‘Motorcyclist died when he crashed, not when we dropped a car on him‘ — FDNY

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“Lifting a car off a man is not like lifting a cardboard box; a car is heavy,” said the grandfather of a motorcyclist who died in New York last Thursday, going on to say he forgave the firefighters who accidentally allowed a car to fall on his grandson. Whether or not that death was the result of the car falling is being debated. The fire department claims Karam Rampersaud was killed in the initial accident, but eyewitnesses say they saw him moving and gesturing for help as he lay trapped.

Update: Firefighting commenter Jason McCrash points out it was the NYPD, not FDNY that dropped the car. That big fire truck in the background was just confusing.

YouTube Preview ImageWarning: these videos show graphic gore and may be disturbing or inappropriate for your workplace.

Karam was traveling between school and home when the 70-year old driver of this Ford Taurus turned in front of him. During the accident he became trapped under the car and the dumb bitch driver dragged him 30 feet before stopping.

“He was wiggling his hands like he wanted help,” a witness told the NY Daily News. “He was all broken up underneath, his legs were twisted.”

Responding to the scene, firefighters began to use inflatable lifts in an attempt to extricate Karam. They appear to follow correct protocol, using wooden blocks to prevent the car from falling as it’s lifted. Then it all goes wrong.

“The firemen were arguing with one another,” said another witness. “When they were lifting the car, it dropped right down on him.”

One of the firefighters allegedly shouted “What the fuck is wrong with you?” just after the car fell.

The Taurus driver has been issued a summons for failure to yield.

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  • JVictor75

    Old lady should be tried for 2nd degree murder. No “Oh but she didn’t mean it” or “It was an accident”. Sorry. Start treating this kind of bullshit at a minimum for the assault with a deadly weapon that it is.

    The FDNY crew should be investigated, and if any single member if that rescue crew is found guilty of willful negligence they should be tried as an accessory after the fact.

    I wasn’t there, but based on video and eyewitness testimony, Karam was alive when they arrived on scene.

    I will be another voice in the crowd saying that anyone, regardless of financial capability or prior experience, needs to be periodically retested or they lose their license. And the person being retested needs to be tested in the vehicle they will be driving on a daily basis.

    Maybe we should even start looking at initial testing for licenses based on passenger vehicle classifications instead of merely for the Class C and higher.

    We definitely need to make it a hell of a lot more difficult and cost prohibitive for people who don’t give a shit one way or the other to obtain a license.

    Regardless of what we do, that retest needs to be more often as that person ages (say once every 3 years after the age of 65). If the individual in question ever fails that retest he or she loses their driver’s license until found mentally and physically competent and capable.

    And the retests will only be available once every 6 months. (So no failing one day and going in again and again, day after day, until you pass it.)

    My .02, take it or leave it.

    • http://www.davidfolch.com david folch

      “deadly weapon that it is”
      It is exactly how I describe car drivers in the USA.
      Bring the SUV (or any other 2 tons metal box) to people that don’t even know how to parallel park and here you go.

    • The other Joe

      I agree with what you say about the old lady, but I have to disagree about the rescue crew. these guys put their asses on the line to save people every day and nobody’s perfect, shit happens. If their mistake was caused by drug use or something like that, then it’s a different story, but I’m sure they investigate these things.

      • JVictor75

        That was kinda what I was saying. If it’s a failure of equipment or training, that’s one thing. Willfull negligence is another.

        Honest mistakes happen. It sucks, and people die as a result but they happen. Honest mistakes are generally pretty easy to spot by another person trained in the same tactics, techniques, and procedures. And better training is an end result.

        Willful negligence and/or ignorance is also fairly easy to spot by the same kind of people. And a result of THAT is eventually hiring a NEW person that won’t be so willfully negligent or ignorant.

        Illegal drug use on the job by a police/crash/fire/rescue person at ANY level should result in instant dismissal and loss of benefits. So sorry. Better luck next time. I hear McDonalds is hiring.

        • The other Joe

          Sorry about that, I don’t speak legalese.

    • Gene

      Yeah, we had an old lady here run over a bicyclist, do the cow eyes at the judge and get off with an $80 fine, for god’s sake.

      I’ve seen people throw a temper tantrum at the DMV because they couldn’t see well enough to pass the test, and not understand why they had to wear their glasses to drive.

      I’ve seen people so clueless they stop WHEN *I* AM THE ONLY ONE WITH A STOP SIGN, then get pissed at me when I refuse to go.

      I firmly believe 2 years of riding a bike should be mandatory before getting a car license. People around here aren’t competent enough to walk to the store.

      • Steven

        I firmly believe 2 years of riding a bike should be mandatory before getting a car license. People around here aren’t competent enough to walk to the store.

        yes yes yes yes yes.

        “but the motorcycle or bicycle is too dangerous for a beginner!!!” fuck you. why should a beginner start with the deadliest of weapons?

      • Campisi

        “I firmly believe 2 years of riding a bike should be mandatory before getting a car license.”

        A thousand times yes. If you’re physically incapable of operating a motorcycle/scooter in a way that cannot be mitigated through prosthetics or handicap-friendly ergonomics, then you probably aren’t capable of operating a car safely either.

      • dan

        “I’ve seen people so clueless they stop WHEN *I* AM THE ONLY ONE WITH A STOP SIGN, then get pissed at me when I refuse to go.

        I firmly believe 2 years of riding a bike should be mandatory before getting a car license. People around here aren’t competent enough to walk to the store.”


    • keith

      They won’t ever even attempt to pass a law retesting drivers over 65 or 70 yearly or bianually, they are well aware that senior citizens are the ones you can always count on to vote.

      If you’ve ever had the priviledge of telling someone elderly that their driving days are behind them you know how seriously they take their “freedom” to drive. There isn’t a politician in america with the balls to go after their driving priveledges, not to mention the fact that the driving test is so easy most of them would pass it anyway, reguardless of the degradation of their reflexes and general driving ability.

  • http://bloodfalcons.blogspot.com motoguru

    The heroes failed :(

  • doublet

    wow. you win some, you loose some, eh? this is exactly what was going through the back of my mind when when the motley crew of adrenalized pedestrians lifted the car and successfully freed the trapped motorcyclist in the post just prior to this.

    What if they had dropped the car? Instead of being sought out for accolade, they would be wanted for questioning.

    And another thing… WHAT THE HELL is up with people only getting failure to yeild when you are the cause of a chain of events (or possibly THE event) that results in the lose of life? If you kill a pedestrian, is it not manslaughter?

    In an incident that had nothing to do with a motorcycle, for sake of general principal; A friend of mine could not stop in time to avoid a 2-car pile up that was a result of a head on collision. The kid who caused the accident had crossed over the center line. A girl in the car that was hit died as a result of combined injury from the initial impact and then being hit by the third car.

    The kid who crossed the line and essentially caused all of it was charged and convicted of ‘failure to drive to the right of center’ and a fine of under $200. Fucked up? I’d say so.

    • BenP


    • http://www.ninja250blog.com R.Sallee (Ninja 250)

      Mega fucked-up.

    • dan

      Agree, when it results in injuries or death there should be consequences. I got hit by a left turner and knocked off my bike last October. Then he proceeded to yell at me for hitting him.

  • http://krtong.com KR Tong

    Please no more of these stories. I can’t even watch the videos, it makes me sick. You can write a piece about the vulnerability of cyclists on the road (or if you really want, the failures of old people and EMT’s) but this is an entirely different animal. Plus we all know riding with a wide enough margin for error is our own responsibility. And if you really want to get technical, you can be completely brain-dead and still move.

    • T Diver

      I agree. It’s makes me sick. You would be hard pressed to find people more aware of the dangers riding than the members of HFL. It’s a reality. I know that. No matter what happen, it sucks. The guy is dead. Don’t make this ogrish. I’m tired of seeing people die.

      • ursus

        Knowing about accidents helps me tone it down a bit and check my perspective.

    • Andrew

      I agree. This isn’t the movies, someone really died. Just reading about it is enough and makes my stomach turn. I don’t see the benefit in watching this unless you are a lawyer or with NYPD or FD. This is a Motorcycle website about motorcycles not Faces of Death.

  • JVictor75

    Doublet – I get where you’re coming from, I really do. But it wasn’t their JOB to rescue that dude. Good on ‘em for getting it done.
    Yeah, if they’d dropped the car on him after lifting it off of him and ended up killing him they WOULD be wanted for questioning. But they aren’t professionals, are they?

    But that fat fucking cop just standing there while they lifted the car off him needs to be, at a minimum, given a desk to drive and a cut in wages for the next 6 months.

    In this case the FDNY guys are covering their asses, and it won’t end with anyone taking any lessons away from any mistakes that may or may not have been made.

    (Confession – I’m not a lawyer) Willful negligence on the part of anyone on the rescue crew would indeed open them up to lawsuit, not an honest equipment failure or failure in training.

    This is an opportunity to learn something, but ass covering and lying will just get in the way and something similiar will happen again if not retrained.

    Honest mistakes are easy to spot (if you know what you’re looking for) but so is willful negligence.

    • doublet

      Oh, don’t get me wrong, I agree, and you make great points. I guess I was just focusing more on the contrast with the other post, as that was fresh in my mind.

  • Zach

    I’d like to see the coroner’s report.

  • Kirill

    No wonder the car fell, they were trying to jack it up by the bumper. You can’t just jack up a car wherever you feel like, it has to be a solid member capable of bearing the load. Putting some wood blocks under the tire won’t really help in this case because the sudden drop will result in suspension compression that slams the car on the poor guy’s head and body.

    There’s barely enough space for a person under a typical sedan. He was definitely crammed underneath it and I can totally see the drop crushing his ribcage and skull. They would have been better off reaching into the car’s trunk for the POS scissor jack on that first attempt.

    • The other Joe

      Yeah, they screwed the pooch on that one, but I don’t think they killed him. In the footage before they arrived you can see his body lying on his stomach and his head facing up. if his neck wasn’t SERIOUSLY broken I would be very amazed! I don’t think there is any coming back from that.

  • jason McCrash

    Let me set the record straight here.
    The POLICE dropped the car. Those are NYPD ESU officers doing the rescue, the FDNY guys are obviously walking around and the POLICE… the guys with NYPD, NOT FDNY on the back of their shirts are doing the jacking and cribbing.
    NYC is one of the few cities left that has ESU’s; Emergency Services Units. These officers are trained as EMT’s, certified to wear SCBA (air tanks like firefighter’s), carry rescue equipment (Jaws of Life), dive gear, etc. They May also be SWAT type officers when needed. These guys drive around in “Patrol” trucks and can respond to calls to 911 for what most people see their fire department doing. The first agency on scene (FD or PD) has command and control of the scene and the other agency is supposed to assist. There are plenty of stories online of arguments and occationally fights breaking out between the FDNY and NYPD at car wrecks.

    It is retarded. This is a NYC/Tri State area anomaly in the FD and PD worlds. Most cities, like where I work in Rochester NY have set jobs for the PD and FD and don’t overlap them because it is a waste of money and resources. In NYC both departments have had rescue type units since the idea was started in the early 1900′s. They have each fought to keep them as a turf thing, with the PD saying that in a city as congested as NY it would be stupid to eliminate ESU Patrols and the FDNY saying that those jobs are obviously Fire/Rescue related and should be the sole job of the FD.
    The video is terrible and the commentary on the 2′nd one is inflammatory at best. If you notice the FDNY guys walking around (and their Chiefs showing up in the white shirts) there is one by the front of the car. I would bet a paycheck that he is the one that asked if the cop knew what he was doing. If you watched (or I should say ‘weren’t able to avoid’) watching 9/11 footage this past weekend you might have seen NYPD guys wearing military helmets and firefighter air tanks (SCBA) after the collapse’s. Those are NYPD ESU guys.

    I have 3 good friends that are tv reporters here and I hate when they post shit like this that is made to do nothing but inflame people and scare them into thinking that the local public safety is incompetant. As I’ve said to the idiots that think the WTC conspiracies are true, find me a person who has had a career in a urban fire/rescue department, tell them that the towers and building 7 were imploded and they will laugh at you. Firefighting/Rescue isn’t just smashing things and dragging hoses, there is actual science that goes into how we respond to every call. All the more reason that “part-timer’s” like ESU’s should get out of the game and more places should have full time paid firefighter’s vs volunteer and combination departments.

    • crazyuncle

      The only thing I’ve taken away from this post and the other one about a car parked on a guy is ; civilians in NYC obviously suck (at least compared to those in Utah).

      • jason McCrash

        You have no idea. We get rocks thrown at the trucks, people drag racing us to get ahead of us so they don’t have to stop, shit I remember a lady flipping out on one of the chiefs because our hoses left dirt and crap on the carpet going up to the 2nd floor and attic to put out her fully involved attic. One of our guys almost fell through the roof because the fire was so involved but all she cared about was her white carpet getting ruined.
        Hero to zero. I’d prefer to just be left alone to do my job and not be held to some superhero/pro athlete/role model status or expect people to look at me like that. It’s a job. I like it 99% of the time. I do my best and so do most of the people I work with. The 2 groups that end up ruining things are the “upwardly mobile” and the “I’m here to meet a quota” groups. One thinks they know it all and the other doesn’t think it should be held accountable for knowing anything.
        Fire Service in the Great Lakes and North East is 180 degrees different than the rest of the country and the attitudes of our civilians reflect that.
        We have a city of 205000, a department cut down from 530 to 480 members over the past 3 years and over 650 structure fires a year. I don’t think San Diego gets many more structure fires than that. Plus we get 100 inches of snow. All for $60000 a year, no matter what the national media says about us all making $120,000 and walking with 90% pensions (we get 50% at 20 years and max at 66% after 32 years).

        • HolyHandGrenade!

          Ok, not that I don’t think Firefighters deserve more, I do. But dont sniff at a 50% pension on $60,000 after 20 years as something to complain about.

          Consider this:
          Person A has no pension but makes $100K a year starting at 22.
          Person B has the 50% pension after 20 but makes much less at $60K a year.

          Both want to retire at 42 and expect to live until 85.

          Person B, saves 0, but has a retirement worth $1.3M payed out at $30K per year until he dies at 85.

          In order for person A to retire at 42 with the same $30K annuity, he would need to invest at least $15K per year with a 12% return to accumulate the $1.3M needed -it would be almost impossible, and this is for the guy able to save $15K a year for 20 years.

          • jason McCrash

            I don’t begrudge any of my benefits. Members of a certain party have decided to use extreme examples of public pensions to make us all out to be money grubbing scum. Do I think a guy doing my job in LA or Miami deserves double what I do? Nope. Do I think a guy in New Orleans deserves half of what I get? Nope. But I don’t live in either of those places. Along the same line I don’t care what private industry people make either. I chose my career, went to college for it, waited 3 years to get hired and have spent 14 years doing it (the last 1+ years at the #1 position on a promotional list with no promotion in sight due to budget cuts, c’est la vie). Those people chose theirs. That’s the problem with things today, everyone is looking at what everyone else is getting and either saying “it’s too much” or “why can’t I get that?” Tax dollars pay my salary, yep. But my taxes also pay for businesses to get tax breaks and homeowners to deduct their mortgage interest, etc. There are certain things society needs, cops, firefighters, garbage/plowing/highway, teachers, etc. to name a few. I won’t lie and say that we taxpayers always get what we pay for, but that is much more the result of poor political leadership all of the way down to the local level. Quotas, cronyism, nepotism, favoritism and a bunch of other -ism’s are taking more tax dollars out of all of our pockets than a couple of lazy secretaries and groundskeepers.

            Just a rant, not attacking you personally HolyHandGrenade!, it’s just that I get this all of the time and when I try to have a discussion with the person that brought it up usually ends up just yelling at me and spewing Tea Party one liners.

            • dan

              You guys run into buildings on fire when others run out. I’ve been carried out on a stretcher from my bedroom when I got a staph infection in my hip and couldn’t move. You guys are ok in my book. So if there was negligence, investigate it, but let’s stop trashing rescuers.

              • jason McCrash

                Cheers Dan, the funny thing is that one of the first things we are taught is to never run on the fireground. Move with a purpose as we were taught in the Marines is a good way to put it. While “moving with a purpose” you are sizing up the building, where the fire is, all kinds of stuff but most importantly by not running you keep your mind working instead of getting all hyped up and missing important stuff. Slower is faster is something we say a lot. Sometimes this doesn’t go over very well with the locals who all see tv/movies where the guys run everywhere.
                All of that is off if there is a report of people inside. Then is is all hands going to town doing things we usually don’t do with the sole idea to get people out, not save the building.
                Thanks for the kudos, glad you had a good experience (we have only had a backboard break once and it was a 300 pound lady who decided to kill herself by tossing herself down the basement stairs with the phone cord wrapped around her neck…… naked. Everyone has to do bizarre shit naked. She lived. LOL

          • zato1414

            You lost me at OK, I flunked Algebra.

          • Samuel


            No one in my line of work (the fire service) expects to live until 85. If you do right by the job and the citizens you protect you’ll be lucky to live into your seventies. The reason we get such generous pensions is because when civilians in the private sector are enjoying seeing their grandchildren grow up, public safety professionals are dead or dying of cancer or a chronic condition brought on by 20 plus years of exposures, injuries and stress from making sure you and the rest of the citizens are protected. Sorry to reply late and thread jack but folks like you and entities like the misled and sensational media just don’t get it. Hopefully now you do.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Obviously no slight against firefighters was intended, I just don’t have quite the insight you do. I’ll amend the article to reflect this.

      • jason McCrash

        Oh Wes, I didn’t mean it that way or to even talk shit to the guys that commented before me. It’s just one of those things that shows the ignorance of mainstream media. I wouldn’t expect anyone on here to know all of the crap I posted, but I would expect even a new reporter at the Post to ask a few more questions before putting that crap commentary up. Even the Post has a bit of journalistic responsibility, but then the FDNY PIO should’ve pointed out everything I did when reporters called.
        Keep putting whatever stuff up you want, it’s your site. Hey, I look at Killboy to see the crashes, this type of article is legit on a bike site to me. Might make someone think “Jeez, the guy doesn’t always make it, even when medical and rescue help is right there.”.
        For the record I doubt the guy died from the car. It takes a lot of energy to get that far under a car and if he didn’t hit it with that much, but was dragged up under the car and then down the street than it’s almost as bad or potentially worse.
        Keep doing what you do man, this is a great site.

        • jp182

          haha you put journalistic responsiblity and the Post in the same sentence….hahaha

          • jason McCrash

            I know…… but even they need to have a tiny little jar of it somewhere in that building. LOL

  • http://www.ninja250blog.com R.Sallee (Ninja 250)

    The bike is a new-gen Ninja 250, good chance the guy was a newish rider. RIP.

    • The other Joe

      Or maybe he just liked a small bike for city riding/saving money on gas, maybe he’s just a small guy. I work with a guy who has the same bike and although I don’t agree with his lack of protective gear, he’s not a beginner.

      • http://www.ninja250blog.com R.Sallee (Ninja 250)

        You’re talkin’ to a dude with 30,000 miles on his Ninja 250. I still think there’s a _good chance_ the guy is a newer rider.

    • Edward

      check the picture in the HuffPo link; I think it was a ninja zx-14.

      • Sean Smith

        It’s got the ultra-rare “skinny tire kit.”

      • Kirill

        Like HuffPo knows its ass from a hole in the ground. They just found a picture of a red Kawasaki that looked “sporty” and called it good.

        That place is notorious for misleading headlines and lead photos.

      • http://www.ninja250blog.com R.Sallee (Ninja 250)

        The wrecked bike in the video from NY Post is 100% a Ninja 250.

      • http://twitter.com/metabomber Jesse

        It’s the media.
        All sportbikes are Ninjas, all pistols are Glocks unless they are Uzis.

  • Glenngineer

    This was hard to watch. Could have been any of us under there.

  • Robert

    Man that’s brutal – citizens of Utah rush toward the flames, in NY they bust out video cameras and do everything they can to NOT do anything but still be there. “Don’t touch him – don’t touch him” stupid idiot.

    It’s the disgusting modern fear of libility trumping a pure human instinct to help someone in need. The Jaws of life on the bumper cap was a mistake no doubt – one made in the heat of an attempted rescue. But that many young healthy guys standing around could have lifted that car up – what a disgusting sight.

    • MV ROB

      Couldn’t agree with you more. With the number of people there they could have easily have lifted the vehicle and tipped it over. Instead they sit there and scream don’t touch him and video his last few moments on Earth for some Youtube hits. Sickens me people blame the FDNY! They would not have been there if she hadn’t driven over him in the first place. Made me sick watching such a lack of humanity out of the spectators. The ones in Utah should be considered heroes for rushing to a car in flames. Rest in peace Karam Rampersaud, I am sure you deserved better than this.

      • jason McCrash

        If they did touch him it would have to have been along the lines of lifting the car high enough to have his body clear the underside completely while keeping his head inline with his body and dragging him along the ground buy the shoulders. Anything else is compromising the guys spine and in a accident like that one it is one of the few times where maintaining head stabilization might mean the differance between life/paralyzed for life/death. The other issues involved with a citizen rescue are; is the person entangled with the bike/car so that dragging him out is impossible or would injure the guy more, is there a danger of a rescuer getting trapped during the rescue making the situation worse and could removing him possible worsen his condition because the trauma that is in place is preventing major internal blood loss.
        Where I work there was a call a week or 2 ago for a large crane that tipped over along the banks of a low waterfall on the river that runs through downtown. The crane trapped the operator by pinning him between the chest and groin when it flipped. He was conscious and talking during the entire rescue (which took over 50 people). As soon as the crane was raised and the pressure was released the guy died. The crush of the crane had kept his body from bleeding out internally and as soon as it had the chance the blood gushed out of his organs and that’s it, he’s dead. Nothing you can do. Sometimes shit happens.

    • Kirill

      In the case of the Utah incident, there was a greater sense of urgency to get him out from under the car – the bike was on fire and could have exploded before the paramedics showed up. In this case, there’s no fire, so its actually better for the bystanders to wait a couple of minutes or two for the emergency crew to show up. Not only could movement have killed him (if he wasn’t dead already), but they then could be held liable (because our country is filled with douchebag lawyers without a shred of human decency and compassion).

      • jason McCrash

        Most places in the US, if not all, have what are called “Good Samaritan laws” to prevent being sued for assisting in a situation like this. So long as what a person did wasn’t blatently more harmful than leaving the person alone they should be protected from liability. We all as a nation could use some good old Boy Scout first aid training. Might result in less tension between us and the crowds in situations like the NYC one.
        The fire thing you mentioned was absolutely correct (gas tanks don’t usually explode but I get your point). We would do the exact same thing if we rolled up on the situation. Injuries to the rider/driver are always secondary to getting them out of the fire. I was in charge of the first truck on scene last fall for a car fire that 4 guys died in. 3 died on impact but the driver was seen/heard burning to death. Nothing we could’ve done even if we had been sitting right around the corner as there was a gas can in the trunk that dumped and fed the fire. (note to all, don’t carry gas cans in the car other than to fill them up).

      • Robert

        As I said – it’s fear of liability that is killing human decency – there is a car on a human being – for fucks sake – pretend that your ball-chasing team of mellon-heads won a national championship and flip the freaking car on it’s side! People there were guilty of doing nothing. The woman was more concerned about getting her purse – she’s probably an unfit driver anyway. This only makes me mad.

    • zato1414

      Bravo Utah!

  • David

    Just last week I read this article about a motorcyclist that was killed from a truck turning left in front of him. Driver of the truck gets off with a $115 ticket and nothing else. WTF?

    Yet you drive 40Km/h over the limit they throw the book at you in BC. I should point out speed limits are very low here. 68Mph way outside of the cities is the max. 50/55 is more common.

    Is turning in front of someone not as irresponsible as running a red light or crossing the yellow line to pass in a corner? Why is there this double standard?

    • Sean Smith

      Mostly for revenue. I’d also argue that some traffic cops get off on writing tickets.

      • Dumptruckfoxtrot

        I just got a ticket for 12 over on a fucking Orca. I thought the cops would find it friendly. Goddamnit.

    • Gene

      You know… there’s been so many of these “left turn… killed a guy… $100 fine” – I wish we could get them listed up on a website so we could get some action going.

  • Skank NYCF

    Gee, theres like 20 of them just standing around. You’d think maybe, just maybe one of them worthless wastes of life would get the great fuckin idea to rally the “natives” to lift the car off the poor guy?

  • peter

    once again undue blame is placed on those trying to do there job. think you can do better? go apply and do it day in a and day out. it’s so easy for everyone to criticize after the fact. how about proper driver / rider training? mandatory driver testing and retesting when you become a senior. oh yeah, we have a right to buy and drive what ever we please no matter how young or old we are. chances are the rider might not have even survived even if they didnt drop the car on him. RIP rider.

  • FZR 1000 Alex

    Best idea I heard on another forum was making it mandatory to get your motorcycle license before you get a car. A car carries more weight and does more damage. It makes logical sense to have people key in on whats going on around them on a motorcycle.

    “Try walking a mile in someone elses shoes”

  • sanjuro

    BTW, there is a story in Utah where bystanders picked up a car and pulled a rider from burning wreckage.

  • filly-fuzz

    Started to watch the video……
    got to 1.00 began to shake and promptly stopped it.

    Why must this young mans death become Youtube fodder?

    Why do people pull out there iphones when this shit happens instead of being useful humans?

    Why do people think they can drive this carelessly and not suffer consequences?

    I’m not asking just pondering

    BTW all cars should be rid of airbags and have “CRASH=DEATH” written on the steering wheel

    • FZR 1000 Alex

      it’d have the benefit of getting cars to weigh under 6 tons and actually be fuel efficient too if all the unnecessary cushy shit was torn out of cars.

      • HolyHandGrenade!

        Does everyone in your town drive a dumptruck?

        An Escalade weighs less than 3 tons.

        • ursus

          I heard that trains are more efficient transportation – so I have a personal train to get around town on.

        • FZR 1000 Alex

          The sarcasm escaped you, I’m aware that cars do not weigh 12,000 pounds but thanks for the heads up d00d. Bottom line is cars are overweight pieces of fuel hunrgy shit that are too bloated with comfy shit and safety goodies to really force people to focus on the task at hand. Drive a classic muscle car head to head with a modern camry and I’m sure you’ll find yourself paying more attention to the road since the consequences of a crash are much greater.

          • filly-fuzz

            Exactly, crashing a modern car is kinda like being In a pillow fight with mr T

    • zato1414

      It is better to ask than ponder, because you are right!

  • Sentinel

    Mercy killing?

    No, this is just freaking terrible…

  • Scott-jay

    Skipped videos.
    Support the piece, even tho’. It reminds us we “swim in dangerous water”, riding a motorcycle on the streets.
    And, that belongs in the forefront of our minds, especially in town when a careless idiot in an SUV passes a rider in morning traffic DURING a left-at-light single lane turn!

  • Liquidogged

    For fuck’s sake. Come on. This is awful. This car centered culture is murder. 70 year olds should probably not be driving in the first place. Can’t even get my thoughts together. Sick.

  • http://www.ClevelandCycleWerks.com scottydigital

    This is really horrible to watch. How about all the people with cameras pitch in and pick up the fucking car already. Can the 20 or so worthless humans videotaping this show some fucking compassion and pick the car off of this man?

    All I can think is every second he is under there is yet another second that he can not breath.

    Imagine lying there dying, watching everyone videotape you, but do nothing to help…. Perhaps this is the most disturbing, is there any lonelier way to die?

    • FZR 1000 Alex

      if i died like that you better believe i’d be haunting them from the afterlife.

      can you say cockblocked by a ghost? whaaatup

  • zato1414

    WTF! This whole thing makes me want to puke. Wiggling fingers stuck under a tire? Fucking lurkers on the sidewalk act like zombies, not one even steps in to help… gotta keep the camera running! Doesn’t anybody in NYC speak English?? Looked like a Training Day for the FDNY, I do say they did appear to be risking their own necks while trying to jack it up. Sorry, but I do not believe they killed a dead man, again sorry.

    Crying lady driver, again in some foreign language, probably has no idea how the biker landed under her car. Then to top it off that lump falls down on the corner like a beached whale.

    Then our fellow rider… that poor dude gets wiped out and has to be in the center of a bizarre collection of human beings… no dignity in his time of need.

    I guess what truly bothers me is, people are blaming the FDNY or NYPD ESC or whoever… when regular people in Utah jump in and save another persons bacon. In NYC because of unions and territories nobody teams-up to “Get er done”.

    PS: I would never want those zombies trying to lift that car off me. After the third time they dropped it, I would probably be really fucked-up!

    • jason McCrash

      I don’t know what unions have to do with this. My statements about NYPD and FDNY not working together is strictly a stupid tradition thing. Neither union is barred from helping the other, it is a culture thing within the 2 departments and as I said, it’s retarded.
      People in NYC come in lots of flavors and all of them aren’t assholes. The “look away” thing is much more prevelant in poor areas all over. I see it here at work all of the time here. Fuck, I was laying on the side of a country road after wrecking thanks to a deer coming out on a curve and 2 cars drove right by my banged up ass before one stopped. If these bystanders arrived before rescuers did it is one thing, but if they came up on the rescue in progress as it looks to me from the video, they did the right thing by letting the PD and FD do what they were doing. To me it is a stupid inter-department rivalry at it’s worst, not a lack of caring by civilians.


    F%$#@% POS Senior cagers. I got pegged by a 76 year old with cataracts that could not see shit and flew into the main road blowing a red light. saw him coming, and just swerved but he caught my back wheel and ejected me off the bike. Lucky to be here and get off with just a hip replacement. Nobody stopped to help me either. I crawled out of the road and called the cops myself. Now when I see old people that can’t drive I rip thier keys out of the ignition when they stop and chuck em. Screw them, they need to take Paratransit or the Bus. DMV and the law does not do anything about it. Any idiot can read letters on the wall not good enough. There are a few that can handle a car but not many. They drive slow to make up for their lack of reaction time. And texting old people are out there!!! Damn I’d rather be out there with DUI drivers at least they are TRYING to drive. They should have destroyed that bitches cage instead by flipping it the fuck over. When I played football it only took five of us to flip a Chevy Nova and set fire to it. You are on your own out there in most big cities …keep you wits about you.