Video: Valentino’s ten step guide to motorcycle magic

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Back when he was an employee of Yamaha, they had Valentino Rossi ride an R6 around Ascari circuit in Spain. The video, entitled “Ride like Rossi: Ten steps to improved track riding,” has California Superbike School UK boss Andy Ibbot and Valentino Rossi giving riding tips. Rather than playing it safe and just telling you to sign up for CSS, Andy and Rossi get started by lapping the track in a car, then jump right in with line selection and the basics of backing it in. Part two goes over throttle control, reference points, race starts, steering, body movement and finally aerodynamics. Even experienced riders can gain valuable insight from these videos.

  • Deep6Dive

    FIAT 500 is now part of my tools for track day.

  • Taco

    Is it just my computer or is the volume really low on these videos?

  • the_doctor

    Everything worth doing has an instructional video, I have come to find out.

    “But honey, it’s not porn, it’s and instructional video!”

  • Myles

    Steppa one of the motorcyclea felling issa do notta havea the carbona fibre inna the chassis! Iffa you go toa the Ducatistia teama the lappa timesa getta much slower…

  • adeysworld

    I’m ready for MotoGP now!

    Shit…where’s my PS3 controller?

  • smoke4ndmears

    oh, so it’s that easy to back it into turns lolz!

  • Gene

    “For sale: Slightly used R6, ridden only by small Italian on Sundays”

    • jwinter

      …asking price, far, far higher than retail.

      • Brendan

        Oh, so it’s being sold on Craigslist, then? :p

        • Prof. Mudflap

          Yeah, the king of Nigeria is willing to ship it to you after you send credit card info.

    • pinkyracer

      he’s not small, he’s 6′ tall! just kinda skinny cuz he has to starve himself to compete against the little guys.

  • Scott-jay

    What a deal my HFL subscription is!