2012 Yamaha R1: traction control

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Call this one a recession special. In lieu of an all-new model or significant updates, Yamaha is instead heaping its flagship R1 with classy new paint jobs and all manner of popular aftermarket upgrades. Foremost among those? A seven-level traction control system, bringing the 2012 Yamaha R1 up to speed with bikes like the 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R and BMW S1000RR.

The rest of the upgrades read like a list taken from Adey’s R1 — a revised ECU for smoother low-down drive; M1-alike triple clamps; grippier rearsets; LED running lights; slimmer exhaust heat guards.

Black beauty.

The all-black 2012 Yamaha R1 “Raven.”

The crossplane-crankshaft inline-four remains unaltered and the only visual alteration, aside from the new paint, is a sleaker headlight cowl.

All that comes at in at $13,990 only a $400 premium over the 2011 model. Unless you want the tacky flat biller graphics ($14,190) or the Yamaha GP 50th Anniversary edition and its red and white speed blocks for $14,490.

Click here to see how the R1 stacks up to other superbike rivals on power, torque and other specs.

  • Jon B.

    +1 All Black Everything.

  • Andreas

    Loved the 50th anniversery paint ever since
    J-Lo showed up with it.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Adeysworld adeysworld

    Yamaha need to see my new graphic kit in order to see how to apply graphics in a non-tacky manner.

    Looks like I can focus on the upcoming Ducati 1199 now since my R1 is still hot on the block;)

    • $Lindz$

      Haha, those Yamaha graphics are a joke!

      Bring on the 1199, Adey.

      • Plotts

        It’s like the “Affliction” Douche Bag edition. So classy.

        • Rick

          Add a chrome windshield and smoked headlight covers, presto! The Trailer Park Replica.

  • fikays

    It’s too bad folks are fixated on peak horsepower numbers. The crossplane is a very capable bike. I am no fan of the “bugeyed” look but it looks like the ’12 model softened that up and you can always go aftermarket to fix it. Only real complaint for me with the ’12 is the half-assed anniversay model…why not a spec suspension kit again like the ’06? That is disappointing.

  • Rick

    Bold new electronics, a mild nose job, and still a mother’s hips.

    Boy, Yamaha really dug deep for this one.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/Adeysworld adeysworld

      I hear Yamaha and Honda use the same Plastic surgeon.

      • Sean Smith

        He has offices in New Jersey and Orange County.

        • $Lindz$

          ^More like Tijuana and Ecuador!

  • Brad

    Methinks you meant to say “Sleeker.” Still miss my ’02. Beautiful. I think I’d put it in my living room, and rev it up from time to time. Of course, that’d be in the living room of my apartment – after my wife kicked me out…

  • noone1569

    I’d like to see some real world shots of that new Raven instead of studio pics.

    If it is that good, my XB12R may be saying good bye.

  • Sentinel

    More power and a lot less weight is what this bike needs…

    • Rick

      Alternatively, they should punch ‘er motor out some, add shaft drive and hard bags, then top it off with AARP-spec ergos. Voila, your New FJR is here!

      Now THERE is a bike that could use a freshen-up. Yamaha. wake the fuggup.

      • Glenngineer

        I want very badly to agree with you…but the AARP crowd still loves that bike – its still sells next to several generations newer beemers and the C14.

        I want a crossplane FZ1 to beat the Ninja 1000 into the ground.

  • Terry

    I’m not on the market for one of these, but from a business POV, actual changes to hardware instead of just “exciting new graphics” is a nice change of pace.

    Never mind 50th Anniversary, that red and white livery should be a standard offering… It’s great on the MotoGP bikes and it’s great here. Feh to blue, says I.

    • Roman

      Love the red and white on the GP bikes. The R1 is still an ugly bugger, but they red and white livery does muffle the ugly a bit.

      • Rick

        It’s still like putting a fat white girl in a red bikini…YIKES.

    • Mr.Paynter

      Feh to the blue!

  • Scott-jay

    OK, Wes has a new friend and I’m getting tired of HFL reading like a glossy magazine product promos from the Seventies.

  • Julian