Clean, simple, affordable: Scorpion’s new gear for Fall 2011

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New from Scorpion for fall 2011 are the EXO-1100 and VX-34 helmets and Assailant jacket. Following the current trend of clean, simple gear, these three pieces are highly functional, attractive and , perhaps most important, very affordable.

The EXO-1100 helmet is new and is the next evolution from the EXO-1000. One of the most important changes is in the shell construction, Scorpion is using TCT (Thermodynamical Composite Technology) fibers to mold the shell. A third material (Dyneema) has been added with the Kevlar and Fiberglass during molding which reduces helmet weight and improves the impact function. The EPS liner airflow channels are now deeper, thus making a noticeable improvement to airflow through the helmet. Pricing is the same as the EXO-1000, $289.95 to $299.95.

The VX-34 has most of the features you would expect of a high-end MX helmet, looks decent in either solid colors or the Spike graphic and retails for as low as $149.95. Plastic shell construction is a big part of that low price-point.

The Assailant jacket has a simple design on the outside and lots of useful features on the inside. There’s a foam back pad and CE armor in the shoulders and elbows, a belt attachment, Kevlar stretch panels, perforation on the arms and chest for when it’s hot and a removable thermal liner for when it’s cold. Get it in black for $359.95 and enjoy a plain-looking functional motorcycle jacket you can wear everyday.


  • Ben Incarnate

    That’s pretty minimal perf on the jacket. Maybe in more mild climates it’d be an all-season option, but certainly not here in Texas.

    That said, I have to praise Scorpion for putting out generally solid products. I know lots of fans of their helmets and many of their womens jackets offer proper waist adjustment to preserve a lovely hourglass.

    I picked up a Scorpion EXO400 on a $60 closeout for my girlfriend. It’s a good, basic helmet.

    • Wes Siler

      Not all markets are Texas. Companies like this need to hedge their bets on what serves most people, most of the time.

      I, for one, totally think there’s a market for the ultimate hot weather motorcycle jacket. Start a company and make it.

      • jonoabq

        Or you can just call Pilot or Johnson Leathers and ask them to make whatever you want, so long as it is predominantly leather. I have a blacked out track jacket (minus the hump) that’s perforated just about everywhere, custom fit, fair price, far more crash worthy than many textile jackets, and it flows air like a t-shirt.

        • Sean Smith

          While it’s possible to have a small company build anything you can dream up, it’s never a quick and easy journey. You need to send measurements, think long and hard about the design of the thing, correspond with someone at the company, send a deposit, wait, eventually receive a jacket in the mail and hopefully, be happy with it.

          Pilot, Johnson, Bates, Vanson and a million other small companies exist to produce this kind of stuff and they do a fantastic job. But, and it’s a big but, the vast majority of riders are not going to participate in those kind of shenanigans. They want to walk into a store, try some stuff on, swipe a card and walk off with a new jacket. Even if the price difference between a custom jacket and a retail jacket is only $100, 95% of people will take the easy way out.

      • NickP

        Easy, astars mert is the ultimate hot weather jacket. My friends make fun of me for bringing a hoodie along for when the sun goes down.

      • szu

        Dainese is already making few different mesh jackets for hot weather with proper armour inside.

        I bought one called “Zentex” 2 years ago. Together with kevlar jeans it makes perfect summer combo.

      • Ben Incarnate

        Not all markets are Texas, sure, but that’s still a minimal amount of airflow. I wouldn’t consider it year-round gear in Wisconsin.

        As for a hot weather jacket, itdepends on how you define “ultimate.” I’m happy with Vanson’s Vent Max up to 100 degrees. It’s the nearest I’ve felt to not wearing a jacket at all. 1000 Denier Cordura all around, leather reinforcements in shoulders and elbows, CE armor (including the back) and a lot of testimonials. I want to pick up the newer version in black, as my older model has a shorter back and no pockets.

        Above 100, I don’t want any airflow.

  • Keyrock

    What do you mean by “clean” and “simple” when you are talking about helmets? I am curious because I wouldn’t use those terms to describe the helmets pictured in this article. The design seems kind of busy to me.

    • Wes Siler

      the Exo has terrible graphics, but is available in plain colors. The VX graphics aren’t bad.

    • Myles

      Yeah, I’m with you. I see a clean, simple jacket and two more loud, obnoxious helmets. Why do 90% of helmets look like they were designed by jackasses with crayons?

      • Wes Siler

        Because 90 percent of helmets are bought by jackasses with crayons.

        • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1100]


    • Sean Smith

      Both of those helmets are available in plain old solid colors. As far as MX helmets go, the Spike graphic on the VX-34 is kinda neat. It’s flashy, bright and pin-striped without looking like it comes with a free flat-bill and Metal Mulisha sticker.

  • Frosty_spl

    I wish street helmets had more MX style graphics. I love the TLD paint schemes.

  • Liquidogged

    Finally, some Scorpion gear on HFL! Time to ride my flying pig to the BBQ.

  • Гена

    I had a rather minor get off wearing Scropion Deuce pants. Their stitching fell apart in multiple locations even before the fabric wore through. Scorpion is not “affordable”. It is cheap. Never again.

    • Brad W.

      Did you get any road rash?

      • Гена

        I didn’t, but my speed was 20MPH or so. I know that fabric has its limits. But stitching failed in places where it didn’t even touch asphalt.

  • rvltng_bstrd

    The crotch stitching torn the fabric on my original XDR pants, than they send a replacement featuring stretchable fabric in the area.