Video: 216mph on an electric motorcycle

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Last week, Lightning Motorcycles became the first team to cross 200mph on an electric motorcycle, setting a new record of 215.9mph at Bonneville. Here, rider Paul Thede hits 216mph in a follow-up attempt. Need further proof that electrics are here to stay? This entire run on the 140bhp bike cost 18 cents in electricity.

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Chip Yates is set to challenge Thede and Lightning’s record next week on his 240bhp electric superbike.

  • Odd Bjørn

    Yes, electrics are here to stay! This is the solution for the IPhon generation and gives hope for a two wheel future!!!

  • Noah

    Thank goodness for steering dampers.


    there is no question that electric vehicles can accelerate and go fast. the question is how far?

  • Dennis

    Yes, the reason I’ve never joined the 200 mph club is because gas is so darn expensive. But I can afford 18 cents! Where’s my ride?

    • Ganesh

      yes gas price and gas price alone was holding me back too.. this is very cool.

  • Andy Keech

    shit, $0.18 is a figure that’s hard to argue with.