Video: Solus, by Lossa Engineering

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Premiered at this weekend’s Motorcycle Film Festival in LA, Solus is a story of riding Lossa Engineering’s SR500 Cafe Racer. Like that bike, the video is clean, simple, perfectly executed and just makes you want to ride.

  • Your_Mom

    Simple and elegant.

  • Thom

    A motorcycle, plain and simple . No frills . No plastic . Just a motorcycle and a damn fine one at that .

  • Erok

    ricki makes awesome skate vids too

  • Robert

    Worth watching three times-

  • Trevor


  • dux

    That was nice

  • oldblue

    Just the facts, ma’am. Nice.

  • contender

    I found out about that festival the day of, after I had already made other plans. Quite bummed to have missed it. Plus, it would have been interesting to be in the Cretins’ clubhouse.

  • DoctorNine

    Reminds me of late nights in the 80′s on my SRX.
    Even sounds like it. The tuning forks put a tear in my eye.
    Thanks guys. This was great footage.

  • Mr.Paynter

    Makes me itch for some older wheels to play with!

  • T Diver

    Very nice short.