2,358 consecutive miles of stuntah

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If someone offered you the chance to stay up for 48 hours straight and ride 2,358 miles from the Mexican to Canadian border with nothing to gain but YouTube fame, would you take it? Most people know better than to do stuff like that, but not Nick and Ernie.

  • Edward

    I wonder if the misspelling in the special thanks section was intended to invoke their sleep deprivation.

    Also, while awesome, this does seem pretty dangerous as far as road safety goes. Falling asleep while driving is a leading cause of accidents.

    • raphmay

      BBBOOOOORRRRIIIINNNNGGGG! If you’re watching this video for the spelling and the road safety messages I think you have missed the point my man.

      • Edward

        Are you saying you don’t watch videos mostly for the spelling and road safety messages?

  • http://rider49er.blogspot.com Mark D

    Tip my hat to that. Pretty f’ing badass. Longest day I ever did was 500…

  • fodderbox

    This would be completely brutal to do. Riding on no sleep? Irresponsible, sure. But, I don’t think I would turn down the opportunity to try the border-to-border run :)

    • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

      Riding no sleep is no joke. Or rather if you’re that tired, you will sleep! I would not have believe that if I hadn’t experience it myself on a 26 hour or so ride. I think it was at the 2 or 3am fuel stop I sat down drinking a Red Bull trying to stay awake and I was just falling to sleep on the spot. Kept waking up on the bike having panic attacks thinking that all the blurry lights were the rear of a flatbed truck I was about to run into… not to mention all the truck drivers at the fuel stops who were saying that we were crazy. I wondered what all the fuss was about. Then around sunrise I saw all the kangaroos jumping along beside the road. Surreal. Thankfully none of them jumped out onto the road during the night…

      Most stupid thing I have ever done. Won’t do that again. Lesson is – if you’re that tired just stop and get some shut eye. You may as well sleep safely because you will whether you’re on the bike or not.

  • chris schaefer

    You have to ask why? Riding I5 is awful for 2 hours let alone 24.

    • Austin Milbarge

      concur, the distance isn’t the hard part, it is dealing with sitting on a straight boring road for that long

    • http://www.ninja250blog.com R.Sallee (Ninja 250)

      Seriously, I couldn’t think of a worse way to spend 1,500 miles. Seattle to Portland is enough to nearly put me to sleep, even on a full night’s sleep.

      Cool video nonetheless. Funny to see their banter deteriorate into gibberish once into Oregon.

      • Chris

        That’s what FS Rd 25 is for! Toss in the windy ridge parkway and you might not even care about the extra time.

  • BuellDoc

    What I liked was there were no Goldwing,FLH Harley,Victory huge 2 wheel RVs.

    • Wereweazle

      There was an r12rt. And did you hear the guy on the Scrambler complaining? I can’t imagine doing that kind of mileage on a retro-styled bike. Ouch.

      • Kevin

        That guy deserved a medal.

  • nick2ny

    I think it’s more like 1500 miles and 24 hours. That’s what it looks like on the website http://www.ironbutt.com/ridecerts/ and google maps http://g.co/maps/ytrsc . Although they may well have ridden 2358 miles in 48 hours.

  • valen

    I think these guys organized this ride on ocmoto.com

  • rustycb450

    First off congrats to these guys for making the run!

    But someone better worn them that the IBA are a bunch of hypocrites. A few years ago a assoc editor from Motorcyclist made a run from California to Wisconsin on an R1 (I think it was Wis. it was awhile ago). Anyway, it was a great article from what I remember, but the next month there was a new article from the same kid explaining how the IBA took away his award because they said he rode in a “dangerous” manner. Seems pretty hypocritical to give out awards for pushing the limits on a bike and then take them away from people because they think they did something dangerous. More power to you if you can do the time in the seat, but the IBA as an association seems pretty out of touch.

    Anyway, hope the IBA doesn’t see their video here or I’m sure they’ll be telling these guys to give back the certificate.

    • Matt Wisch

      That doesn’t make much sense, I’ve done an IBA ride that the President (Mike Kneebone) attended and he finished the ride in a time that would have put his average speed up over 80 mph, not counting the required turn around stop and 2 required gas stops along the route.

    • Scott-jay

      “… hypocritical to give out awards for pushing the limits on a bike and then take them away from people …”
      We swim in water polluted with lawyers. IBA’s donning a life-jacket.

  • Robert

    The most I have done is 1220 miles in 18 hours from Louisiana to Arizona on a 1998 CBR900RR. It was a long and straight ride. You couldn’t pay me to ride half that distance now.

    • Aienan

      I’ve ridden a 94 version of the same bike. How did you make it 18 hours? After 90 minutes my hands are jelly.

  • David

    Totally insane. I have trouble going down from Vancouver to Seattle on I5 in my car, the road is that awful.

    However I totally dig this kind of challenge. I think I’m gonna try Whistler to San Francisco in 24 hours for the 1600K SaddleSore challenge in a couple of years. God help me.

  • http://www.kenta.ro Kentaro rides a NRS and a GSA

    Congrats to them… I did my first iron butt in June of this year and have done 4 more since. Longest was Albuquerque to Detroit, 1500 miles in 22 hours with the girlfriend two up. She has more balls than anyone I know.

    • http://www.anotherdamndj.com evilbahumut

      Christ, two-up? I’m assuming that was on a rolling couch of some sort

    • Gregory


  • Гена

    Very unsafe and doesn’t involve any skill other than the ability to stay awake.

  • Gregory

    It’s not that hard. You can do Vancouver, BC, to Portland, OR, in about 6 hours. Portland to San Jose, CA, is about 14 hours. San Jose to San Ysidro, CA, is about 9 hours. That’s 29 hours of riding. Which leaves you 19 hours in which to sleep (in two 7+ hour chunks, with food, gas & bathroom time). Easy cheesy, Japaneesy.

    And you don’t get that tired. It’s no worse than a hard day of drilling/ marching/ obstacle coursing. Get wooden beads for your saddle: it allows you to shift around. Have music and NPR (or silence) inside your helmet. Bring energy bars and tangy hard candy. It’s quite soothing, in fact.

    Portland, OR
    2008 Kawasaki KLR 650

    • Scott-jay

      There is zen to a nice long ride.

      • Plotts

        Not on my zx6-r :)

        But I get your point.

  • Ken

    Did the SS1600kms a couple weeks back from Vancouver to LA on my speed triple. It wasn’t too bad. I’d say the border to border is in my future.

  • Audun

    I have ridden 583 miles in one day, that with a pause at a fair at lunch time on my Guzzi Griso, would not like to to tripple that figure in one stint! All cudos to the ones that do it!!

  • brutus

    i did 1000 miles, salt lake to seattle, on a 2000 cbr 600, in 18 hours, in October. Snowed leaving Utah, poured the rain through oregon and washington. Truly amazing experience, and I’m never doing it again.

  • zato1414

    Made me homesick seeing the Pit River Bridge over Shasta Lake. Superior riding in Northern California, glad you guys kicked ass.

  • http://krtong.com KR Tong

    This is like Cycles South without the drugs and pillaging.

  • Core

    Sleep deprevation is rough… I experienced a bit of that the other day when I was like awake for 25 hours solid.. I was heading home from a tech school.. (Four states away from current location) and I had to get out and run around my vehicle several times.. just to get myself awake enough to continue on my way. That was the only thing that worked. Caffine had no effect on me what so ever.

    Anyways as rough as that was.. I can’t imagine doing that on a motorcycle.