Are handlebars the new knees?

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This is European supermoto ace Rudi Bauer making every other photo of cornering ever taken look totally girlie. Yes, that’s right, he’s leaning so far over that he’s dragging his handlbars, among other parts. Don’t believe this isn’t a crash? We’ve got video.

Update: high-res, wallpaper-ready image added to the gallery.

And you thought head down was good, right? Bauer is riding a Yamaha YZ450F fitted with Metzeler’s latest Racetec SM tires, which apparently facilitate some serious lean angles.

YouTube Preview Image

This trackside video gives you an idea of what he’s doing, but it’s really the onboard video below that will blow your mind.

YouTube Preview Image

via Metzeler Ride Experience

  • Myles

    Too gully. That’s probably the best way to sell tires.

    • jp182

      agreed!!! If I had that kind of bike and took it to the track; I’d be a customer for life.

  • Trev

    Great ad. for handlebar end sliders if they had them.

  • contender

    Awesome. We need more supermoto on HFL.

  • Jeff

    Got to love how his hands are almost touching his toes. This is pic/post is so filled with awesome.

  • Jesse

    Brilliant shot, and the trackside and onboard videos are jaw dropping. Certainly doesn’t curb my want for sub 500cc motard, even through I know won’t be seeing those angles.

  • R.Sallee (Ninja 250)

    I wish I could do that.

  • HammSammich

    I never thought the width of the forks would become an issue in a corner…but there it is…if his bars were any narrower, he’d lift his tire up on the fork sliders. Maybe we’ll start seeing USD forks in Supermoto, since the stanchions are slightly narrower…

    • Penguin

      Those are USD forks.

    • Penguin

      Those are USD forks.

      Surely that’s just showing off, backing it in has to be faster for sharp turns and wider ones can’t need that much lean.

      • HammSammich

        Thanks, the big covers on the stanchions threw me off…

        • mugget

          If I didn’t know you better I’d say you just like saying stanchions.

          Wait, I don’t know you. O.o

          • HammSammich

            It is a fun word to say, but typing it doesn’t give me the same joy…I think I’ll traipse around the office chanting it now. :)

            • Penguin

              Traipse? Stanchions? Now you’re just being a cunning linguist. :D

  • runrun

    crazy skills, yes, but that doesn’t look like the fastest way around the corner.

    no dis at all to bauer, but i’ve never seen better proof of large attachments than helmet dragging at what, 50-60 mph?

    • Wereweazle

      I bet it is on a Supermoto. Plus, clearly this track isn’t your typical racetrack. It looks smaller, more technical. I bet for all those tiny little hairpins that flicking the back in and then hammering it out of the corner is the faster way.

      • Devin

        Looks like the local go-kart track with all those tires around the edges.

    • T Diver

      A agree. Bauer is totally bad-ass. Ghilla-suit helmet dragger was gnarlier though. A ghilla suit AND a dragging helmet. Come on. I think I recall that he was going pretty fast too. Both are beyond me. Although I will try on my way home. Why not.

  • motoguru

    Radness! I took a corner leg out supermoto style on my motard at Grattan last month I ran out of tire, my ass cheek touched the ground, and the bike when spinning out from under me. Fucking love that thing!

  • jason McCrash

    HAH! It looks like this pic has finally come to life!

    (From AdvRider)

    • nick2ny

      That was my first thought too!

      • Edward

        same here, though I always wondered whether that picture was actual or staged.

        • jason McCrash

          Gotta be a staged pic I always thought. The tires are completely blur free which made me think it was 2 guys who layer their bikes over and had a buddy snap a funny pic.

          • coredump

            Yes it is a staged pic. That’s why guy said it finally came to life, as in it finally happened in real life.

  • damien

    Very impressive, but in a stunt riding kind of way.

  • Ben

    I can ALMOST do that… With ice tires :-)

  • zato1414

    I did that last week! OK… maybe I was in the parking lot and forgot to put the kick-stand down. The most suckie crash in my life.

    • Aienan

      Yeah. Same as I scraped knees a couple weeks ago. The problem being I was separated from the bike when I did it.

  • nymoto

    SO RAD, guy can ride and what a track.

  • Vincent

    This is why I love supermoto. Too bad I’ll never be that good.

  • IAN

    Some say…He sleeps with the eel King’s daughter, and that on the beach, his shadow is always blue….

    • austin_2ride

      Some say…His left nipple is the shape of the Nürburgring, and that one of his eyes is a testicle… All we know is, he’s called the Stig!

  • DoctorNine

    I love the audio. Sounds like a grinder wheel when he gets leaned over.

  • Robert

    It’s such a shame that Supermoto is so dead in the US. The SXV 450 sitting in my office is moto porn when in its element – and I’m convinced that you cannot have more fun on asphalt under 100 mph than on a supermoto bike.

    • mugget

      It’s a shame, since motards make a great choice for the inner-suburban weekday commute…

    • Paul B

      Maybe dead in the competitive sport sense, but I for one will never not own one. Just riding it across town makes me feel like I’m doing something illegal and need to be prepared to run from the cops at any moment.*

      *While wearing appropriate safety gear of course.