Brammo does Thunderhill in 3D

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Like electric motorcycles? Own a pair of 3D glasses? Love wind noise overlaid with environmental elecro? You’re in luck then, Brammo’s captured an onboard riding video of factory racer Steve Atlas piloting the Empulse RR around Thunderhill in 3D. Even if you don’t have the glasses and are prepared to put up with the red and blue ghosting, the video’s pretty neat.

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  • evilbahumut

    I just happen to have glasses here at my desk. The anam… the Red/Blue 3d sucks. It relies too much on proper convergence when editing videos for 3D and that video isn’t edited all that well. It was better without the glasses :(

  • paul

    agreed better result without glasses. still nice to go for a spin whilst desk-bound

  • ak

    3d has been/always will be lame sauce…go outside and watch/do it yourself for a third dimension.

    Sweet video.