This is not the world’s highest pole vault

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In 1993, Ukranian Sergey Bubka cleared a height of 6.15 meters, setting a pole vault world record that stands to this day. In these pictures, FMX star Petr Pilat of the Czech Republic is clearing a pole set at that height by quite a margin. Intended to promote Red Bull X-Fighters Poland, these photos emphasize the feats achieved during the competition, which routinely sees athletes reach heights of 15 meters and distances of 36 meters.

Photos: Jorg Mitter/Red Bull

  • Scott-jay

    Red Bull X-Fighters, huh. They could double attendance if they added walls-of-death, or orbited inside iron-work spheres.

  • Гена

    It is Sergej Bubka, not Bupka.

  • pplassm

    Thanks for fixing the gallery errors.

  • Devin

    This is not the world’s tallest pole vault, this is just a tribute…

  • Brammofan

    It’s not a Pole vault at all, but more of a Czech bouncing demonstration.