This is the MV Agusta Brutale 675

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This is the first image of the MV Agusta Brutale 675 — a naked F3 — snapped by as the new model undergoes validation testing. What do we see? The same three-exit exhaust, frame, brakes and suspension as its faired sibling and bodywork very similar to that of the larger MV Agusta Brutale 990R that we reviewed in February. MV’s CEO, Giovanni Castiglioni, told us this baby Brutale will be, “priced below €9,000,” or exactly the same as a Triumph Street Triple R and specs leaked in March suggest the triple will be detuned from the F3’s 140bhp to a less peaky 120bhp. The Brutale 675 will enter production in February, 2012.

  • Wereweazle

    I’m not a huge fan of the angled headlight trend that seems to be around on the Streetfighter, Gladius, Fz8, etc. However, that exhaust more than makes up for it. *droool*

    • Wes Siler

      That’s a Brutale hallmark, it was first with that look.

      • MotoRandom

        Yeah, but Michael Uhlarik made it cool with the MT-03. Still my favorite execution of this new style of headlight design.

        • Sebastian

          So much so that it’s hard to get away with attempting a similar aesthetic without getting compared to how awesome the MT-03 headlight is.

  • the_doctor

    I like it. The price sounds about right.

    The surprise on the test riders face is excellent.

  • kat

    I am going to need to get a new motorcycle loan. <3

  • RocketSled

    You little kids and your little bikes. I was checking out the fit of some pants for a ride this weekend (and finish out my ATGATT) and the only bike they had to sit on was an Aprillia.

    I swear I was most comfy sitting on the Bitchseat. The bike above doesn’t look any bigger.

    • Sean Smith

      There’s not much that’s little about this bike; it’s seat height is likely somewhere around the 32″, pegs will be high enough that they don’t drag and bars will aggressive enough to get tucked in but not so aggressive that you’ve got a lot of weight on your wrists on the freeway.

      Compare that to a bike commonly though of as big, say a Hayabusa, and what you’ll find is that people are mostly just making stuff up to justify their tastes. A ‘busa will have a lower seat, lower pegs, similar bars, but an overall more relaxed riding position more suited to smaller riders.

      You could use an even more extreme example, a harley V-rod. It’s 67.5″ wheelbase and 620lb claimed weight certainly make it a big bike, but it’s 27″ seat height means that 5’4″ girls would have no problem riding one.

      There’s also the issue of performance: Big heavy bikes are slow. Always. V-Max, V-Rod, Goldwing, K1600, etc. None can even come close to matching the straight-line, top speed or cornering performance of a 600cc super sport.

      • RocketSled

        You have to understand, at 6’6″ and 260 lbs, there aren’t many bikes out there that I fit well on.

        • Sean Smith

          I understand, I’m just pointing out that small vs big doesn’t tell very much of the story. I’d guess that seat and gas tank shape, as well as foot peg position are the big ones.

  • je

    The more I see that exhaust the more I want it on everything I own with and engine..

    • Wereweazle

      + Eleventy

      And that swingarm.

  • Jesse

    You probably can’t see it right now, but I’m making grabby-hands at the screen.

  • Sasha Pave

    What’s up with the swingarm angle? It looks like it’s angled down sharply. Maybe it’s just the photo.

    • Wes Siler
      • the_doctor

        Goddamn, that is one sexy bike. The Brutale is too, but man, I love the F3.

      • Sasha Pave

        Now THAT is a motherfuckin’ sexy-ass swingarm!

    • je

      Its not the photo.. Im guessing the designer watched some japanese robot anime before creating that. Worst part on the bike..

  • Myles

    120hp is still a lot for the street, but I’d rather have the full deal “peaky” engine. At least the rest of the components look up to spec.

  • casey

    Mi Ghosta Agusta.

  • Chris

    Thats a pretty hawt naked bike.

  • Chris F

    Very, very nice.

  • Brad

    I have a 1090RR, and I’m relieved to see no mirrors with integral turn signals (actually, I don’t see ANY mirrors). Perhaps they’ll cure the only other real fault on the bike: the fact that it takes a PHD and about ten minutes to reset the trip meter.

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, those clocks are seriously obtuse. Ever tried to change the tc setting on the F4? Sheesh.

      • Brad

        No, but I did spend a miserable day riding my bike in “Sport” mode. I couldn’t figure out why the throttle was so damned abrupt. Turns out, all you had to do was bump the starter button to change modes. Yikes.

        So, the bike is typically Italian: the very best of things (engine, handling, styling), and the very worst of things (mirrors falling out, incomprehensible trip meter, decals falling off) – all at the same time.

  • Coreyvwc

    I really like it but when you compare it to the street triple R, the numbers and pricetag just don’t add up… One can only assume that corners have been cut or figures have been inflated, or the 9,999 price point is complete bs hahaha.

    Either way, very cool.
    -triumph fan boy

    • Taco

      I’m with you on the potential pricetag. This bad boy is going to cost a pretty penny. Even if they say it would cost under 11k, I’d say you were pulling my leg.

    • Mark D

      Not to mention there are tons of local Triumph dealers with experienced mechanics.

    • Wes Siler

      That price comparo is in Europe. They’ll need to sell it for a bit more than the Triumph in the US due to the cost of importing and exchange rates.

      • Coreyvwc

        Maybe my doubts are more in regards to engine capacity and stated power output. It’s nearly* impossible to squeeze 140bhp out of triumph’s 675cc’s with any amount of modification, yet MV is going to get that much out of thier 675 in road legal trim for the same price in Europe as triumph? Color me sceptical…

        • Sean Smith

          Claimed crank hp is kind of irrelevant. I’m waiting til I see some dyno charts before I pass any sort of judgment.

        • Kyle

          also expect the brutale to be a bit more torquey than the F3 so dont be surprised for a peak HP drop