that are 100% positive on everything, and after reading them I’m left with no real sense of the bike.

    Here, with the untamed opinions, you get to know the writers’ preferences and can then take that into consideration and balance that with your own experience. There are bikes that tend to get panned on HFL. That’s fine. I understand that some things are crap to some people and great to others.

  • Vincent

    Hah, I saw the Rodan get built on this seasons “Cafe Racer” The jackass cut-up a beautiful 69 CB750 to make that. That!

    Winkle tank and all. Idiot.

  • Peter88

    I like the Bollide and the Minotaur. But that’s not why I’m commenting.

    When I first came to this web site I was so pissed at Wes’s writings that I would have to get up and walk around taking deep breaths.

    Yet…I kept returning every day and bought a subscription.

    I know what I’m getting when I come here and damnit I’d better keep on getting it.

    • Peter88

      Oh, and Thom is the best commenter for sure.

  • mugget

    I had seen these bikes pictures around the ‘net, wasn’t going to read this article but it was worth it just for the running commentary. Haha! Nice one. (Well someone had to try and explain these creations!)

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