Watch Austin’s new MotoGP track built in time lapse

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Work is progressing rapidly on the Circuit of the Americas or, the Austin, Texas track that will be hosting MotoGP races beginning in 2013. Ground was only broken early this year, but already drainage, excavation and foundation work has been largely completed. Building the 3.4-mile, 20-corner track is a gargantuan undertaking, something underscored the the ant-like progress made in these videos.

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And this is what the track will look like when it’s completed some time in 2012:

YouTube Preview Image
  • stefano

    Too bad Tilke tracks make for boring racing (in F1 at least). how do you get to be the only guy in the world allowed to design large scale race tracks?

    • evilbahumut


    • Thom


    • TreMoto_Eddie

      Somehow I think “Bernie Ecclestone” fits into this pattern and is also a valid answer.

  • evilbahumut

    What other F1 tracks have an uphill hairpin corner out of the starting straight? I’m confused and not sure how I feel about that. It’s almost as if that was designed just to see wheels touch each other in the bottleneck and red flags going up.

  • the_doctor

    I should go out there this weekend and inspect it.

  • Thom

    Why , with all the current debacles raging on with F1 ( this tracks main source of income at this point ) etc . do I get the distinct feeling that completed or not . Interesting track … or not , this is all going to come to some serious and very expensive tears for Austin , the promoter as well as the track owner ?

    Well……. its not like everyone from AW on down didn’t give the politicos in Austin fair warning this wouldn’t come out well ! They had their chance a couple of months ago to say no , but preferred to listen to all the Hype and BS from the Poison Dwarf ( Ecclestone ) etc .

    Crap !!! And I really like Austin . Guess once the shit hits the fan they’ll be closing even more of their fine music venues down ……… DAMN !

    • stefano

      well let’s be a tiny bit hopeful… there’s got to be some tracks that help out the local area… like ummm… monaco? oh wait shit.

      • Thom

        Precisely !

  • Steve

    Agree with Thom that this will end in tears for Austin and Texas in the end. F1 in the US should have gone to Vegas. And what’s wrong with Moto GP at Laguna Seca. Totally asinine that they put up $25 million to help the deal with Bernie when there are school teachers being laid off in Texas!

  • KR Tong

    I hope you guys are wrong because between Bike/Bicycle culture, music culture, world-leading architecture firms, one of the best schools on the continent, currently constructing a completely renewable powergrid, and an F1 track—If austin was in any other state I would be living there. I still need me some mountains.

  • noone1569

    I sure hope this doesn’t kill MOTOGP in Indy =(

  • William

    Lots of fiction about the METF but not so much on the facts in the posts above.

    The $25 million is from a METF account funded by the state for the specific purpose of bringing events to the state. Sales tax dollars started the fund and the incremental sales tax collected by the event replenish the fund.

    Essentially the fund uses money to make money for the state – usually that is considered wise and prudent in the business world.

    In the state of Texas that incremental tax revenue goes to fund the business of the state – including teachers salaries to a degree. Therefore, the fund provides for teacher salaries – and is not the cause for teachers being laid off in Texas. There are plenty of other reasons for that . . . but the METF is a positive to the state of Texas (and teachers) not a negative.

    Not to mention the influx of money into the area by the teams and fans before, during and after the event.

    To read more here’s some links.

    As why Austin for F1? First off, nobody else had the balls or inclination (and maybe the connections) to pull it off. That Dallas is already the layover for all the cargo that F1 teams ship on their way to South America makes it geographically logical. Mexico is nuts for F1 racing. Canada is a three hour (or so) flight away as is both coasts . . .

    It’s brilliant move by savvy business folks using their connections, resources (including that provided by the state) to build a world class facility which has the pinnacle of international four and two wheel racing locked up for ten years – along with V8 Supercars for five years. All that with an economy that is still struggling as it makes it way through a recovery from the biggest financial debacle since the 30′s.

    I give them a lot of credit for accomplishing all that they have.